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How do I activate my vivint alarm?

Simply hold down the button on the device for 2-3 seconds to activate it. The alarm on your panel will sound and the our 24/7 monitoring station will be alerted. An agent will call you over the panel to asses the situation and dispatch the proper authorities.

Herein, does vivint have a panic button?

Vivint's customizable remote not only allows you to arm and disarm the system remotely but comes with a panic button.

Likewise, does vivint call the police? A Vivint monitoring agent will connect to the panel and listen silently for 30 seconds for suspicious activity. If suspicious activity is not heard, the monitoring agent will disconnect and dispatch the local police or guard.

Keeping this in view, how do I turn on notifications for vivint?

Press More from the bottom of the home screen. From the menu, choose the wrench icon, titled settings. Choose Push Notifications. Toggle the switch on or off.

What does duress mean on vivint alarm?

The duress code is for situations when you need emergency personnel sent to your home but don't want to alert an intruder that you are calling for help. When Vivint receives a duress code, we immediately dispatch the police to your home without attempting to contact you further.

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What does Armed stay mean vivint?

When the system is armed in Stay Mode, you can move about your home without triggering the home security alarm. All the interior protection is off. But, if a sensor-protected perimeter door or window is opened, an alarm will sound.

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What does disarmed mean on alarm system?

Disarm: Disarming a system means turning the system off. This does not mean removing power to the system but it does mean that the system is not actively protecting the home against break-ins or other emergencies.

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Why is my vivint app not working?

Log out of your mobile app and log back in. If your connection is good, but it isn't working, delete and reinstall your app. If neither the app nor the account center is working, go to your panel and send a command to your door locks, thermostats, or lighting modules directly from the panel.

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Can you delete activity on vivint?

Activity events cannot be edited or deleted, and they can be viewed as far back as property activity began.

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How do I get rid of vivint alerts?

To clear these alerts, follow the steps below:
  1. From the home screen of your SkyControl, in the top right corner, tap the yellow bell.
  2. Tap on the alert to read the message fully, and correct as necessary. By reading the alert, it will be considered Acknowledged and the beeping will silence.

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How does vivint smart assistant work?

Smart Assistant is a learning intelligence that uses the sensors in your home and the status of your SkyControl (armed/disarmed) to determine if you are home and adjusts your thermostat for you. You can also enable the location services on your mobile phone to help Smart Assistant know when you are home or away.

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How do I turn my vivint camera off?

Tap the camera icon in the menu bar of your Vivint Smart Home app. Tap the camera that you would like to turn on/off Playback for. Tap the settings gear icon in the top right corner. Use the toggle next to Playback to enable or disable the Playback feature for the selected camera.

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What is the installer code for vivint?

Default installer code is 2203. Most of the 2GIG GoControl panel hacks (in vivint branded 2GIG GC panels you could remove cell and use default 2580 code to gain user code access, and view/change Master Code.

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Can vivint see my cameras?

Smart Home App - View Camera Live Video. So you always know what's going on at your home, you can view live video feed and recorded clips from your Vivint cameras right on your Vivint Sky app. Tap Done to go back to the main camera screen. To view recorded clips, tap All clips at the bottom of the camera screen.

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What products are compatible with vivint?

What works with Vivint Smart Home?
  • SimpliSafe Home Security System (2018)
  • Ooma Telo.
  • MyQ Garage.
  • Nest Cam Outdoor.
  • Logitech Harmony Elite.
  • Nest Cam.
  • Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed.
  • Automatic Labs Automatic.

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How do I use vivint without monitoring?

No, you cannot use Vivint's security cameras without service. The cameras that Vivint provides are designed exclusively for use with their own monitoring service. Their camera's MAC addresses will only work with Vivint. These cameras cannot be taken over by another alarm monitoring company.

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Will vivint sensors work with ring?

Security system functionality: Both Vivint and Ring security systems work in a similar fashion. They both have the options to get window and door sensors, water/flood sensors, smoke detectors, and video cameras. With Ring, you can do the same for yourself on the Ring website.

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Can I add my own camera to vivint?

Go! Control - Add Camera. Normally, a Vivint Smart Home Professional will install and position your Vivint cameras, but after installation you can move your cameras wherever you want. If your camera loses connection or if you change your wifi provider, you may need to reinstall it to your router.

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What cameras can I use with vivint?

Model Ping Indoor Camera Doorbell Camera
Siren No No
Infrared night vision Yes Yes
Outbound call function Yes No
Storage Vivint Smart Drive* Vivint Smart Drive*

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What kind of sensors does vivint use?

The motion detectors used by Vivint are PIR or passive infrared sensors. These are the most common type used in home security systems. They work by detecting the radiation emitted by objects moving within range.

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How many cameras can I have with vivint?

DVR playback. You can dedicate up to four Vivint cameras—including indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras— to record video to the Vivint Smart Drive, a playback DVR that curates continuous recordings from all around your home.