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How do I check my Oyster card journey history?

You can see your journey history by signing intoyour TfL online account, via the TfL OysterApp or you can request a copy by calling Customer Services on 0343222 1234 (TfL call charges). You can also use your Oyster cardto view your last eight journeys and thetransaction details at ticket machines at Tubestations.

Correspondingly, how do you check your Oyster card balance?

You can find out how much money you've goton an Oyster card at ticket machines by holding yourcard against the yellow Oyster card reader. Or you cancheck your balance anytime online if you register yourOyster card and have an account. If you haven't alreadyyou can do that on the TfL website.

Furthermore, how far back does Oyster history go? A complete 8-week 'touch' history can berequested from TfL: for registered and protected Oystercards, TfL can provide the history for the previous 8 weeks,but no further back. Oyster online also displays upto 8 weeks of journey history.

Likewise, people ask, can I check my Oyster card online?

Download the TfL Oyster app on yoursmartphone to check your balance, add credit to yourOyster card, and buy adult-rate 7 Day, Monthly and AnnualTravelcards. You can't top up your Visitor Oystercard online.

Is it better to use Oyster card or contactless?

As a general rule a Travelcard is more expensivethan an Oyster card or Contactless payment card. Theexception is if you make 3 or more journeys for 6 days ormore within a 7 day period.

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Do Oyster cards expire?

"Pay-as-you-go Oyster cards do not expireand customers are able to return their cards at any time fora refund of the remaining balance and card deposit,"Transport for London said. TfL added that the £29.85m balanceon cards that have not been used for a year equates to justover a week revenue from PAYG top-ups.

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Do Visitor Oyster cards expire?

Yes, Visitor Oyster cards never expire.You can top up your pay as you go credit at any Tube stationticket office or machine, Oyster Ticket Stops, TravelInformation Centres and some National Rail stations.

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What is the daily cap on an Oyster card?

The Oyster daily price cap
This price cap spreads across all modes oftransport, so if you mix bus, underground and DLR in one day thesame price cap applies. † Travelcard peak fares applyfor any travel made Monday to Friday before9.30am.

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What are London zones 1 6?

Transport For London
Most services operate in zones 1-6, with Tube,London Overground and National Rail also operating inzones 7-9.

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Why is it called an Oyster card?

Well as I understand it the name was selected because anoyster is protected with a hard shell (technical security)and has a pearl inside (transit mobility). Also the oysterbeds of the Thames were famous from antiquity so it's very"London".

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Are Oyster cards transferable?

Oyster cards that have a Travelcard or Bus &Tram pass on it are non transferable. They cannot be used byanyone other than the registered owner.

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How much is the tube in London?

Underground fares
London Underground Fares 2019
Zones Travelled Single Journey Ticket Oyster / Contactless Payment Card~
Zone 1 £4.90 £2.40
Zone 1 & 2 £4.90 £2.90
Zone 1 To 3 £4.90 £3.30

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Is a Visitor Oyster card the same as an Oyster card?

There are 2 different types of Oyster Cards: aVisitor Oyster Card and a Regular Oyster Card. Theyfunction in essentially the same way, but with a few keydifferences. For example, both cards operate on apay-as-you-go basis, but only the Regular Oyster Card canalso load travelcards, which are 1 or 7 day passes.

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What is the minimum top up on an Oyster card?

You can top it up by any amount in cash ata ticket machine (although it won't give change on LondonUnderground machines, so you need the correct amount of cash). Withcards you have to top up by set amounts:£5/£10 etc. At ticket offices there's a £5minimum top-up for normal Oystercards.

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Do you tap out on London bus?

London buses are card only, so no need for cash.To avoid card clash, make sure to only touch one card on theyellow reader, and to keep your other cards separate. If youdon't have enough credit on your Visitor Oyster card or Oystercard, you will be able to make one more journey on abus before needing to top up.

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What is Oyster card in London?

A Visitor Oyster card is a smartcard. It's aquick and easy way to pay for journeys on bus, Tube, tram, DLR,London Overground, TfL Rail, River Bus and most NationalRail services in London. Put money on your Visitor Oystercard and use it to pay as you go.

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Can you top up Oyster cards online?

Where can I top up my Oyster card?You can top up your Oyster card with Pay AsYou Go and season tickets at stations, online and atOyster Ticket Stops. There are currently 3,900 OysterTicket Stops and you can find your nearest one on theTfL website.

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Can I use the Oyster card on the national rail?

If you have a Pay As You Go Oyster card, youcan use it to travel on bus, Tube, tram, DLR, the EmiratesAirline, London Overground and National Rail services inLondon. You can also use it to travel on ThamesClippers River Bus services but these journeys do not counttowards daily caps.

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How do Oyster cards work?

Oyster cards are electronic smartcards that areused to pay for public transport in London. Visitor Oystercards, Oyster cards and contactless payment cardsare the cheapest way to travel in London. To use an Oystercard, touch the card on the yellow reader at the gatesas you enter and end your journey.

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How do I use Oyster card in London?

To use your Visitor Oyster card, justtouch the card on the yellow card reader. To pay thecorrect fare, you must always touch in at the start and out at theend of every journey you make on Tube, London Overground,DLR, TfL Rail, Emirates Air Line cable car and National Railservices.

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Can I buy a Visitor Oyster card in London?

You can buy a 7 Day Travelcard online from theTfL Visitor Shop. Alternatively, you could get anOyster card, which looks a lot like a Visitor Oystercard and is used in the same way. If you do not live inthe UK, you can still get an Oyster card butonly when you arrive in London.

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How can I check my Oyster card history?

You can see your journey history bysigning into your TfL online account, via the TfLOyster App or you can request a copy by calling CustomerServices on 0343 222 1234 (TfL call charges). You can also useyour Oyster card to view your last eight journeys andthe transaction details at ticket machines at Tubestations.

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How long does money stay on Oyster card?

The pre-pay money loaded on an Oyster cardis valid as long as the card is used at least onceevery 24 months. If it's not been used during that amount of timethe money can be refunded by returning the card toTransport for London - info at the website.

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How do I get a refund on my Oyster card?

At stations.
If you have £10 or less pay-as-you-go credit, youcan get a refund at tube station ticket machines. Just touchyour Oyster on the yellow card reader, select'Oyster refund' and follow the instructions. The ticketmachine will dispense a refund in cash.