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How do I video call on WeChat PC?

Last Updated: 1st February, 2020

Point your phone at the QR code on your computer tologin.
  1. Click the "Contacts" tab. It's a person-shaped icon on theleftside of the WeChat window.
  2. Click a contact's name.
  3. Click Messages.
  4. Click the "Video Call" icon.
  5. Wait for your call to connect.

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Likewise, people ask, can you video call on WeChat desktop?

WeChat Help Center. To begin a videocall,start in the chat window of the person you wouldlike tocall and follow the steps below:Tap?VideoCall?->?Video Call?to call yourfriend.(1)Press ?Switch to Voice Call?to easily switch to avoicecall at any time.

Also Know, does WeChat do video? WeChat, China's hot chat app — witharound600 million users — today rolled out groupvideocalling for up to nine people, on iOS. The update comesjust weeksafter WeChat introduced video callingonWindows.

One may also ask, is WeChat available on PC?

WeChat for Windows is a popular freemessagingtool, available on mobile and now Windows DesktopPCs. ThisWindows version allows you to chat and share files justlike youcan on the mobile versions.

How do I connect WeChat to my PC?

Steps to Setup Web WeChat

  1. Step 1: Go to http://web/wechat/com. From your computerbrowser,go to
  2. Step 2: Scan QR Code from your phone's WeChat app.
  3. Step 3: Completing verification.
  4. Step 4: Enjoy Web WeChat on your computer.

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Is video call on WeChat free?

Now you have the chance to select betweenVideoCall and Voice Call.Tap on the former to makefreevideo calls on iPhone through Wechat. Nowadaysyou canfind many different online messaging or chat apps formobilephones, except Wechat, we also have Skype, Viber,WhatsApp,Messenger and more.

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How do I make a video call on WeChat?

  1. Open WeChat. It's a green app with two whitespeechbubbles.
  2. Tap Contacts. This icon is at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap a contact's name. Depending on how many WeChat contactsyouhave, you may need to scroll down to find the correct one.
  4. Tap Messages.
  5. Tap +.
  6. Tap Video Call.
  7. Wait for your call to connect.

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Can you make free calls on WeChat?

You'll typically find it on your home screen.Thismethod will help you use WeChat Out, aservicethat lets you make affordable phone calls toanyone inthe world—even people who don't haveWeChat.WeChat Out is not free. To useWeChat's freecalling feature, see Calling OtherWeChatUsers.

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Does WeChat use a lot of data?

WeChat does not store any user's chat logs,whichis only stored in users' mobile phones, computers andotherterminals. WeChat will not use any content fromuserchats for big data analysis.

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Can WeChat do conference call?

Similar to Line, WeChat too canmanageconference calls, provided you have peopleusingWeChat on the other end. The process is the same. Tressthe+ button within the conference. Click the voicecallbutton.

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Can you do three way call on WeChat?

Log in to WeChat and enter the groupchatyou'd like to start a group call. Click the?+?iconon the lower-right corner and tap?Voice Call?.3.Select the group members you wish to callandclick?Start?on the top-right corner to startthecall.

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Can we chat on FaceTime?

You can start a Group FaceTime rightfromthe FaceTime app or from a group conversation intheMessages app. To use Group FaceTime video calls,youneed iOS 12.1.4 on one of these devices: iPhone 6sor later,iPad Pro or later, iPad Air 2 or later, iPad Mini 4 orlater, oriPod touch (7th generation).

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Does Skype work in China?

Using Skype in China
Despite the fact that some inaccurate news isstillcirculating online, Skype is NOT blocked inChina.However, if you try to download the Skype appon the iOS appmarket or one of the Android markets (Google Play isblocked) onceyou're in China, you won't findit.

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Is WeChat secure?

Security, privacy, and transparency. Unlikemanyother messaging apps, WeChat does not provideend-to-endencryption. For messaging apps like WeChat that donot usee2ee, a second “key” is held in the company'sservers,allowing them to decrypt messages that usetheirplatform.

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Does WeChat have a website?

From the WeChat app on your phone, tap onthe“+” sign that is located at the top right corner.Thenfrom the drop down menu, select Scan QR Code. So yourphonedoes not only have to be on but also hasanactive internet in order for Web WeChattofunction.

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Is WeChat available for Windows Phone?

The popular messaging and calling app, WeChatisnot available for Windows Phone anymore. You canstilldownload and install WeChat on Windows10Mobile but when you will open the app an error willbedisplay. WeChat is asking the users to run the apponAndroid or iOS instead of Windows Phone.

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How do I install WeChat on my cell phone?

  1. Open the Play Store. It's the rainbow triangle iconlabeled“Play Store.”
  2. Type wechat into the search bar. It's at the top ofthescreen.
  3. Tap WeChat. It has a green icon with two whitechatbubbles.
  4. Tap INSTALL. It's near the right side of the screen.
  5. Tap ACCEPT. The app will now install to your Android.

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How do I backup WeChat history on my computer?

Just try it.
  1. Download and install the latest version of Wechat for PC onyourcomputer, then launch it.
  2. Use Wechat app to sacn the QR code to login your accountoncomputer.
  3. Click on “More” button on the left bottom ofthepanel, press “Backup and Restore”, thenselect“Back up on PC” mode.

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What is the latest version of WeChat?

The latest version is WeChat 6.7.2.Since20 June 2018, WeChat has been making continuous updatestooptimize its interface and update key features. Thelatestversion is WeChat 6.7.2. Previously, the iOSversionof WeChat was updated faster and more often than theAndroidversion of WeChat.

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How do I scan QR code on WeChat?

  1. Open WeChat. It has a green icon with two white chatbubblesinside.
  2. Tap Discover. It's at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap Scan QR Code. Your phone's camera will open.
  4. Hold your camera over the QR code to scan it. Once thecamerarecognizes the code, WeChat will open its contentordestination.

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How can I register WeChat without mobile number?

Steps To Sign up Without Mobile Number
  1. The first step to open wechat registration page.
  2. For signup enter details like nickname, mobile number,password,and avatar.
  3. After entering all details simply click on signup button.
  4. Now confirm your phone number by click on ok button.

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Is WeChat free on iPhone?

It's the all-in-one communications app forfreetext (SMS/MMS), voice & video calls, moments, photosharing,and games. WHY USE WECHAT: ALWAYS FREE: Noannualsubscription fee. Absolutely free for life.FREEVOICE & VIDEO CALLS: High-quality free callsto anywherein the world.

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Is WeChat Free internationally?

WeChat has announced that users can nowmakeinternational mobile and landline calls using theapp.WeChat has also announced that to get things started,themessaging app is offering a free calling credit of$0.99,which can allow up to 100 minutes ofinternationalcalls.

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Does WeChat calls show up on phone bill?

Any calls made or received using theWhatsappwill not show up in the call logs ineitheryour bill or myAT&T. This is due to it beinga3rd party application and runs through aninternetconnection via Wi-Fi or cellular data.