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How do I get TSLR online?

Applying for Patta Chitta Online
Visit the Government of Tamil Nadu's official websitedeveloped for revenue services - To view thePatta copy/A-Register Extract, select 'View Patta &FMB/Citta/TSLR Extract'.

Also asked, how can I get Patta online?

The following is the procedure for obtaining patta chittaonline.

  1. Step 1: Go to Patta Chitta Website.
  2. Step 2: Select View Patta & FMB / Chitta / TSLRExtract.
  3. Step 3: Details of Property.
  4. Step 4: Patta Chitta from Town Survey Land Register.
  5. Documents Required for Patta Transfer.

Furthermore, how do I get FMB sketch online? To obtain FMB sketch for a property, theconcerned Tahsildar office must be approached by the land ownerwith a request. There is no online facility for viewingFMB sketch in Tamil Nadu currently. In case, the FMBsketch is outdated or not available, a request can be made forsurvey of the property.

Also to know, what is TSLR?

TSLR means Town Survey Land Record. Field extractor town survey land extract act as the revenue land records forland in Tamil nadu. They are the equivalent of patta issued inmunicipalities and town areas.

Is Patta required for registration?

In order to make the property registrationprocess transparent and more secure, the Tamil Nadu government hasnow proposed to make Pattas mandatory for transactions. APatta, also called the Record of Rights (ROR), is a legaldocument issued by the government.

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What is the survey number?

Survey number is a unique number for aparticular land which has information like size of the land,location, ownership and other such information attached toit.

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Can we apply Patta online?

To apply for Patta online log in to the website:, select theoption relevant to you from view Patta & FMB/Chitta andTSLR extract, enter the required details and your propertywill get registered and an E-certificate will beissued by the Town Survey Land Register.

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What is the procedure for getting Patta?

What is the procedure for Apply patta inTamilnadu? Normally, an application has to be made to the Tahsildarin the form of a simple requisition to issue the patta,providing necessary details and documents. It is issued in the nameof owner or in the case of joint holdings, in the names of thejoint owners.

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Can Patta land be registered?

Although all the properties can beregistered under Patta Land, the properties which arenot visited quite frequently by the owner must be compulsorilyregistered. The buildings or any other property on whichconstruction has been done can also get a Patta landregistration.

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How is guideline value calculated?

Guideline value of a land is the estimatedmarket value of a land as per Government records. However,in most cases, guideline value is lower than the marketvalue; but can also be higher than market value.Guideline values have been fixed for all the areas in theState by the Government.

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What is FMB in land?

pertaining to each individual land holding isprimarily classified into land details and the ownershipdetails and is maintained in various registers. 2.1 FieldMeasurement Book (FMB) In FMB's the individual surveynumber maps are maintained at a scale of 1:1000 or1:2000.

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What is UDR scheme?

In 1980's a scheme called “UpdatingRegistry Scheme” (UDR) was formatted by theTamil Nadu Government under which revenue officials conducted asurvey and issued Patta to the actual holders of lands to whomPatta was granted under the UDR scheme wasgranted.

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What is Patta called in English?

Meaning of Patta:
A Patta is a legal document issued by theGovernment in the name of the actual owner of a particular plot ofland. It can also be issued for lands having buildings orindividual houses etc. constructed on them.