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How do I cancel my GoToMyPC subscription?

Last Updated: 22nd July, 2021

To cancel your paid subscription plan,login and go to the Billing Information page. Select the No,pleasecancel my subscription… option and click theSaveChanges button. Because your service is pre-paid, it willcontinueuntil the end of your current paidsubscriptionperiod.

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In respect to this, how do you cancel a LogMeIn subscription?

To cancel your subscription plan, dothefollowing: Log in to the My Account pageat Under Billing in thelowernavigation, click Go to Billing. On the Subscriptionspage,click the Options icon in the upper-right corner of yourproductsubscription, then clickCancelSubscription.

Furthermore, what happened to GoToMyPC? GoToMyPC. GoToMyPC is remotedesktopsoftware that allows users to access computers remotelyusing a webbrowser. Citrix Systems acquired ExpertCity in 2004 andmaintainedthe GoToMyPC brand and services. Citrix spun offthe GoToproducts, which were acquired by LogMeIn inearly2017.

Secondly, how much does GoToMyPC cost?

GoToMyPC has rasied the prices oftheirGoToMyPC remote access products. In some cases, raisingtheprice by nearly 3 times as much as what it usedtobe. For example, some shocked GoToMyPC customer's havesaidthat their annual cost for GoToMyPC's personalplanwould jump to $420/year (formerly$230/year).

How secure is GoToMyPC?

A: GoToMyPC Corporate securityandencryption is built in and cannot be weakened by usersorintruders. A: GoToMyPC Corporate has end-to-end,128-bitAdvanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryptionbuiltin.

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How much is a LogMeIn subscription?

LogMeIn has recently raised theirpricesagain for their LogMeIn Pro product.Individuals will nowhave to pay $349.99/year (up from $249.99 in2017) forLogMeIn's remote access product, an increase of40percent.

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What is Logmeininc?

Website. LogMeIn, Inc. isaprovider of software as a service and cloud-basedremoteconnectivity services for collaboration, IT management andcustomerengagement, founded in 2003 and based in Boston,Massachusetts. Thecompany's products give users and administratorsaccess to remotecomputers.

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How do I delete my join me account?

Delete users
  1. On the website, log in to your PRO or BUSINESSaccountand click users. The Admin console is displayed.
  2. On the Users tab, click on the checkbox to the left of auser'sname. The Delete user option is displayed above thelist.
  3. Click Delete user.
  4. Confirm your choice. The user is deleted.

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What is the best remote access software?

  1. Connectwise Control. Power remote support and access.
  2. Zoho Assist. Check Walmart.
  3. RemotePC. 10 computers, 90% off.
  4. TeamViewer 14. The best all-round remote desktop softwareof2019.
  5. Remote Utilities for Windows. The best free remotedesktopsoftware.
  6. LogMeIn Pro.
  7. Remote Desktop Manager.
  8. Chrome Remote Desktop.



What is the difference between LogMeIn and GoToMyPC?

GoToMyPC offers a file transfer and syncinterfacethat lets users drag and drop files from one desktop toanother, oruse the program interface to sync across devices. Aslong as thehost computer remains turned on and connected to theinternet, thebrowser or desktop client will connect fromanywhere.

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How can I remotely access another computer over the Internet?

How Can I Remotely Access Another ComputerForFree?
  1. Launch the Start Window.
  2. Type in and enter remote settings into the Cortanasearchbox.
  3. Select Allow remote access to your computer.
  4. Click the Remote tab on the System Properties window.
  5. Click Allow remote connections to this computer.
  6. Make sure the box beside Network Level Authenticationischecked.

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Is Splashtop safe?

Yes, Splashtop Personal (previously knownasSplashtop 2) applies the SSL/AES-256 encryption methodwhentransmitting packets and data. It is completely safe tousein environments where security is a concern, such as anEnterprisenetwork.

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How much does TeamViewer cost?

Splashtop vs TeamViewer Price
TeamViewer's starting price is$49/month(or $588/year)*. Splashtop starts at $5/month (or$60/year) forremote access or $17/month (billed annually $199/year)for remotesupport.

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How do I log into my computer remotely?

If You're Connecting from Inside Your Network
  1. On the computer you want to access remotely, click theStartmenu and search for "allow remote access". Choose the "AllowRemoteAccess to This Computer" option.
  2. On your remote computer, go to the Start button and searchfor"Remote Desktop".
  3. Click "Connect."

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How do I use GoToMyPC?

Be sure your host computer (the computer you wanttoaccess) is turned on and connected to the Internet. TaptheGoToMyPC icon on your device and log in. Tap theConnectbutton next to the computer you wish to access. Enter youraccesscode and tap OK.

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Does GoToMyPC work in China?

Does GoToMYPC work in mainland China ifthehome computer is in the US? Peter Appleton, Serial Entrepreneurwith10+ years living, working in China. Yes itdoes.although with china internet, you must move slowwhencontrolling your home computer or you willcausefreezes.

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What is Remote Desktop Connection?

Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) isaMicrosoft technology that allows a local computer toconnectto and control a remote PC over a network orthe Internet.It is done through a Remote Desktop Service(RDS) or aterminal service that uses the company's proprietaryRemoteDesktop Protocol (RDP).

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How do I connect to my work computer from home with VPN?

Step 1 Click the Start button. In the search bar,typevpn and then select Set up a virtual privatenetwork(VPN) connection. Step 2 Enter the IP addressordomain name of the server to which you want to connect.Ifyou're connecting to a work network, yourITadministrator can provide the best address.

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What ports does GoToMyPC use?

The GoToMyPC uses ports: 80, 443 and 8200.One-wayTCP connectivity is needed (TCP outbound). Visit our IPRange FactSheet for more information.