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How do I cancel my CenturyLink account online?

If you've got to go, CANCEL yourservice.
To remove services or close your account, call800-201-4099 between 8 am - 7 pm, Monday through Friday, or 9 am -2 pm on Saturday. To remove services or close your account,call 800-244-1111 between 8 am - 6 pm, Monday throughFriday.

Furthermore, how do I close a CenturyLink email account?

Deleting email accounts

  1. Log in to your CenturyLink homepage.
  2. Select the "My CenturyLink" menu in the top navigation andchoose the Email Settings option.
  3. A new browser window will open.
  4. Locate the email address you want to delete and select the downarrow icon next to that email address.

One may also ask, how do I cancel my CenturyLink AutoPay? To remove AutoPay from your account, simply signin to My CenturyLink, and go to My Bill. (If you'veforgotten your My CenturyLink username or password, you canretrieve/reset them.) Look for a tile on the My Bill page namedBilling Preferences. Then click on the "Enrolled" link next toAutoPay to make changes.

Also to know, can I suspend my CenturyLink account?

There's no charge to suspend your service, andyou can put your DIRECTV service on hold for aslittle as 30 days or as long as six months. To put youraccount on hold, call 800-531-5000. When prompted, say"suspend services," and follow theinstructions.

Can I return my modem to CenturyLink?

If you return your old modem afterthe 30 days, you will not receive credit forthe charge, and the modem will not be returned toyou. You purchased your modem from CenturyLink andyou have a qualifying tier of CenturyLink@Ease.

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Does CenturyLink charge a cancellation fee?

Answer: True, CenturyLink imposes an earlytermination charge if you cancel your service beforethe end of your contract. Check out section 12 (c) of yoursubscriber agreement. But you also have a valid point.

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Does CenturyLink have an email app? ( providesIMAP access to your (, so you can connect to your email from mobiledevices and desktop email clients.

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What type of email is CenturyLink?

Setup Your Account with Your Email ProgramUsing IMAP ( IMAP Server
IMAP port 993
IMAP security SSL / TLS
IMAP username Your full email address
IMAP password Your password

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Can I keep my email address if I cancel CenturyLink?

A: Unfortunately, when you change serviceproviders, you cannot take your email address with you. Onlythe ISP could do that since they own the emailservers, and it doesn't make good business sense to help peopleleave their service. The smartest thing to do is getan email account that will move withyou.

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Does CenturyLink have a contract?

CenturyLink offers both contract andnon-contract plans. CenturyLink performs a creditcheck in order to verify the identity of its customers and in orderto qualify its customers. In the event that a customer doesnot qualify for service, a small deposit may be required to set upnew service.

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How do I contact CenturyLink customer service?

Sales & Product Inquiries
There are two quick ways to find out if you can getCenturyLink services at home. First, enter your zip code onthe availability page. Or, if you prefer to chat over the phone,call CenturyLink at 1-855-650-7196 to find servicesin your area.

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How do I delete all emails from CenturyLink?

  1. Click each item and click Delete, one by one.
  2. CTRL+click all the items you want to delete, and press Deleteto delete them all at once.
  3. Or, if the items are all next to each other, click the firstitem, SHIFT-click the last item, and click Delete to delete thosetwo and everything in between.

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How do I talk to a person at CenturyLink?

In order to speak to a live person inCenturyLink customer service, you need to dial1-800-366-8201. You can contact customer service agent in twoways.

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Where do I find my CenturyLink account number?

Go online to get your account number
You can find your account number in yourMy CenturyLink profile. Just log in, and you'll seeit on every page.

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Can I suspend my Rogers account?

If the line you want to suspend has a balance ofzero, you may be able to suspend your service for a setperiod of time at a reduced monthly rate. Just call RogersCustomer Care to confirm the suspension.

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Does CenturyLink charge late fees?

Late fees by service by month
The late fee information specific to yourservices and jurisdiction is available online at theCenturyLink Tariffs Library. AutoPay is our automated billpayment service. With it, you don't have to worry aboutlate fees or missed due dates.

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What is my CenturyLink go code?

A 9-digit number assigned to you at the time yourservice was set up. Your 10-digit billing telephone number plusyour 3-digit account code. Your 10-digit billing telephonenumber plus your 3-digit account code plus (not always) andalpha character.

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Does CenturyLink charge for moving?

Transfer Existing CenturyLinkServices
If CenturyLink is available in your new area,you can easily transfer and activate CenturyLinkservices at your new home even before you move in. Simplycall a customer service representative and tell them which servicesyou want to transfer to start the process.

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Can I suspend my Spectrum Internet?

When you suspend a line of service, you won't beable to make or receive calls or text messages or access data onthe Spectrum Mobile network. If your Device PaymentPlan has a balance when you suspend service, you'll still becharged during the suspension period, until yourdevice is paid off.

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Can I temporarily suspend my Xfinity account?

When you're ready to resume service on a line that youtemporarily suspended, simply call us at (888) 936-4968.Remember, as the primary account holder, you cansuspend service on any active lines for up to 14days.

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Can I suspend my AT&T Internet service?

To suspend your service at no charge,please call us: Wireless - 800.331.0500, also learn about therequirements to suspend wireless service. Otherservices - 800.288.2020.

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How do I cancel automatic payments?

Follow these steps to stop automatic payments:
  1. Sign in to your online AT&T account.
  2. Select Billing and Payment options.
  3. Select Manage Payment activity & options.
  4. Select Cancel This Payment under Autopay.

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How do I enroll in AutoPay?

To enroll:
  1. Sign in to My CenturyLink.
  2. Select "My Bill"
  3. In the "Billing Preferences" box, click the "Enroll" link nextto AutoPay.
  4. Follow the instructions.

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Can you pay CenturyLink bill online?

Quick Bill Pay is a fast solution forpaying your CenturyLink bill online using yourchecking account, savings account, debit or major credit card and,in some areas, your ATM card or money market account. Use the MyCenturyLink or Quick Bill Pay service to make aone-time payment with a checkingaccount.