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How do I create an additional Hotmail email account?

Set up a Hotmail account
  1. Open your inbox.
  2. Click on “Options” at the top right.
  3. Select “More options”
  4. Open “Account management” then click on“Receive and send messages from other mailboxes”
  5. Click on “You can receive mails from theseaccounts” then on “add another emailaddress

Just so, how do I create a second Hotmail email address?

Sign in to your Windows Live Hotmail account andclick the "Add an Email account" link located on theleft-hand pane under "Manage Folders." Clicking on the "Add anEmail account" link enables you to add a third-partyemail to your Windows Live Hotmailaccount.

how do you create a second email address? The process is not hard, but requires clicking throughseveral screens to get to the end result.
  1. Open Your Gmail Account. Open Gmail in your browser.
  2. Click Add Account.
  3. Click Add Account in the "Choose an Account" Window.
  4. Click Create Account.
  5. Fill out the Create the New Account Form.
  6. Create your Google Account.

Subsequently, one may also ask, how do I add multiple Hotmail accounts?

To set up multiple accounts in Outlook:

  1. Go to the Backstage view by selecting the File menu.
  2. From the Info tab, under Account Information , click AddAccount .
  3. In the dialog box, enter your email address to add.
  4. Click Connect .
  5. Follow the Outlook prompts to configure the account.

Can you have more than one Outlook email account?

You can sign in to your Outlook.comaccount with any alias—they all use the same lets you have multiple aliases associatedwith a single account, and you can choose whichemail address you send email from. Your primary aliaswill be the email address that appears on yourMicrosoft devices.

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Can you change hotmail email address?

Login to using your Hotmailaccount. Click on the Gear (Settings) icon and select Options.Expand Mail tab> Accounts > Connected Accounts. UnderFrom Address, click on Change your fromaddress.

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Can I rename my Outlook email address? - Easily rename your emailaddress. allows you to rename youremail address on the fly. The procedure is as follows: Fromyour home-screen, click on Settings > MoreMail settings.

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Can I have 2 Hotmail accounts open at the same time?

If you want to have the both account opens atthe same time, you can use another browser in accessingboth accounts. It is used to link the two accountsjust by logging in one account, and then you can goback and forth between two accounts.

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How do I add another email to my Microsoft account?

To add an alias, Sign-in to your Microsoftaccount and click on 'Your Info'. Go to 'Manage your sign-inemail address'. Select 'Add email alias', enter a newemail address you want as your alias and click at'add alias'.

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Is Hotmail and Outlook the same?

Instead, new users can only create @outlook.comaddresses, even though both email addresses use the sameemail service. So as of right now, is theofficial name of Microsoft's email service, which was formerlyknown as Hotmail and Windows LiveHotmail.

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Do Hotmail email addresses still work?

In fact, Microsoft's version of Hotmail doesn'texist either. There's no way anyone can use a service thatdoes not physically exist. However, you can still useold Hotmail email addresses, and you can still createnew ones. Your emails will be sent and received by theMicrosoft mail service at outlook[.]com.

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What is the best free email account?

The following are 7 of the best free email accounts you cansign up for right now.
  1. Gmail. You knew Google was going to top this list, right?
  2. Yahoo Mail. A few years ago, Yahoo Mail never would have madeit on this list.
  4. ProtonMail.
  5. GMX Email.
  6. AOL Mail.
  7. Yandex Mail.

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How do I recover my Hotmail account?

Fill out the recovery form
  1. Go to and provide the email address,phone number, or username for the account you are trying torecover.
  2. Provide an email address (other than the one you are trying torecover) that we can use to contact you about your request.

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How can I access my Hotmail account?

  1. Click Sign in. It's in the middle of the page.
  2. Enter your Hotmail email address. In the "Email, phone, orSkype" text box, type in the email address that you use for yourHotmail account.
  3. Click Next. It's below the text box.
  4. Enter your password. Type your account's password into the"Password" text box.
  5. Click Sign in.

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How do I open a new Gmail account?

To create an account:
  1. Go to
  2. Click Create account.
  3. The sign-up form will appear.
  4. Next, enter your phone number to verify your account.
  5. You will receive a text message from Google with a verificationcode.
  6. Next, you will see a form to enter some of your personalinformation, like your name and birthday.

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Is Hotmail free?

Formerly called Hotmail (Windows LiveHotmail) is one of the most popular free online emailservices, provided by Microsoft. Hotmail is a Webmailservice and users access it from any web browser anywhere in theworld with an internet connection, provided the username andpassword to access the Hotmail account isknown.

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How do I manage multiple email accounts?

4 Ways to Manage Multiple Email Accounts
  1. Open each account in a web browser.
  2. Set up email forwarding to a master account.
  3. Use a Universal/ Unified Inbox.
  4. Program an automatic email signature.
  5. Sort and filter emails into folders.
  6. Set time to check email.

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How do I add another Hotmail account to my iPhone?

How to set up Hotmail on iPhone
  1. Step 1: Go to Settings > Accounts & Passwords > AddAccount.
  2. Step 2: Select
  3. Step 3: A login page will appear on your screen.
  4. Step 4: Enter your Hotmail email password, and tap Signin.
  5. Step 5: Tap Yes to confirm you want to give permission to iOSto access your data.

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How do I add multiple email accounts to Outlook 365?

How to Add an Additional Email Address to an Office 365Account
  1. Select Users underneath Management on the left-hand taskbar.
  2. Click the user you wish to modify.
  3. Click More.
  4. Click Change mailbox settings (This will open a new browserwindow).
  5. Expand E-mail Options.
  6. Click Add…
  7. Enter the email address and click Ok.
  8. Once you have made all your changes, click Save.

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How do I add another email account to Outlook 2019?

Manual setup for Outlook 2010/2013/2016/2019
  1. Navigate to File > Account Settings > AccountSettings.
  2. Double-click your email address.
  3. Click More Settings and navigate to the Advanced tab.
  4. Click Add and enter the email address of the sharedmailbox.
  5. Click OK > OK > Next > Finish.

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How do I separate multiple email addresses in Outlook?

Separate multiple email addresses using thesemicolon character. For example, enter the following to sendemail to your employees John and Jill: [email protected];[email protected] Enable the use of a comma as a separator inMicrosoft Outlook. Select "Options" from the Toolmenu.

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How do I open another Outlook account?

In the Navigation bar on the top of the OutlookWeb App screen, click on your name. A drop-down list will appear.Click Open another mailbox. Type the email address ofthe other mailbox that you want to open, and clickOpen.

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Can you have 2 Gmail accounts?

Let's assume you've already set up oneGoogle account and now want to add a second one. From yourAndroid device's home screen, go to Settings >Accounts and tap Add account at the bottom. Select Googlefrom the list. Once you've signed in successfully,Android will automatically set up your new Googleaccount.