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How do I get certified in aerobics?

Last Updated: 3rd April, 2020

With a little hard work you can become a certifiedaerobicsinstructor within a short period of time.
  1. Make sure you're in good shape and able to exercise forlongperiods of time.
  2. Obtain certification in CPR.
  3. Choose the association from which to obtain yourgroupaerobics certification.
  4. Study for the certification.

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In this regard, do I need to be certified to teach fitness classes?

You do not need a license toteachaerobics; however, most fitness centers and gymsonly hirecertified instructors. While each certifyingorganizationhas its own methods for training and certifyinginstructors, theyall require learning about anatomy, body mechanicsandteaching methods.

Beside above, how much does AFAA certification cost? AFAA certification cost. The workshopcosts$499 and lasts three days. This price includesentrance to theexamination, a study guide and aone-year membershipto AFAA. The workshop will be ledby an AFAAcertified instructor.

Also know, how much does an aerobic instructor make?

A Fitness Trainer or AerobicsInstructorusually receives an average wage ranging from24000 - 36000depending on seniority. Fitness Trainers andAerobicsInstructors earn an average salary of ThirtySixThousand One Hundred dollars on an annual basis.

Do you need to be certified to teach water aerobics?

To receive certification strictly inwateraerobics, potential instructors will need topass anAquatic Exercise Association (AEA) test. Along withacertificate to teach water aerobics, all employersrequiretheir instructors to be Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)andfirst aid certified.

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How long does it take to become a fitness instructor?

The programs are typically self-paced, meaning youcanstudy intensively or learn more slowly depending on yourschedule.As an example, the International Sports SciencesAssociation statesthat most students can complete its course in 8to 10 weeks,assuming they study about an hour or two perday.

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What is the best group exercise certification?

ACE (American Council on Exercise)
It is considered by many to be the“goldstandard” in group fitnesscertifications. TheAmerican Council on Exercisereports that health and fitnessprofessionals holding the ACE GFIcert make, on average, nearly$53,000 per year or $26.00 perhour.

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How long does it take to get ACE certified?

Once you've decided which certification program isrightfor you, it's time to get your study materials.ACEPersonal Trainer Study Programs include a combination ofdigitaland hard copy materials. Preparation for the exam isself-paced,typically taking 80-100 hours over 3-4months.

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What qualifications are needed to be a fitness instructor?

To become a personal trainer you would normally beanexperienced fitness instructor with a recognisedqualification,such as:
  • Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing – Gym.
  • Level 2 Diploma in Health, Fitness, andExerciseInstruction.
  • Level 2 Diploma in Instructing Exercise and Fitness.

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How do you start aerobics?

  1. Determine what sort of aerobics you want.
  2. Set aside enough time to meet exercise recommendations.
  3. Pre-prepare a workout plan.
  4. Wear clothes that let you move.
  5. Prepare a large, clear area.
  6. Make a good workout playlist.
  7. Do dynamic stretches before exercising.
  8. Keep a water bottle handy.

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How much is a group fitness certification?

the ISSA specialist in group fitness isaccreditedby the DEAC. The certification typically rangesbetween $599and $799. They offer a monthly payment option forthose who preferit. Check out the current price for theISSA group fitnesscertification here.

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How much do fitness instructors make a year?

The average salary for a Fitness Instructoris$22.60 per hour in the United States. Salary estimates are basedon7,260 salaries submitted anonymously to Indeed byFitnessInstructor employees, users, and collected from pastandpresent job advertisements on Indeed in the past36months.

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Can I personal train without a certification?

But unlike other health professionals,fitnesstrainers, a.k.a. personal trainers, aren'trequiredto have a license, or training, or even experience.That'sbecause presently, there are no federal or state requirementsforpersonal trainers.

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Which is better ACE or ACSM certification?

ACSM is more of a correctiveexercisecertification, whereas the ACE certificationisconsidered more of a general CPT. ACE has an overallpassrate of 65% while the ACSM certification has a very lowpassrate at 54% for first-time test-takers.

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Do personal trainers need a business license?

Although no licensing regulations existforpersonal trainers, you still need a businesslicenseto legally operate as an independentbusiness.

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How much money can you make as a Zumba instructor?

Zumba Instructor Salaries
Job Title Salary
Fitcasa Zumba Instructor salaries - 1 salaries reported $35/hr
Zumba Fitness Zumba Fitness Instructor salaries - 3salariesreported $21/hr
YMCA Zumba Fitness Instructor salaries - 2salariesreported $16/hr
Gold's Gym Zumba Fitness Instructor salaries - 1salariesreported $23/hr

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How much do CycleBar instructors make per class?

CycleBar Indoor Cycling studiospayinstructors based on attendance, rather thanperclass. Some studios pay instructors $125 for asold outclass, most are between 100 to120dollars.

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How much do shred415 instructors make?

The average Shred415 Salary forInstructorsis $51,964 per year.

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How much do Zumba instructors make an hour?

The average Zumba Instructor salary in USAis$51,285 per year or $26.30 per hour. Entry levelpositionsstart at $21,206 per year while most experiencedworkersmake up to $87,185 per year.

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How do I become a certified fitness instructor?

To be eligible for the ACE Group FitnessInstructorCertification Exam, you must:
  1. Be at least 18 years old.
  2. Have completed high school (or the equivalent).
  3. Hold a current CPR/AED certification with a liveskillscheck.
  4. Present a current government-issued photo ID withsignature(driver's license, passport, military ID).

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What does an aerobics instructor do?

Aerobics instructors choreographexercisemoves and lead classes in aerobic exercise.In addition toteaching fitness students the moves to an aerobicsworkout,instructors provide the music and complete jobrequirementsas specified by the fitness center in which they teach,such aslogging hours.

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How much do spin instructors make?

Spinning Instructor Salaries
Job Title Salary
LA Fitness Spinning Instructor salaries - 3salariesreported $18/hr
YMCA Spinning Instructor salaries - 1 salaries reported $33/hr
Gold's Gym Spinning Instructor salaries - 1salariesreported $38/hr
BodyScapes Fitness Spinning Instructor salaries - 1salariesreported $35/hr

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How much do Silver Sneakers instructors make?

for *currently certified GroupFitnessInstructors*, including, but not limited to Pilates,Dance,SilverSneakers and Older Adult… AdultFitness.Instructors are paid as independent contractors.Average payfor classes is $25 per hour class.

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How much do Barre instructors make?

The average pay for a Barre Instructor is$19.74per hour. The average pay for a Barre Instructor is$32,340per year.