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How do I change back to iMessage from text iOS 10?

You can turn the iMessage feature backonby heading to Settings > Messages and flipping theswitchfor iMessage from OFF to ON. Furthermore, you canalsodisable the Send As SMS feature off entirely so thatfutureiMessages will not be sent as text messages iftheiMessage service is unavailable.

Beside this, how do I change my iPhone back to iMessage from text message?


  1. Make sure both the sender and receiver are connected totheinternet.
  2. Open your iPhone's Settings.
  3. Tap Messages.
  4. Slide the “iMessage” switch to On.
  5. Slide the “Send as SMS” switch to Off.
  6. Scroll down and tap Send & Receive.
  7. Select your email address and phone number.
  8. Press the Home button to return to the home screen.

One may also ask, how do I change my iMessage from green to blue? To reset iMessage, Go to Settings->Messages -> Send & Receive and uncheck the emailaddressesin the “You Can be Reached by iMessageat”section. Then, tap your Apple ID at the top of the screenandselect Sign Out. After signing out, make sure the sliderforiMessage is set to the off position.

Considering this, how do I change from iMessage to text on iOS 10?

Go to settings and turn off iMessage.Sendyour message. (Optional) go back to settings andturniMessage back on. I just verified that this works iniOS10.

How do I resend an iMessage as a text message?

Just tap and hold the bubble containing the messageyouwant to resent, then tap Send as TextMessage.

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Why is my iPhone only sending texts instead of iMessage?

Sign Out Of iMessage and Sign BackIn
Head back to Settings -> Messages and tap toopen'Send & Receive'. Next, tap where it says 'AppleID:(your Apple ID)' and choose 'Sign Out'. Sign back in usingyourApple ID and try sending an iMessage to one ofyourfriends with an iPhone.

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Why are my messages being sent as text and not iMessage?

This could be caused if there is noInternetconnection. If the option to “Send asSMS” isturned off, the iMessage will not bedelivered untilthe device is back online. You can force anundeliverediMessage to be sent as a regular textmessageregardless of the “Send asSMS”setting.

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Why are my texts to another iPhone green?

If your text messages are green thentheyare being sent as SMS text messages, when they are bluetheyare being sent via Apple's iMessage service. They can only bebluewhen you are sending message to other iOS users whohaveturned on iMessage on thier device.

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How do you send a text message instead of iMessage to one person?

To send a traditional text rather than through iMessage onaper-message basis, just do the following on youriPhone:
  1. Tap and hold on the message you want to send as a text.
  2. From the pop-up menu, select “Send asTextMessage”

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What does it mean when your text goes from blue to green?

A green background means thatthemessage is being exchanged with a non-iOS device(Android,Windows phone and so on) and was delivered via SMSthroughyour mobile provider. A green background canalsomean that a text message sent from an iOSdevicecould not be sent via iMessage for somereason.

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Can you turn iMessage off for one person?

You can mute a conversation in iMessage,ifthat's what you mean: Launch the Messages app on youriPhoneor iPad. Swipe left on the conversation you'd like tomute— it can be a group message or a conversationwith onlyone other person. Tap HideAlerts.

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What is SMS and MMS?

SMS stands for Short Message Service and isthemost widely used type of text messaging. Longer messagesarenormally split up into multiple messages. MMS standsforMultimedia Messaging Service. With a MMS, you can sendamessage including pictures, video or audio content toanotherdevice.

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Why can I not send an iMessage to another iPhone?

First off, make sure "Send as SMS" is enabledinSettings > Messages. This makes it so a message willbesend as a regular text message if iMessagedoesn'twork. If it still won't send, try turningiMessageoff and on again.

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How do you switch from iMessage to SMS?

Send messages as texts on a manual basis
  1. Go to Settings > Messages.
  2. Toggle Send as SMS switch to off.
  3. When iMessage is unavailable, individual messages will notsend.Tap and hold these individual messages until you get anoptionmenu.
  4. Tap Send as Text Message.

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How do you force a text message instead of iMessage?

How to: Force Send an iMessage as a Text Message
  1. Send an iMessage, but as it's sending, tap and hold onthemessage itself.
  2. You should see an option to 'Send as Text Message' (if iOStextto speech is enabled, tap the right arrow to reveal it).Tapit.
  3. Voila!

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What is the difference between iMessage and text?

Summary. Texting and iMessages are both common waysofsending messages over phones, tablets, and otherdevices.Text messages require a cell phone plan, whileiMessages usedata or WiFi. iMessages can only be written and senton an Appledevice, but they can be sent to any brand ofdevice.

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Why can't I send pictures on my iPhone?

Troubleshooting - iPhone Won'tSendPictures in Text. Answer: iPhone indeedsupportssending pictures via MMS or iMessages. If youriPhonewon't send pictures in text, my guess isyou don'thave MMS enabled on your phone. Also, this problem may becaused bythe network, the carrier and so on.

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What happens if I turn iMessage off?

Turning off the iMessage slider onyouriPhone will stop iMessages from being delivered to youriPhone.Even with the iMessage slider turned off, yourphonenumber is still associated with your Apple ID.Therefore,when other iPhone users send a message to you, itis sent asan iMessage to your Apple ID.

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How does iMessage work on iPhone?

iMessage. iMessages are texts, photos,orvideos that you send to another iPhone, iPad, iPod touch,orMac over Wi-Fi or cellular-data networks. These messages arealwaysencrypted and appear in blue text bubbles. To turniMessageon or off, go to Settings >Messages.

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What do you do when iMessage won't activate?

Fix: Waiting for activation
  1. Make sure you're connected to Wi-Fi or cellular.
  2. Turn airplane mode on and off.
  3. Check the time.
  4. Turn off iMessage and FaceTime, then restart your device.
  5. Make sure your cell plan lets you receive SMS.
  6. Add credit if you're a pre-paid user.
  7. Reset network settings.
  8. Put your SIM card in a different phone, then resetthatphone.

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What is MMS messaging on iPhone?

Your iPhone's Messages app lets youexchangeMMS (Multimedia Messaging Service protocol)messages,so you can use your iPhone to exchange pictures,contacts,videos, ringtones, other audio recordings, and locationswith anycell phone that supports the MMSprotocol.

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Why would an iMessage not be delivered?

Actually, iMessage notsaying“Delivered” simply means the messageshasnot yet been successfully delivered totherecipient's device due to some reasons. Reasons could be:theirphone not having available Wi-Fi or cellular datanetworks,they have their iPhone off or on Do Not Disturbmode,etc.

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Do blocked iMessages turn green?

Once you send to your friend a blue incoloriMessage then few minutes after it turns greenandnever sends back a delivered response you might havebeenblocked. However, a single message cannotdefinesuch.

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Why are my iPhone text messages green instead of blue?

(Tap Settings, Messages, then check to see ifthefeature is switched on. If it is, you should also activate "SendasSMS." Note that you may need to perform a one-timesign-inusing your Apple ID.) iMessage isn't activated ontherecipient's device.