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How do I reset my Dansrue mp3 player?

Press "Reset" on the MP3 player.Dependingon the MP3 player you own, the button may beeasy tofind or incredibly small. With tiny buttons, a tack, needleorsimilar item is needed for pushing. Press andholdthe "Reset" button for approximately seventoten seconds.

Besides, how do I reset my Eclipse mp3 player?

All mp3 players usually have a tiny buttontoreset the player. It should be somewhere onthechassis. Stick a safety pin in it and hold for about 20secondswhich is the usual time. I usually hold it for about aminute justto be sure.

Secondly, how do I delete songs from my Eclipse mp3 player? Plug your MP3 player into the computer. Whenthewindow pops up select "Open folder to view files" open thefilecontaining the songs and delete the songsyouno longer want by selecting the song, right click andselect"delete" from the list. It will deletethesong from the player.

Subsequently, question is, how do you unfreeze a Sansa mp3 player?

Press the Power/Menu button again to turn ontheplayer. Resetting a Sansa View, Fuze, orClipplayer: 1. Slide and hold the Power switch upforapproximately 20 seconds.

How do I reset my SanDisk mp3?

To perform a soft reset on the Sansa ClipSport,press and hold the power button. The power button is thecenterselect button on the Sport. Hold this down for 15 to 20seconds andthen release; now press the same button and turn theplayeron.

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How do you charge a SanDisk Sansa mp3 player?

Charge your SanDisk MP3 playerforapproximately 3 hours prior to first use. You canchargeyour Sansa through the USB port of yourcomputer, a caradapter (NOT included) USB port, or AC adapter (NOTincluded) USBport. These accessories are available on ouronlinestore.

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How do you turn on a SanDisk mp3 player?

This chapter describes basic user operationinstructionsfor the SanDisk Clip Jam MP3 player. ThePowerbutton is located in the center of the player.It can beused to turn the player on or off,and also toselect player options. Press andhold thePower button for three seconds to turn ontheplayer.

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How do you turn on a SanDisk?

This chapter describes basic user operationinstructionsfor the SanDisk Clip Sport PLUS. ThePower button islocated in the center of the player. It canbe used to turnthe player on or off, and also to selectplayer options. Press andhold the Power button for threeseconds to turn onthe player.

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What is a Sansa SanDisk?

The SanDisk Sansa is a line of 2- to32-gigabyteflash memory-based portable media players producedbySanDisk.