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How do I take a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge?

Last Updated: 18th January, 2020

The fort is one of the best bridge photo ops around. Stroll across the Golden Gate Bridge, and make sure you stop to take photos looking directly up the soaring towers. The visitor center, Fort Point and the Round House Cafe are all great vantage points for photographs of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Hereof, where do people take pictures of Golden Gate Bridge?

Seven Places to Gaze at the Golden Gate Bridge

  • Fort Point National Historic Site. Situated beneath the towering Golden Gate Bridge, this Civil War-era brick fortress offers a unique perspective on the Bridge, and is the perfect backdrop for a selfie.
  • Baker Beach.
  • Fort Baker.
  • Crissy Field.
  • Battery East Vista.
  • Lands End.
  • Golden Gate Overlook.

Similarly, what can you do at the Golden Gate Bridge? Here are our favorite things to do on the way to the Golden Gate Bridge.

  • Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture. Whether you're walking or biking to the bridge, start here.
  • The Wave Organ.
  • The Palace of Fine Arts.
  • Crissy Field.
  • Presidio Picnic.
  • Andy Goldsworthy's Art.
  • Fort Point.

Additionally, how do you get a good picture of the Golden Gate Bridge?

Crissy Field, Baker Beach and both look out points are the best places to take Golden Gate photos at night. If you have a great camera with an expert lens, you might also be able to get a good shot from far away at Coit Tower. Fort Point is not open at night, but you can get into the parking lot for photos.

How do you draw a Golden Gate Bridge?

Golden Gate Bridge Drawing

  1. Step 1: Draw a triangle with intersecting lines.
  2. Step 2: Draw two vertical poles.
  3. Step 3: Draw two similar but smaller poles.
  4. Step 4: Join the bigger poles with lines.
  5. Step 5: Form three diverging lines below.
  6. Step 6: Sketch curvy structures below the poles.
  7. Step 7: Form an undulating landscape in the background.

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How much does it cost to visit the Golden Gate Bridge?

Golden Gate Bridge Toll Rates
Number of Axles (see chart) Pay-By-Plate: License Plate Account, One-Time Payment, Toll Invoice FasTrak Toll
2 Axles/ Motorcycles $7.75 $6.75
3 Axles $23.25 $20.25
4 Axles $31.00 $27.00

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Is Baker Beach clothing optional?

The northern section of Baker Beach is "frequented by clothing-optional sunbathers," and as such it is considered a nude beach.

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What is the best time to see Golden Gate Bridge?

Although the phenomenal Golden Gate Bridge is a beautiful place to visit throughout the year, but the best month to visit it is either September or October. This is the best time to explore this place as the fog dissipates and the temperature becomes warm and enjoyable.

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Is Golden Gate Bridge free?

You may have to pay a toll when you cross the Golden Gate Bridge — or not. It depends on which way you are going. It's free to drive across it going north, from San Francisco toward Sausalito. To get back into town going south, you'll have to pay a toll.

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Where is the best spot to see the Golden Gate Bridge?

Golden Gate Bridge from the South Vista Point
The bridge looks best in the morning from this vista point when the sun is shining on its east side. In the afternoon, it will be in the shade. To get to this spot, you can take the "Last SF Exit" off the approach road, or get there on Lincoln Avenue from the Presidio.

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Can you pay cash on the Golden Gate Bridge?

You can make a One-Time Payment up to 30 days before crossing the Golden Gate Bridge or within 48 hours after crossing. A One-Time Payment can be made using a credit card or cash/check/money order. If you prefer to use cash, you can make a One-Time Payment at a convenient Cash Payment Location.

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Why is Golden Gate Bridge famous?

It had long been thought that to build a bridge at the location would be impossible due to strong currents, the depth of water in the Golden Gate Strait and the regular occurrence of strong winds and fog. Until 1964 the Golden Gate Bridge had the longest suspension bridge main span in the world, at 1,280m (4,200 ft).

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Where do you go to walk the Golden Gate Bridge?

Pedestrians have access to the East Sidewalk, which can be reached from the parking lot on the Marin side and from either the Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center parking lot or from the walking trail we mentioned before.

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Where do you park to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge?

There are two parking lots at the northern end of the Golden Gate Bridge, one on each side of the bridge.
  • Vista Point parking lot (east side)
  • North Tower parking lot (west side)

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How do I get to Battery Spencer?

How to Get To Battery Spencer: Mass Transit. From San Francisco via Muni: Muni Route 76 crosses the Golden Gate Bridge and stops at the entrance to the Conzelman Road parking lot. From there a path runs along the edge of Conzelman Road up to the road turnouts.

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Why is the Golden Gate Bridge red?

The Golden Gate Bridge's signature color was not intended to be permanent. The steel that arrived in San Francisco to build the Golden Gate Bridge was coated in a burnt red and orange shade of primer to protect it from corrosive elements. It can be found on the bridge's web site.)

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How do I get to Baker Beach?

Baker Beach is located just below the Presidio, on the ocean side of the Golden Gate Bridge. Take Lincoln Avenue to Bowley, where you will find a parking lot. On less-busy days, turn onto Gibson for closer parking. The SF Muni Transit bus #29 also goes to Baker Beach.

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Can you see Golden Gate Bridge from Pier 39?

Pier 39. On clear days when there isn't a lot of fog in the water you can see the Golden Gate Bridge from a distance while visiting Pier 39. Coit Tower. Take the affordable elevator ride to the top of the tower and look to the west to see the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Where can I see the sunrise in San Francisco?

Here, six spots around the city with eastern exposure and classic San Francisco views to inspire you to start your day off right.

With these on your radar, you may not even need that snooze button anymore.
  • Corona Heights Park.
  • Tank Hill.
  • Grandview Park.
  • Twin Peaks.
  • Bernal Hill.
  • The Embarcadero.

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How do I get to Crissy Field?

If you're a hearty walker, you can also get to Crissy Field from Fisherman's Wharf. Walk west from the wharf toward the Golden Gate Bridge, around the edge of Aquatic Park below Ghirardelli Square. Follow the pathway over the side of the hill through Fort Mason and keep going west past the marina.

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Is it free to walk the Golden Gate Bridge?

It's free to walk or bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. The pedestrian walkway is the east sidewalk that runs along the east (bay) side of the bridge.

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How do you pay to cross the Golden Gate Bridge?

You can make a One-Time Payment using any of the following methods: Online using a credit card at By phone using a credit card: Toll free 1-877-BAY-TOLL (1-877-229-8655), outside USA 1-415-486-8655. Hours: Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, Saturday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.