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How do I view my subscriptions on Roku?

Last Updated: 29th May, 2020

Managing a subscription from the web
  1. Go to on your computerorsmartphone.
  2. If prompted, sign in to your Roku account.
  3. Click or tap Manage your subscriptions.
  4. After the My subscriptions page loads, youwillsee all subscriptions billed by Roku,alongwith terms and renewal date.

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Moreover, how do I manage my subscriptions on Roku?

Then press the * button on your remote control.Select"Manage Subscription" from the options menu.

From a web browser:

  1. Sign into your Roku account.
  2. Select Manage Your Subscriptions.
  3. Then select the Lifetime Movie Club channel and clickCancelSubscription.

Additionally, does Roku charge a monthly fee? There are no monthly fees for watchingfreechannels or for using a Roku device. You onlyhave topay for subscription channels likeNetflix,cable-replacement services like Sling TV, or movie and TVshowrentals from services like FandangoNOW.

Keeping this in view, how do you cancel HBO now on Roku?

Navigate from the Home screen to the Channel Storeonyour Roku device. Select HBO now in the channellistand select Manage Subscription. SelectCancelSubscription.

How do I cancel a subscription on Roku?

  1. Using a Roku remote that has a * button, on the Rokuhomescreen, browse for and highlight the HISTORY Vaultchannel.
  2. Then press the * button on your remote control.
  3. Select "Manage Subscription" from the options menu.
  4. Select Cancel Subscription from the next screen.

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How do I cancel my CBS subscription on Roku?

Cancel your CBS All Access subscriptionthroughRoku
  1. Navigate from the Home screen to the Channel Store on yourRokudevice.
  2. Select CBS All Access from the channel list and selectManageSubscription.
  3. Select Cancel Subscription.

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How does a Roku work?

Roku plugs into your TV using an HDMIcable,connected from your TV to the Roku device. TheRokuis then connected to the internet via a wired orwirelessconnection to your home network. Apps or“channels” areprograms you load onto your Rokudevice that provide youwith various movies and TVshows.

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What channels are free on Roku?

The best Roku free channels
  • 1) Tubi TV.
  • 2) Crunchyroll.
  • 3) YouTube.
  • 4) Sky News.
  • 5) PBS Kids.
  • 6) PBS.
  • 7) Cartoon Network.
  • 8) Crackle.

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What apps can you get on Roku?

Best Roku Channels To Watch
  • Best Roku Channels To Watch. Roku's streaming devicesofferthousands of channels.
  • Amazon Video (subscription and a la carte)
  • Crackle (free)
  • Netflix (subscription)
  • YouTube (free and a la carte)
  • HBO Go/Now (subscription)
  • Hulu (subscription)
  • FandangoNOW (a la carte)

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What is Roku pay?

Background. Roku Pay is the fast, and simplewayto pay on your Roku streaming device. Just addyourpayment information to your free Roku account andyoucan quickly, and easily purchase subscriptions, rent or buymoviesand TV shows, and purchase Roku device upgrades,offers, andaccessories.

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How much is Sling TV monthly?

As with cable, there's a set fee for a certainpackage.Sling calls its packages Orange and Blue,anddifferentiates them by channel selection and simultaneousstreamlimit. Sling Orange: $25 per month. 33channels,including ESPN and Disney (but not Fox orNBCchannels).

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What are the free Roku channels?

The Top 10 FREE Free Roku Channels of 2019
  • #1 The Roku Channel. The Roku Channel features hundreds ofhitmovies, TV shows, live news and sports (US), and more withnosubscription, fees, or logins required.
  • #4 XUMO. XUMO is your destination for *free* LIVE andon-demandstreaming entertainment.
  • #5 Nosey.
  • #6 Stadium.
  • #7 Adult Swim.
  • #8 Tubi TV.
  • #9 Hoopla.
  • #10 NewsON.

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How long is HBO now free trial?

How long is the trial and what do Iget?Most subscription providers offer new subscribers afreetrial period, which is typically one week. Thelength ofthe trial varies by provider. During yourtrial, youcan stream all of HBO's shows (everyseason, every episode),as well as hit movies.

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Can you cancel HBO now at any time?

Cancel your subscription billed throughAmazonAppstore
Go to and sign intoyour Amazon account (if needed). Find HBO NOW in yourlistof subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal.

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Can I cancel my HBO free trial?

You can cancel your subscription(includingfree trials) at any time. The cancellationsteps varydepending on who your subscription is billed through. Formoreinformation on how to cancel your HBO GOsubscriptionin iTunes click here.

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How do you unsubscribe from HBO now?

Open the HBO NOW app on your phone or tablet(andsign in if needed). Tap on the hamburger menu and go toSettings> Billing Information. You'll now click“cancelsubscription” which will open up a web page. Thenew web pagehas an auto-renew switch that you'll need to toggle offandconfirm.

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How do I cancel Epix now free trial?

Start your free trial, then pay just $5.99 a month-cancel anytime. What devices can I watch EPIXNOWon?

To Cancel on Apple TV Devices
  1. Navigate to Settings, select Accounts.
  2. Under Subscriptions, select Manage Subscriptions.
  3. Choose EPIX NOW and then select Cancel Subscription.

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How do I get HBO now on my Samsung Smart TV?

Go to the Smart Hub on your Samsung TVandsearch for HBO NOW. For a list of supported TVs,goto HBO NOW on Samsung TV and choose Compatibledevices.Before you can subscribe through Samsung TV, sign into yourSamsung account on your TV (go to Settings> More> System > Samsung Account > SignIn).

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Where are my Amazon subscriptions?

  1. Go to Your Account, and select Apps and more under theDigitalcontent and Devices section.
  2. From the menu on the left, select Your Subscriptions.

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How do I cancel a prime channel?

  1. Go to Manage Your Prime Video Channels.
  2. Under Prime Video Channels, find the subscription you wanttocancel.
  3. Select Cancel Channel and confirm.

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How do you cancel a subscription on Amazon?

To cancel a subscription you purchased using SubscribewithAmazon:
  1. Go to Your Memberships and Subscriptions.
  2. Select Manage Subscription next to the subscription you'dliketo cancel.
  3. Select the End Subscription option and confirm.

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Do I need a Roku device if I have a smart TV?

You do not need a smart TVtoget streaming Netflix movies or YouTube videos onyourscreen. Many streaming sticks and set-top boxes canstreamthose services and more to an older HDTV, or even a newer4KTV. The leading models are from Amazon, Apple, GoogleandRoku. No smart TVs have apps foriTunes.

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What is the difference between Roku and Firestick?

Although both Fire Stick and Rokuaresmall, pocket-sized devices, the Roku is shorterandnarrower than Fire Stick. That could make arealdifference depending on your entertainment setup andtravelplans. The Roku remote is also shorter than FireTV'sstandard remote, though it is considerablychunkier.

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Can you watch normal TV on a Roku TV?

That's one of the best things aboutRokustreaming devices. While you can watch liveTV withan antenna or on cable/satellite, there is alsoplenty of liveTV available on various Roku streamingchannels. Ifyou're a cable subscriber, you can accessa widevariety of cable content on your Rokustreamingdevice.