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How do I reset my Dlink DIR 300?

Last Updated: 11th February, 2020

Reset the Dlink DIR-300
We can find it on the back panel. Belowisan image of the reset button found on thebackpanel of the Dlink DIR-300. Take the endofan unwound paperclip or pin and press down on thisrecessedbutton for about 10 seconds. Less time than that andyousimply reboot the router instead ofresetit.

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Also, how do I setup my D Link DIR 300 wireless router?

How to setup WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK for DIR-300

  1. Step 1 Connect Your PC (Laptop) to the Router (Port1,2,3,4either one of them) using Network cable.
  2. Step 2 Launch your IE (Internet explorer) and key in192.168.0.1in the address column and press enter.
  3. Step 3 Enter your Username: admin and no password (if itisdefault) click on OK.

Also, how do I reset my Dlink router? To reset your D-Link router:

  1. With the power on (Power LED on front panel should belitgreen), use the pointed end of a paper clip to press and holdtheReset button for 10 seconds.
  2. Release the Reset button.
  3. Wait 15 seconds before resuming setup.

Moreover, how do I reset my Dlink DIR 605l?

Reset theDlinkDIR-605L As you can see from the image below theresetbutton is located on the back panel on the right side.With therouter on press and hold the reset button forabout10 seconds. This begins the reset process. Make sureyouhold the reset button down for the entire amountoftime.

How do I reset my Dlink DIR 816 router?

Step 1: With the unit on, place a paper clip intothehole on the back/bottom of the unit labeled Reset. Step2:Hold the paper clip down for 10 seconds and release. Step 3:Thelights on the front of the router should start to flash(Thepower LED may go off or turn orange) and then the devicewillreboot.

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How do I secure my Dlink router?

How to Make My D-Link Wireless Router Secure
  1. Open your Web browser.
  2. Type "admin" (without quotes) into the "User Name" to loginwith the default login.
  3. Click the "Wireless Settings" tab.
  4. Click the drop-down arrow of the field next to"SecurityMode."
  5. Select the security mode you want to apply to the router.
  6. Type a passphrase into the "Passphrase" field.

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How do I enable WPA on my router?

Enable WPA or WPA2 on your wireless router to bettersecureyour wireless network.
  1. Open a Web browser on your computer, and type your router'sIPaddress into the address bar.
  2. Click the "Wi-Fi," "Wireless," "Wireless Settings,""WirelessSetup" or similarly named option from the configurationutility'sinitial menu.

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Where is my D Link Network Security Key?

Type "" in the address field andpressyour "Enter" key. This opens a "Log in to therouter"page in your browser. Type in your password and click "LogIn."The password field on most D-Link routers isusuallyleft empty by default.

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What is the default Dlink router password?

Every version of the D-Link DIR-615routerhas a default username of Admin and,like mostD-Link routers, no default password.Thedefault IP address used to access the DIR-615routeris

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How do I activate mydlink service?

Open a web browser and enter the IP address""to access your device's web interface. Follow theinstructions toset up the router and at the end you will beprompted to sign up fora mydlink account. Or, you can clickon "mydlinkSettings" under the "Setup" page.

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How can I reset my Dlink router password?

The Forgotten Wi-Fi Password
Resetting your D-Link®router'sWi-Fi password is easy: Type yourrouter's IP address—— into your Webbrowser. At the loginscreen, select “Admin” from thedrop down menu and enteryour admin password. Once youaccess the Web configurationscreen, click“Setup” in the topmenu.

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How do you set up a Dlink router?

  1. Step 1: Connect the included power adapter to a wall socketandyour router.
  2. Step 2: Connect the Ethernet cable to the WAN (or internet)portof both your modem and router, connecting the two. (
  3. Step 3: Give it a moment to start up with alightindication.
  4. Step 4: Head to your computer or mobile device.

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What is Cloud Router?

Cloud Router is a fully distributed andmanagedGoogle cloud service. It scales with your networktraffic;it's not a physical device that might cause a bottleneck.CloudRouter peers with your on-premises VPN gatewayorrouter. The routers exchange topologyinformationthrough Border Gateway Protocol (BGP).

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How do I reset my Dlink DIR 645?

Hard reset D-Link DIR-645. Thefactoryreset button hole is located on the bottom oftherouter – check the picture above. Power ONtherouter. Use a thin object (paperclip) to press and holddownthe button for 10 seconds.

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How do I reset my Dlink 600m router?

Reset theDlinkDIR-600M
As you can see from the image below theresetbutton is located on the back panel on the far right.While therouter is on take the end of a paperclip and pressdown onthe reset button for about 10 seconds to startthereset process.

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How do I reset my Dlink 2730u?

How To Reset D-Link DSL-2730U Router With Button:
  1. Go to the Maintenance or Tools tab.
  2. Then click “Save and Restore settings ”or“System” options from the left side of therouterpage.
  3. Click on ” Restore Device ” or ”RestoreFactory Defaults “.
  4. Wait for a while, Now you are done FactoryResetsuccessfully.

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How do I get into my Dlink router settings?

Step 1: Open your web browser and type in theIPaddress of the router ( by default).Step2: Enter the username (admin) and password (blankbydefault), and then click OK or Log In.

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How do you reset your router?

To reset your router:
  1. Locate the Reset button on the back of your router.
  2. With the router powered on, use the pointed end of apaperclipor similar object to press and hold the Reset button for15seconds.
  3. Wait for the router to fully reset and power back on.

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How do I configure my Dlink router?

Configuration for D-Link DIR-825
  1. Visit the router's IP address ( in anewbrowser window.
  2. Enter the router password.
  3. Click on the Manual Internet Connection Setup button atthebottom.
  4. Enter the OpenDNS addresses in Primary DNS Server andSecondaryDNS Server fields.
  5. Click Save Settings button at the top.

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Why do the lights keep flashing on my modem?

A wireless router's lights blink even when aWi-Fidevice is not wirelessly connected. This happensbecause themodem, to which the router is connected,constantlyprocesses data transmissions from the Internet. Therouter'slights blink whenever it sends or receives data,includingthose produced by the ARP.

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Why D Link router is not working?

Ensure your Internet modem is connected totheWAN/Internet Port on the back of the D-LinkRouter.This port is typically Yellow. - Power Off your InternetModem(Not the D-Link Router) for 20 secondsandthen power it back on. Wait up to 2 minutes and check theNetworkStatus again.

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How do I find my D Link admin password?

Resetting your D-Link® router's Wi-Fi passwordiseasy:
  1. Type your router's IP address ——intoyour Web browser.
  2. At the login screen, select “Admin” from thedropdown menu and enter your admin password.
  3. Once you access the Web configuration screen,click“Setup” in the top menu.

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How do you change your wireless Internet password?

  1. Open your router's configuration page. You can accessyourrouter's configuration page through a web browser on acomputerconnected to your network.
  2. Enter your router's username and password.
  3. Open the Wireless section.
  4. Change the password.
  5. Check out your security type.
  6. Change your network name.
  7. Save your settings.