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How do I sign up for the army Skillport?

To access your new DoDEA Skillport account, you will need to login to using your username and password sent to you in your welcome email. Your Skillport username was established using your 10-digit DoD identification number that can be found on the back of your Common Access Card (CAC).

Similarly, how do you sign up for SkillPort?

Providers can access SkillPort prior to “go-live” using a link on the current NCTracks Enrollment, Verification, and Credentialing (EVC) website. An NCID is required to access SkillPort. If you do not already have an NCID, navigate to the NCID website at and register.

Secondly, what is SkillPort army? SkillPort® is a web-based, e-learning portal that allows you to access a range of training resources at work, at home, and on the road whenever and wherever you have the need and time. You can use SkillPort to: Create and follow training plans created by you and your manager.

Similarly one may ask, how do I get to SkillPort on Ako?

Users can go to the Army eLearning login page at page and download the current course catalog from the Tab on the left or go to AKO > My Education > Army eLearning Portal Page.

What is available via the army e learning portal?

WITH ARMY E-LEARNING YOU HAVE ACCESS TO: ± Web-based courses in Information Technology, Business Leadership and Personal Development. ± IT certification prep courses/tests in MCSE, CISSP, C++, Cisco, Oracle and many more. ± On-line subject matter experts and mentors available 24x7.

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Is skillsoft accredited?

The California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN)
Skillsoft is an approved licensed Continuing Education Provider in the State of California. Through this honor, Skillsoft has been recognized as a provider of continuing education courses to assist California Registered Nurses in their ongoing professional development.

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What is Army e learning?

A component of the Army's Distributed Learning System, Army e-Learning offers free, online training to all National Guard, Active Duty, Reserves, ROTC, Cadets and Department of the Army (DA) Civilian service members.

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How do you mute Skillport?

You can turn the audio off at any time by clicking the turn off audio button located in the bottom navigation bar. You can turn it back on by clicking the same button.

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How do I skip lessons at Jko?

To skip between groups, use Ctrl+LEFT or Ctrl+RIGHT. On the site listed below, create an account and take course numbers (prefix USA) #007 and #007-B. scripts / JKO / Once you have the green check mark continue to next lesson.

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Is Skillport worth promotion points?

Military Education: The fastests way to earn points for military education is through Correspondence courses, JKO, ALMS or Skill port courses. After completing these courses, they are worth 1 promotion point for every 5 hours of courses taken so not bad if they are this easy to complete.

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What is skillsoft training?

Skillsoft is a learning management system that offers a plethora of eLearning, online training and talent solutions on a corporate scale, enabling businesses and organizations to further develop and add more value to their most precious resource, its employees.

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Is Skillport the same as skillsoft?

Skillsoft offers training content and services in areas such as leadership skills, digital skills, IT certifications and compliance training. Skillport is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) that streamlines training content delivery.

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What is your AKO username?

Your AKO/DKO username is based off of your first and last names, using a period as a separator. If your name is a common name, you may have your middle initial, middle name, or numbers included into your username. The user Charlie Oscars has a middle name of Delta. So their possible username could be charlie.

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How do I get Atrrs access?

  1. HTTPS://WWW.ATRRS.ARMY.MIL. Scroll down to mid page.
  2. Read the instructions carefully.
  3. After receipt of ATRRS Log On ID.
  4. Must print out ATRRS Password Receipt, sign, and submit to ITA. Access Management Office or have access suspended.

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What is the source of military jurisdiction?

The sources of military jurisdiction include the Constitution and international law. International law includes the law of war.

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How do I sign up for alms courses?

Click on the ALMS logo on the right hand side. Click on "In-Progress Learning" in the left-hand panel. At the top of the page, change the "Sort By" to "Registration Date" and click "Go" Scroll down and locate the course you would like to take.

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How do I reset my AKO username?

  1. Launch your Web browser and go to the AKO password reset screen (link in Resources).
  2. Enter your AKO user ID or the non-AKO email address you provided during registration into the field and click "Go." Select a password reset method.