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How do I cash in PayMaya?

Last Updated: 15th May, 2020

7-Eleven Cliqq Kiosks
  1. Find the Cliqq Kiosk inside the store.
  2. Select “e-Money”, then“PayMaya”.
  3. Enter the desired load amount and the recipient'sPayMaya mobile number.
  4. Get your receipt from the kiosk.
  5. Present your payment to the cashier.
  6. Wait for an SMS confirmation before leaving the store.

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Also, can I transfer money from PayMaya to BPI?

BPI customers can now instantly sendmoney to more debit cards and financial services straight fromtheir mobile app than ever before. BPI has announced to itscustomers in an email that their app can now sendmoney via Instapay to more financial services likePayMaya.

Furthermore, how do I cash in PayMaya 7 11? How to load up PayMaya at 7-Eleven

  1. Go to a CLiQQ kiosk in a 7-Eleven store.
  2. Choose “e-Money” > “PayMaya.”
  3. Key in the exact amount you're going to reload and the phonenumber that you registered on the PayMaya app.
  4. Hand over the receipt to the cashier and pay the amount forloading up.

Also to know, how do I add money to my PayMaya account?

Log into your PayMaya App.

  1. Tap “Add Money.”
  2. Select the Add Money Partner of your choice.
  3. Enter the amount you'd like to add to your account.

Can PayMaya send money to GCash?

First, log-in to your Paymaya account with thePaymaya app. Tap the “Send Money” optionthen input the details of the recipient. You will be askedto choose which account type the recipient is using(Paymaya, GCash, or Smart Money). Totransfer funds from Paymaya to Gcash, choose“GCash” in the options.

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How do I add money to PayMaya Smart Padala?

Steps on How to Add Money on PayMaya using SmartPadala
  1. Go to any Smart Padala Center and inform the cashier.
  2. Fill out the transaction slip. Indicate your PayMaya mobilenumber.
  3. Present a valid ID (student ID is also accepted)
  4. Wait for an SMS confirmation before leaving the store.

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How can I enroll in E wallet in BPI?

  1. STEP 1: Log in to BPI Online or to the new BPI Mobile app andselect “Payments/Load” > “Load e-wallet”tab.
  2. STEP 2: Fill in the details.
  3. STEP 3: Confirm the details and enter the One-Time PIN (OTP)then select “Submit”.

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Where can I buy PayMaya?

You can buy a physical PayMaya card at the followingplaces:
  • The SM Store Business Services.
  • Robinsons Department Store Business Centers.
  • LCC Supermarkets.
  • Gaisano Capital Business Centers.
  • Selected Family Mart branches.

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Can I send Smart Padala thru PayMaya?

Did you know that you can send money via PayMayato any Smart Padala center nationwide? Your recipientwill be able to receive it as cash like a normal SmartPadala transaction. To do this, just send theamount to the Smart Money number of the Padala centerwhere your recipient will claim the amount.

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How do I pay my BPI bill with PayMaya?

How to pay your bills using PayMaya
  1. Select Pay Bills in the app.
  2. Choose your biller.
  3. Enter the Account Number on your bill.
  4. Enter the amount of your payment.
  5. Confirm your payment.
  6. You'll be notified in-app and via SMS that your payment wassuccessful!

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Is PayMaya a debit card?

PayMaya is an app that gives you a virtualprepaid card for shopping online, booking flights and more.There's a PayMaya physical card, which you can use topay in establishments that accept credit or debit cards.This is a prepaid card that you can add money with cash atthe same partners.

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Can I withdraw money from PayMaya?

You can withdraw funds from your PayMayaaccount via any Bancnet ATM in the Philippines and Visa Plus ATMabroad.

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How do I add money to my PayMaya account with BDO?

BDO Online and Mobile Banking
  1. Log in to your BDO online/mobile banking account and select“Pay Bills”.
  2. Choose “PayMaya/Smart PayMaya” under billers.
  3. Enter the amount, recipient's name, and PayMaya mobile numberin this format: 639XXXXXXXXX, then click submit.
  4. Receive the confirmation message from BDO on your screen.

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How do I link my PayMaya card?

To link a physical card to your PayMaya app, youmust:
  1. Step 1: Log into the PayMaya app, access the MENU (for Android)or tap MORE (for iOS), then tap MY CARDS.
  2. Step 2: Tap LINK PAYMAYA CARD.
  3. Step 3: Enter the card number, CVV, and the card's expirationdate and nominate a 6-digit PIN.
  4. Step 4: Tap LINK CARD.

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How can I add money to my PayMaya credit card?

Add Money using Credit and Debit Card
  1. Log-in your PayMaya app.
  2. From the home page, tap Add Money.
  3. Choose the “Using Credit or Debit Card”option.
  4. Select Using New Card if you haven't saved any card yet.
  5. Fill out the required information and choose from thepre-defined amount.

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What is money code PayMaya?

The Add Money Code is a unique 7-digitcode that allows you to securely add money to yourPayMaya account. Instead of identifying your mobile number,you can use this code when you reload at select AddMoney Partners.

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How can I add funds to my PayPal account?

How do I add money to my PayPal account from my confirmedbank account?
  1. Click Add money below your PayPal balance.
  2. Select your bank account (if you have more than one).
  3. Enter the amount to transfer and click Add.
  4. Review the transfer details and click Submit.

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How do I activate my PayMaya virtual card?

  1. Download or update your PayMaya app to the latest version fromthe App Store or Google Play Store for FREE.
  2. Register your Smart mobile number.
  3. Select MY CARDS under the MORE menu for iOS or the drawer iconfor Android.
  4. Tap LINK to activate your card.
  5. Fill out the necessary details then click ACTIVATE.

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How do you send money through Cliqq?

Just open your CLiQQ App, click 'Open Wallet,'click 'Send,' then enter the recepient's CLiQQ appmobile number plus the amount of CLiQQ Wallet Credits youwant to send. Once the credits are successfully sent,you and the recepient will receive an SMS notification from7-Eleven.

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What is Cliqq kiosk?

CLiQQ Rewards is 7-Eleven's loyalty program(formerly Every Day! Rewards). Earn points by presenting yourloyalty barcode every time you buy at 7-Eleven. CLiQQ Kiosksin 7-Eleven stores allow you to buy load, e-pins, pay bills and addcash to your e-money.

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How do you use Cliqq kiosk?

How to TopUp at 7-Eleven Cliqq Kiosks
  1. Find the Cliqq Kiosk inside the store.
  2. Select “e-Money”, then “Dibz Pay”.
  3. Enter the desired load amount and the recipient's Dibz Paymobile number.
  4. Get your receipt from the kiosk.
  5. Present your payment to the cashier.
  6. Wait for an SMS confirmation before leaving the store.

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How do I get a Cliqq card?

To activate your card number, just text REGCARDNUMBER/LASTNAME/FIRSTNAME to 09189090711 and wait for aconfirmation. Once signed in, just click on the Profile Icon on theupper left corner of the Home screen and click on Cards atthe bottom of the page to display a list of all the Rewardcards linked to your account.

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How do I add PayPal to 711?

You can probably guess how this works, but here's thegist anyway. You go to your local CVS, Rite Aid, or (now)7-Eleven. Using the PayPal app, you can generate abarcode that the cashier scans, then you hand over the cash. Themoney is credited to your PayPal account, and you'redone.