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How do I set the timer on my intermatic t103?

To set the time, pull the Intermatic Clock-Dial outward. Turn the dial in either direction and align the exact time of day on the Clock-Dial to the Time Pointer. The picture displays the timer set to 12:00 pm.

Likewise, how do I set the time on my Intermatic timer?

How to Set an Intermatic Wall Timer

  1. Erase all previous timer settings by sliding the control lever left to the "Off" position.
  2. Move the control lever to the "On" position.
  3. Turn the time dial clockwise until you reach the half hour that is closest to your present time.
  4. Press the time dial to set the present time.

how does a timer switch work? A time switch (also called a timer switch, or simply timer) is a timer that operates an electric switch controlled by the timing mechanism. The timer may switch equipment on, off, or both, at a preset time or times, after a preset interval, or cyclically.

Also, how do you set an outdoor light timer?

How to Set a Light Timer

  1. Plug the light timer up and ensure your bulb does turn on and is not blown out.
  2. Turn your switch to the auto setting.
  3. Set the pointer on your light timer to the current time.
  4. Press down the tabs located around your dial for the times you want the light to on.

How do I reset my pool timer?

Electronic Timer

  1. Pull open the front flap of the timer box to expose the controls.
  2. Set the time and date.
  3. Press the “Mode” button again until you get a timer screen.
  4. Press “Mode” once again.
  5. Hit the “Mode” button one more time to save your settings and activate the timer.

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How do you know if your pool timer is bad?

A: With a small flashlight, look into the Visual Motor Check window, near the top of the timer mechanism. If power is coming to the timer motor, you should be able to clearly see the gears moving through the small window. If not, then check the breaker that the time clock is connected to, turn it off and back on again.

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How much is a pool timer?

Conventional pumps can add about $450 to your yearly power bill, while variable-speed pool pumps cost between approximately $100 and $200.

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Why did my pool timer stopped working?

When your pool timer stops working, it doesn't necessarily mean that you will have to rush out and buy a new one. There are several reasons why your pool timer may be malfunctioning. Timer pins can be missing or the timer could be defective. Your timer could be set incorrectly or the timer may not be getting power.

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How does the little gray box work?

It's called the Little Gray Box and is made by Intermatic. As beeron already stated, a water heater that is well insulated will not turn on much anyway when no water is being used. Once the water is hot, the internal thermostat switches the heater off. The box only works if you have an electric water heater.

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How much does it cost to install a pool pump timer?

On average, installing a two-speed pump with timer and a pool cover costs $2,100-$3,000.

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How do I reset my digital timer?

  1. Press the reset button. The reset button is the small round white recessed button on the right side of the timer face.
  2. Set the clock. HOUR: Press the clock button and simultaneously press the HOUR button until you arrive at the correct hour.
  3. Program your settings.
  4. Set to automatic.

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How do you set a Tork timer?

How to Set Tork Timers
  1. Press and hold the "Clock" button.
  2. Press the "Day," "Hour" and "Min" buttons (while continuing to hold "Clock") to set the day, hour and minutes.
  3. Release "Clock" when you set the desired time.
  4. Press the "Reset" button.
  5. Press and hold the "Set" button until the day of the week on the display starts to flash.