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How do I change my profile picture on Viber desktop?

  1. Open Viber on your PC or Mac. It's in theAll Apps area of the Start.
  2. Click ⋯.
  3. Click your current profile photo.
  4. Navigate to the folder that contains the photoyou want to use.
  5. Click the photo once.
  6. Click Open.
  7. Drag the crop tool to the desired part of thephoto.
  8. Click Done.

Also know, how do I change my profile picture on Viber?


  1. Open Viber on your Android. It's the purple and white chatbubble icon with a phone receiver inside.
  2. Tap ☰. It's at the top-left corner of Viber.
  3. Tap EDIT. It's near the top of the menu next to your name.
  4. Tap Change.
  5. Tap Select new from gallery.
  6. Tap a photo.
  7. Use the arrows to reposition the photo.
  8. Tap Save.

Likewise, how can I change my Viber name on desktop? Steps
  1. Open Viber on your Android. The Viber app looks like a whitephone icon in a purple speech bubble on your Apps menu.
  2. Tap the three horizontal lines icon.
  3. Tap the EDIT button.
  4. Tap the white pencil icon next to your name.
  5. Edit your name in the pop-up window.
  6. Tap SAVE in the pop-up window.

Similarly, you may ask, how do I change my profile picture on Viber Iphone 5?

Tapping will allow you to edit yourprofile details. Tap the camera icon on your profilepicture. Your options will pop up from the bottom of yourscreen. If you haven't set a profile picture yet, you willsee a gray figurehead icon.

How do you send a photo on Viber?

If you want to send an existing photo fromyour smartphone's photo album or gallery, tap the plus iconfrom the left of the Compose field. This will bring out a smallmenu of possible items you can insert with a message onViber. Tap the “Choose from Gallery” button.Select photos.

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What is the size of Viber profile picture?

Facebook Image Sizes
Profile image – The recommendeddimensions are 180px by 180px, but the minimum is 160px by160px. You can go larger, just make sure you maintain a 1:1 scale.Cover image – The recommended dimensions are820px by 312px, but the minimum is 400px by150px.

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How do I change my profile picture in Android Studio?

How do I choose a profile picture in the Student app on myAndroid device?
  1. Open User Menu. In the Dashboard, tap the User Menu icon.
  2. Open Settings. Tap the Settings icon.
  3. Open Profile Settings. Tap the Profile Settings link.
  4. Edit Photo. Tap the Edit Photo link.
  5. Adjust and Crop Photo.

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How do you know if someone is chatting on Viber?

  1. Open Viber on your iPhone or iPad. The Viber app looks like awhite phone icon in a purple speech bubble.
  2. Tap the Chats tab. This button looks like a speech bubble iconin the lower-left corner of your screen.
  3. Tap a chat on your chats list.
  4. Check your contact's last-seen date at the top.

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Can I hide my number in Viber?

This may seem like a rather simple step, but there's noneed for your contacts to know every time you open the appto read an old message. In order to hide your online statusin Viber, go to the settings section, select“Privacy” and untick “Share 'Online'Status”.

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When you block someone on Viber can they see your profile picture?

if someone has blocked you onviber, you will no longer see their profilephoto, a delivered message or their onlinestatus/last seen status. I just learned from experience.also with the newest update, if a user has blockedyou they will not show up as online. It will showrandom times that they have been on.

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Does a contact know if you add them Viber?

— No, they will not get notified unlessyour number is on their contact list and Icannot add a contact on Viber groupchat.

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Is Viber safe for privacy?

When it comes to the privacy of your personalconversations data, make sure your messages and calls are made on amessaging app that gives you 360° security and privacymeasures. Don't take chances with your private conversations. Chatwith your friends at the highest level of privacy andsecurity on Viber.

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Does Viber notify your contacts when you join?

Does Viber notify your contacts when you join?Yes but only when you join Viber for the first time.When you first sign up to Viber, the app willnotify any contacts you have who also useViber that you joined. If you buy a newphone and add Viber to it, the app will notnotify your contacts.

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Which is better WhatsApp or Viber?

WhatsApp may have a larger number of users thanViber does. That may explain why some feel thatWhatsApp is better or more popular. However, when itcomes to features, Viber is the clear winner. The app offersusers a lot more than WhatsApp does.

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Does Viber use your phone number?

Is Viber free? Viber-to-Viber callsand messages are totally free. Viber uses an Internetconnection (3G, 4G or Wi-Fi) to make calls and send messages.Viber uses data, so there may be charges if you are abroadand using roaming, or if you have run out of dataon your plan.

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How can I hide my online status on Viber?

4. Hide Seen And Online Status
  1. Go to the app main page and tap on Navicon. Next, tap onSettings.
  2. In here, tap on Privacy and untick Share 'Online' Status.

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How can I lock Viber on my desktop?

Settings - Open Settings from the button at the topright of your Viber screen. Click Lock Viber tolock. 3. Keyboard shortcut - Simply hold down [Ctrl+L](PC) or [?+L] (Mac) to lock your Viberscreen.