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How do I transfer photos from iPhone to computer iCloud?

Last Updated: 8th January, 2020

Turn on iCloud Photos
  1. Download iCloud for Windows.
  2. Open iCloud for Windows.
  3. Next to Photos, click Options.
  4. Select iCloud Photo Library.
  5. Click Done, then click Apply.
  6. Turn on iCloud Photos on all of your Apple devices.

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In this way, how do I get pictures from iCloud to my iPhone?

How to quickly sync images with your otherdevices

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap the Apple ID banner at the top of the screen.
  3. Select the iCloud option.
  4. Tap Photos.
  5. Tap the Upload to My Photo Stream toggle to enable instantphoto and video sync over Wi-Fi.

Also Know, how do I access iCloud photo library? Open up Settings and tap on iCloud. From theretap on Photos. Then you are going to turn on iCloud PhotoLibrary. This will automatically upload and store your entirelibrary in iCloud to access photos and videosfrom all of your devices.

Likewise, how do you transfer photos from iPhone to computer?

You can import photos to your PC by connecting your deviceto your computer and using Windows Photos app:

  1. Make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes on yourPC.
  2. Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your PC with a USBcable.
  3. You might need to unlock your iOS device using yourpasscode.

Why wont my iCloud photos sync?

Method 1: Enable iCloud PhotoLibrary The reason as to why your photos are notuploading to iCloud may be because you have not enabled youriCloud Photo Library. The following steps should help youfix this issue on your iPhone/iPad and Mac. On iPhone/iPad: Go toyour device Settings> Apple ID> iCloud>Photos.

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How do I see what's in my iCloud storage?

You can easily see what is stored within iCloud from anyiPhone or iPad:
  1. Open Settings and go to “iCloud”
  2. Tap on “Storage & Backup” then tap“Manage Storage”
  3. Look under “Documents & Data” to see which appshave iCloud documents available – note that both iOS and OS Xapps storing documents in iCloud will be seen here.

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How can I access iCloud from my iPhone?

On your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
You can find your iCloud Drive files in theFiles app. If you're using iOS 10 or iOS 9, tapSettings > iCloud > iCloud Drive. Turn oniCloud Drive, and tap Show on HomeScreen.

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How do I transfer photos from iPhone to iphone without iCloud or computer?

Transfer photos from iTunes to new iPhonewith iTunes
Plug out the old iPhone and re-connect the newiPhone to the computer via USB cable. 2. Click theiPhone device button within iTunes, then choose"Photos" > tick "Sync Photos" > "Sync". Waitpatiently, and the photos will be transferred to the newiPhone.

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How do I upload pictures from my computer to my iPhone?

Connect your iPhone to the computer. Ifthe AutoPlay window appears, click "Import Picturesand Videos using Windows". 2. Click the Import Settings link> In the resulting window, you can change thefolder to which your Camera Roll's photos will beimported by clicking the Browse button next to the"Import to" field.

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What is the best way to transfer pictures from iPhone to computer?

One way is to transfer photos using a USBcable. To transfer your photos this way,you'll need your iPhone charger cable. Connect one end toyour iPhone and the other end to a USB port on yourcomputer. You can also wirelessly transfer photos fromiPhone to Windows.

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What is the fastest way to transfer photos from iPhone to computer?

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer(Mac)
  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer with the USB cable.
  2. The Photos app on your Mac will automatically open. If itdoesn't, open your Applications folder and select the Photosapp.
  3. Select File from the top menu, then select Import.

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How do you select all pictures on iPhone?

How to Select Multiple Photos Quickly on iPhone and iPadwith a Drag & Select Gesture
  1. Open the Photos app in iOS and go to any album, or the CameraRoll.
  2. Tap on the “Select” button.
  3. Now tap on the image to start, and continue to hold down whiledragging elsewhere on screen to another image, lift to stopselecting images.

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How do I move pictures from phone to laptop?

How to Import Pictures from a Cell Phone to aLaptop
  1. Turn on your phone and your laptop. Unlock both devices, ifthey are password protected.
  2. Connect the small end of the USB cable to your phone.
  3. Connect the standard end of the USB cable to your laptop's USBport (the port could be on the side or back of your laptop.)Windows will automatically detect your phone.

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How do I connect my iPhone to Windows computer?

  1. Connect your iPhone to a desktop computer. Use the USB cablethat came with your device.
  2. Open iTunes. It's an app with a musical note icon.
  3. Click on the iPhone icon. It will appear in the upper leftcorner of the iTunes window.
  4. Click on Back Up Now.
  5. Select content to sync.
  6. Click on Apply.
  7. Click on Sync.

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How do you connect iPhone to laptop?

Open iTunes on your laptop. Connect youriPhone to the laptop using the USB cable that camewith the phone. Select your iPhone under iTunes' Devicesmenu. Click the "Apply" button to sync the phone andcomputer.

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How do I clear all photos from my iPhone?

How to delete all photos from iPhone
  1. Open Photos app.
  2. Tap Albums.
  3. Tap All Photos.
  4. Tap Select.
  5. Tap or drag across to select photos to delete.
  6. Tap the trash can icon.

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How do I get my pictures off iCloud?

To download the original photos and videos onyour iOS device, go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud> Photos and select Download and Keep Originals. On yourMac, open Photos, choose Photos > Preferences,then select Download Originals to this Mac. Then you can turnoff iCloud Photos.

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How can I download all photos from iCloud?

Here is how you can download ALL photos from iCloud to Macor PC:
  1. Go to and login as usual, and then go to“Photos” as usual.
  2. Choose the “All Photos” album.
  3. Scroll to the very bottom of the All Photos album and click the“Select Photos” button in the top of the iCloud Photosbar.

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How do I download my entire iCloud photo library?

Turn on iCloud Photos
  1. Download iCloud for Windows.
  2. Open iCloud for Windows.
  3. Next to Photos, click Options.
  4. Select iCloud Photo Library.
  5. Click Done, then click Apply.
  6. Turn on iCloud Photos on all of your Apple devices.

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How do I get iCloud on my computer?

Set up iCloud for Windows
  1. Download iCloud for Windows.
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Make sure iCloud for Windows is open.
  4. Enter your Apple ID to sign in to iCloud.
  5. Choose the features and content that you want to keep up todate across your devices.
  6. Click Apply.

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Can you upload videos to iCloud from a PC?

With the help of iCloud service, you canupload the photos and videos on your devices, includingWindows PC, Mac, iPhone, and iPad, to iCloud andaccess the files across your devices.