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How do I change the line on my Ryobi trimmer?


Also asked, how do I remove the line from my Ryobi trimmer?

  1. Turn off the Ryobi trimmer.
  2. Hold the spool of line in one hand and rotate the bump knob counterclockwise.
  3. Remove the knob.
  4. Let the trimmer come to a complete stop.
  5. Locate the two opposite tabs on the sides of the spool retainer.
  6. Pull up on the old spool to remove it.

Also Know, how do you get rid of a bump on your head? Remove the bump knob on the bottom of the trimmer head. Depending on your make and model of trimmer, it will turn counterclockwise, have tabs to press in and pull it straight off, or remove by pressing in the tabs and turning it. Pull the trimmer line spool out of the trimmer head.

Similarly, it is asked, how do you remove a Ryobi 40v Trimmer head?

How to Remove the Head on a Ryobi Trimmer

  1. Invert the trimmer, and stand it vertically with the cutting head at the top.
  2. Loosen the "bump knob" or "bump head" by unscrewing it using a counterclockwise turning motion.
  3. Remove the inner string reel from the interior of the cutting head and set it aside as well.
  4. Grasp the shaft housing firmly with your left hand.

How do you remove a bump knob?

Pull straight out to remove the bump knob from the hub. You may have to pull hard to remove the knob. For weed eaters with screw mounted bump knobs, grasp the outer spool and hold it in place with one hand. Use your other hand to twist the bump knob counterclockwise until it unscrews from the spool.

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Is a line trimmer a whipper snipper?

A string trimmer, also called a "weed eater", "whipper-snipper", "weed-whacker", "weed-whip", "line trimmer" (in Australia and New Zealand) or "strimmer" (in the UK and Ireland), is a garden tool for cutting grass and groundcover which uses a flexible monofilament line instead of a blade.