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How do I connect my Dante to my computer?

Simply connect your Dante enabled devices toan Ethernet switch, using Cat5e or Cat 6 Ethernet cable, andthen connect your computer to the same switch. If youhave only one Dante-enabled device to connect to yourcomputer, you may eliminate the switch and simplyconnect the two with a Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernetcable.

Subsequently, one may also ask, what is Dante Via?

Dante Via is easy-to-use software that deliversunprecedented multi-channel routing of computer-based audio,allowing a wide range of applications and devices to be networkedand interconnected, easily and inexpensively. Watch the Video BuyDante Via.

Also, how does Dante audio work? Dante (networking) Dante is a combinationof software, hardware, and network protocols that deliversuncompressed, multi-channel, low-latency digital audio overa standard Ethernet network using Layer 3 IP packets. Digitalaudio provides several advantages over traditional analogaudio distribution.

how does Dante Virtual Soundcard work with Daws?

Dante Virtual Soundcard turns your computer intoa Dante-powered workstation, seamlessly integrating your PCor Mac with Dante audio devices on your network. Instantlyconnect to record, process and playout using any audio applicationand any combination of Dante-enabled devices.

How many channels does Dante Virtual Soundcard support?

Unfortunately you cannot run multiple instancesof Dante Virtual Soundcard on the same computer. For highchannel count applications, Audinate recommends aDante PCIe hardware soundcard, which nativelysupports up to 128 channels, with ultra-low latency.They are currently available from two leadingmanufacturers.

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What does Dante stand for?

Digital Audio Network Through Ethernet

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Is Dante aes67 compliant?

While AES67 does not provide performanceimprovements beyond what Dante already delivers today, theinclusion of AES67 in the Dante solution enablesinteroperability with other AES67 implementations by othercompliant vendors.

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What is a virtual sound card?

Virtual Sound Card. e2eSoft VSC is a SoundCard Emulator, which emulates a sound card in yoursystem and works like a real one. You can use it to record, modifyor broadcast all the sound in your system. You can also useit to create numbers of Virtual Sound Card instances tofulfill your special requirements.

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How many channels can Dante support?

Dante Via supports 2x2 channels (2in and 2 out) for software applications, 32x32 channels forhardware devices, and a total of 48 source channels and 48destination channels.

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Does Ethernet carry audio?

Audio over Ethernet. In audio andbroadcast engineering, Audio over Ethernet (sometimesAoE—not to be confused with ATA over Ethernet) is theuse of an Ethernet-based network to distribute real-timedigital audio.

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What is the difference between aes67 and Dante?

The biggest differences between these two systemsare that Dante is proprietary and operates on layer 3of the OSI 7 layer model. AVB is an open set ofstandards and it operates on Layer 2. While AVB is a fantastictechnology, it is broad in scope and its future definitely lies inmore areas than just pro audio.

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Does Dante require special network cabling?

No, special network infrastructure is notrequired. Since Dante is based upon universallyaccepted networking standards, Dante- enabled devicescan be connected using inexpensive off-the-shelf Ethernetswitches and cabling. Does Dante require a dedicatednetwork infrastructure?

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Does Dante support MIDI?

Dante Controller is not required to bepresent for a Dante network to work. Is there anyadvantage to using automatic IP addressing on a Dantenetwork? Dante only transports audio data, and doesnot interfere with MIDI.

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What does Dante stand for in audio?

Digital Audio Network Through Ethernet

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What ports does Dante use?

Protocol and ports used by Dante, all UDP
Protocol Src. IP Src. Port
PTP (v1) All Dante devices all
MDNS All Dante devices all
unknown multicast All Dante devices all
unknown unicast All Dante devices all

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What does the Dante clock master do?

A word clock output provides a timing referencefor use by external devices. The Model 5401 also generates up toeight sine-wave audio tones on Dante transmit (output)channels, useful during audio network installation, maintenance,and operation.

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On which layer does Dante transport data packets?

At this point the packets are referred to asframes. Finally, the raw data is transmitted out onto thephysical medium at layer 1. Addressing of devices takesplace at layer 2 and layer 3. At layer 2 adevice has a MAC address, and at layer 3 it has an IPaddress.

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What is Dante Controller?

Dante Controller is a free software applicationthat enables you to route audio and configure devices on aDante network.

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How much bandwidth does Dante use?

o Bandwidth usage is about 6 Mbps per typicalunicast audio flow (containing 4 channels and 16 audio samples perchannel). Flows are pre-allocated a capacity of 4 channels. Thesamples-per-channel can vary between 4 and 64, depending onthe latency setting of the device.

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How many channels are contained in a multicast flow?

Whenever an audio channel is routed from oneDante device to another, a "flow" is created. Each Danteflow can contain up to 4 audio channels. Thereare both "transmit" and "receive" flows.