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How do I install EZCast on my TV?

Last Updated: 28th January, 2020

Next, plug in the USB cable from EZCast Wire toyour Android phone, and use the EZCast app to discover theEZCast Wire device. Then you'll be asked to turn on the USBTethering function to complete the connection. Finally, yourAndroid phone screen will be mirrored on HDTV via the EZCastWire dongle.

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Also, how do I connect my EZCast to my TV?


  1. WiFi Setting. Go to [WiFi Settings] to connect the device toGCC WiFi.
  2. Download & Install. For PC :- download the application filefrom
  3. Connecting. In your device, go to [Wifi Settings] to connectdevice to EZCast SSID (ie.
  4. Using EZCast. For Android device: – Click [EZMirror] inEZCast App ;

Also Know, how do I set up EZCast pro? Please connect your phone to EZCast Proproducts' Wi-Fi SSID network. Launch EZCast Pro app andclick the "V" arrow down icon in the top right corner to discoverEZCast Pro dongle. After the connection is successful, clickon the menu icon in the top left corner to setup EZCast Proproducts.

Also to know, how do I connect my EZCast to my WiFi router?

Use Internet setting to connect dongle to a localWi-Fi network. You will be able to connect theEZCast dongle to a local Wi-Fi network to access theinternet. Finally, connect your smartphone to the sameWi-Fi network to start screen mirroring online videos onyour EZCast-connected HDTV.

Does EZCast require Internet?

One thing to note is that EzCast doesn't needinternet connection to stream videos, pictures and music fromyour device to TV screen. This means you can use it even without arouter.

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How can we connect mobile to TV?

Use a wire to connect
Nearly all smartphones and tablets can plug into anHDMI-ready TV. One cable end plugs into your phone or tabletwhile the other plugs into the HDMI port on your TV. Onceconnected, whatever you display on your phone will also showup on your TV.

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How do I connect my phone to my TV using USB?

First, connect your cable to your phone.Now, connect your phone to the TV by pluggingin the standard USB end of the cable into the port on yourTV or monitor. Then, change the input on your TV toUSB so you can see it.

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What is a dongle for TV?

A TV dongle is a generic name given to the manyTV sticks roughly the size of a USB flash drive that areavailable in today's market. These small TV sticks arebasically small computers that plug into a TVs HDMI port andcan than display a multitude of content.

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Does my LG TV have screen mirroring?

With the built-in screen mirroring ofSamsung Android devices, you can now enjoy watching your videos onLG TV. The screen of your device will automaticallybe displayed on the TV once it is detected. On your Samsungdevice, go to “Settings” and then go to “Connectand Share.” Simply turn on “ScreenMirroring.”

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What is EZCast dongle?

EZCast 5G is a WiFi Display Dongle thatplugs into the HDMI port of any screen or projector. It is forcasting your smart device to HDMI equipped device. What's More, youcould also use the EZCast app to mirror your desktop displaywirelessly from your Android or iOS device.

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How do I watch Netflix on EZCast?

After connecting your EZCast dongle to theinternet, connect your Android phone to the same network. RunAndroid Netflix app and use the Miracast function to shareyour screen to HDTV. Finally execute the Netflix app tobegin watching Netflix videos on the big screen viaEZCast.

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What is difference between AnyCast and chromecast?

On the outside, it is easy to spot the differencebetween AnyCast and Chromecast. While both are black and workas a dongle, Chromecast looks like a hockey puck measuring2.04 inches in diameter, while AnyCast looks more like theold flash drives and Wi-Fi adapters, measuring 6.1 inches by 3.94inches.

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What is Dongle WiFi?

A wireless dongle is a small device that convertsWiFi signals to a USB signal. Most often though when theword wireless dongle is used it is meant to mean aWiFi device. These small dongles can connect anycomputer that has a USB port into receiving a WiFi signaland be able to connect to a network and get online.

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How does miracast work?

Acting like a wireless HDMI cable, Miracastmirrors your Android device onto your TV screen in high definitionand with audio. Once Miracast is enabled, everything -- fromthe general interface, to apps and videos -- is duplicated on thebig screen without the burden of a cable connecting the twodevices.

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How do I connect my wireless dongle to my TV?

To begin connecting your TV to your wireless network,follow these steps:
  1. Connect the wireless adapter to the USB port on your TV.
  2. Press the MENU button, and then select Setup.
  3. Select Network.
  4. If Network Type is set to Wired, select Network Type, and thenselect Wireless.
  5. Select Network Setup.
  6. Select Select a network.

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What is EZCast app?

EZCast APP for Android version, developed byWinnerWave, displays and exchange your multimedia from your Androidembedded smartphone and pad wirelessly via EZCast devices orplatforms.

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How do I update EZCast?

Turn on the Personal Hotspot on your iPhone to shareinternet with EZCast Wire, then use the EZCast app toexecute the Firmware OTA to upgrade the EZCastfirmware. Use a pin to press and hold the EZCast Wire donglereset button, and plug it into the USB port of a Windowslaptop.

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How do I use EZCast on Android?

Next, plug in the USB cable from EZCast Wire toyour Android phone, and use the EZCast app todiscover the EZCast Wire device. Then you'll be asked toturn on the USB Tethering function to complete the connection.Finally, your Android phone screen will be mirrored on HDTVvia the EZCast Wire dongle.

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How do I install MiraScreen?

Step 1: Connect WiFi cable (micro USB head) toMiraScreen dongle. Step 2: Plug the MiraScreen dongleinto the HDMI port of your TV and switch to the right input source.Step 3: Plug USB cable into an external USB power adapter. Step 3:Establish WiFi connection between iOS device andMiraScreen.

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Can I connect my iPhone to a projector?

Get connected
Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touchto a display: Plug your Digital AV or VGA adapter into the chargingport on the bottom of your iOS device. Connect anHDMI or VGA cable to your adapter. Connect the other end ofyour HDMI or VGA cable to your secondary display (TV, monitor, orprojector).

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How do I mirror my phone to a projector?

How to Connect:
  1. Press the Input button on the projector's remote.
  2. Select Screen Mirroring on the pop up menu on theprojector.
  3. On your Android device, swipe down from the top of the screento display the notification panel.
  4. Select the Screen Mirroring option on your Android device.

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How do I mirror my iPhone to my projector?

You can connect an iPhone to a projector using Appleadapters.
  1. Connect one end of either an HDMI or VGA cable into acorresponding input port on the projector you want to use todisplay the iPhone's screen.
  2. Connect the other end of your video cable into the output porton the appropriate adapter.

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How do I connect my iphone to a projector wirelessly?

Use with Models Supporting [M-DIRECT] NetworkConnection
  1. On your iOS device, tap [Settings] – [Wi-Fi].
  2. Turn [Wi-Fi] ON. Available networks are shown.
  3. Select the SSID of the projector you want to connect to.
  4. You will be prompted for a password. Input the [M-DIRECT] KEY,and connect to the wireless LAN.

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How do I connect my IPAD to a projector wirelessly?

Projectors will not have a wirelessadapter to connect the ipad to, so you will need tohave an Apple TV ($99) connected via an HDMI cable to theprojector. Connect the AppleTV to the samewifi that your ipad is on. On your projectoryou should be able to see via the HDMI input the AppleTV to set itup if needed.