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How do I save an Outlook distribution list?

To save a distribution list sent to you by anotherperson,do any of the following:
  1. In the Reading Pane or message list, dragthedistribution list attachment to the Navigation Pane anddropit on the Contacts tab.
  2. Drag the distribution list attachment from themessageinto an open Contacts view.

Herein, how do I save a contact group in Outlook 2016?

Saving a Contact Group in Outlook 2016

  1. Open the message up in it's own window.
  2. In the main Outlook 2016 window, click on your contacts.
  3. Switch back to the mail message with the contact group,andclick and drag the attachment to your contacts in the mainOutlookwindow.

Also, how do I import a distribution list into Outlook? Import contacts to Outlook
  1. At the top of your Outlook 2013 or 2016 ribbon,chooseFile.
  2. Choose Open & Export > Import/Export.
  3. Choose Import from another program or file, and thenchooseNext.
  4. Choose Comma Separated Values, and then choose Next.
  5. In the Import a File box, browse to your contacts file, andthendouble-click to select it.

Beside above, how do I save a distribution list in Outlook 2010?

Save a distribution list: Outlook 2010

  1. Open the message and click on the Distribution List toselectit.
  2. Drag the Distribution List over to your Contacts folder andletgo when you have the correct placement.
  3. You will see that the Distribution List now appears inyourContacts folder.

Can I send a contact group to another person?

You are not able to export and importcontactgroups in the same way that you do addressbooks;however, you may forward them to others (PC to PConly) asan email attachment. Follow these steps to e-mail yourcontactgroups to another person. 1. Open your contactgroupfrom within your Outlookcontacts/people.

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How do I copy a distribution list from an email?

How do I copy a distribution list toanothercomputer?
  1. Create a new email.
  2. Add the group you want to share to the TO: line.
  3. Click the + sign and select all by pressing CRTL+A.
  4. Then copy by pressing CRTL+C.
  5. Then paste what you've copied into the body of the messagebypressing CTRL+V, do add anything else to the message.

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How do I save a contact group as an attachment in an email?

Do the following:
  1. Open the e-mail containing the Contact Group.
  2. In Outlook, open the Contacts view.
  3. Drag the Contact Group attachment from the e-mail messageontothe desired Contacts folder. Outlook automatically createsthecontact entries for you:

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How do I save a group email list in Outlook?

Outlook 2010 and later versions
  1. On the Home Page, click Address Book to open yourAddressBook.
  2. Click the list below Address Book, and thenselectContacts.
  3. On the File menu, click New Entry.
  4. Under Select the entry type, click New Contact Group.
  5. Under Put this Entry, click In The Contacts.
  6. Click OK.

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How do I import a contact group into Outlook?

Can groups of contacts within Outlook be uploaded toMyContacts on a Webex site?
  1. Launch Outlook.
  2. Go to the File tab.
  3. Select Open on the left side of the window.
  4. Click the Import button.
  5. Select Export to a file, then click the Next button.
  6. Select Comma Separated Values (Windows), then click theNextbutton.

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Where are my contacts in Outlook?

Office 2013 For Dummies
To see your Contacts list,click the arrow beside the Outlook nameat the top of thescreen and choose People in the Ribbon. If you'dlike to sort thecontents of your Contacts list, click thegear icon in thefar right of the Ribbon.



How do I edit a distribution list in Outlook?

Managing Your Distribution List
  1. Log in to Outlook on the Web to manage yourdistributionlist.
  2. Click the Settings icon.
  3. Scroll down and select Mail under Your App Settings.
  4. Click General.
  5. Click Distribution groups.
  6. Locate the distribution list you want to modifyunderDistribution groups I own and double click on it to openit.

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How do you create a distribution list in Outlook 365?

Create a contact group
  1. On the Navigation bar, click People.
  2. Under My Contacts, pick where you want to add thecontactgroup.
  3. Click Home > New Contact Group.
  4. On the Contact Group tab, in the Name box, type a name forthegroup.
  5. Click Add Members, and then add people from your address bookorcontacts list.

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How do you save a distribution list?

Save received distribution list or contact group withCopyfunction
  1. Click to display the received email with distribution listinthe Reading Pane which you want to save in thecontactsfolder.
  2. Then right click the distribution list and click Copy intheright-clicking menu.

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What is a distribution list in Outlook?

Distribution lists are used to send e-mailtogroups of people without having to enter eachrecipient'sindividual address. A distribution list isdifferent from ane-mail list in that members cannot reply tothedistribution list's name to send messages to everyoneelsein the group.

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What version of Outlook do I have?

To determine the version of Outlook that youuse,follow these steps: Start Outlook. On the Help menu,clickAbout Microsoft Office Outlook. Verify theversioninformation and the build number to determine theversion ofOutlook that is installed on yourcomputer.

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How do I use someone else's distribution list in Outlook?

Share a contact group or distribution listwithothers
  1. Open a new message.
  2. Open Contacts.
  3. Drag the distribution list from Contacts into the messagebody.Note: You may need to adjust the message and the Contactswindow sothat they're visible at the same time.
  4. Send the message.

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How do I open a shared distribution list in Outlook?

Method 1 Sharing a Distribution List
  1. Open Outlook. It's the app that has a blue icon with a white"O"over an envelope.
  2. Click the People icon.
  3. Double-click a distribution list.
  4. Click Forward Group.
  5. Click As an Outlook Contact.
  6. Type a recipient.
  7. Type a message (optional).
  8. Click Send.

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How do I import contacts?

How Do I Import Contacts That I Have Stored inOtherApplications
  1. Click import/export icon available on the Address Booktoolbaron the left panel.
  2. Select Import.
  3. Click Browse to select the file from which you want toimportthe contacts.
  4. Navigate through your file system and select theappropriatefile for your contact or address book.
  5. Click Import Contacts.

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Can you import contacts from Excel to Outlook?

Import contacts from Excel to Outlook. Onthisstep you'll see how to import contactsfromOutlook to Excel using the Import andExportWizard. Open Outlook, go to File > Open &Export andclick the option Import/Export. On theImport a Filestep of the wizard, pick Comma Separated Valuesand clickNext.

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What is Microsoft Outlook CSV?

A CSV (Comma Separated Values) file is aspecialtype of file that you can create or edit in Excel. When textandnumbers are saved in a CSV file, it's easy to move themfromone program to another. For example, you can export yourcontactsfrom Google into a CSV file, and then import themtoOutlook.

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How do I add a contact list to Outlook?

Add people to a contact group in Outlook for PC
  1. On the Navigation bar, click People to view your contacts.
  2. Under My Contacts, click Contacts.
  3. Double-click the contact group that you want to addmembersto.
  4. Click Add Members, and then choose the list that you want toadda contact from.
  5. In the Search box, type the name.