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How do you adjust an outboard throttle cable?

Throttle Adjustment
  1. Loosen the throttle cable adjuster jam-nut with the wrenches.
  2. Push the control lever forward to the "Forward idle" position.
  3. Pull the control lever back, through neutral, into the reverse idle position.
  4. Push the throttle to the "Full forward" position.

Correspondingly, how do you adjust the throttle cable on a Suzuki outboard?

Re: Suzuki Throttle Cable Adjustment Get a helper to push the throttle lever forward all the way and open the motor side up by hand, then tighten down the adjustment screw, then return it to neutral and make sure the throttle on the motor has relaxed all the way down to its resting position.

Additionally, how do you lubricate a boat throttle cable? Pour enough motor oil into the bag to fully submerge the end of the cable jacket and zip the bag closed. Place a container beneath the bottom end of the cable to catch the oil that should eventually drip out of the lower end of the jacket. Allow the cable to hang until the oil drains through.

Hereof, why is my boat throttle so stiff?

If there is a shifter issue in the motor, the throttle will have problems in the first half of its movement but not at the top since the shifter cable only moves when engaging gears. 90% or more of the time, stiff throttle controls are related to bad cables. If you need to replace one cable, change both.

How do you measure a boat throttle cable?

Measure from control along unobstructed cable routing to center of outboard. Add four feet to allow for loop which provides unrestricted engine move ment. Round up to next whole foot and order required cable part number. (Last two digits of cable part number equal cable length in feet.)

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What can a loose throttle cable cause?

1. Improper cable adjustment and slow acceleration response. When there is excess slack or the cable is too tight, this can cause intermittent delays in throttle response relative to pressing down on the accelerator pedal. This can cause more throttle to be applied unintentionally, creating a dangerous situation.

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How do I tighten my throttle cable?

In order to fix a loose or tight throttle cable, you'll need to turn this nut. Place the open ended wrench over the throttle body adjustment nut, and turn the nut either clockwise or counterclockwise until there is about 1/4 inch play in the tension of the throttle cable.

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How do you adjust a throttle position sensor?

Loosen the throttle position sensor retaining screw with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Adjust the TPS by moving it back and forth until the voltage is between 4.0 and 5.5 volts. Hold the TPS in place and tighten the retaining screw with the Phillips-head screwdriver.

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What is Throttle free play?

Free play is a short bit of movement at the beginning of the throttle twist that has no effect. It's a kind of safety feature. If a throttle has no free play then the bike well tend to take of like a rocket, wheel in the air, every time you pulled away from a standing start.

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Do throttle cables stretch?

Yes, they can stretch a little over time and strain. But they can only stretch a little as they are metal which can only stretch so much. There are two basic components in a cable. You have the conduit (the outer housing/tube) and the strand (the part that goes into the tube).

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Why is my throttle sticking on my motorcycle?

A sticky throttle could be caused by worn cables, lack of lubrication in the cables or the cable getting bound up somewhere in the mechanism. Or it can be caused by an issue with the carburetor or EFI. The cables can bind under the tank or in the handgrip.

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What is throttle friction adjustment?

The throttle control can be adjusted so that its friction makes operating the vessel comfortable and safe. It can also be adjusted, while operating the vessel, to change speeds. Adjust the throttle friction with the adjustment screw that's typically below the throttle on the tiller.

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How does a boat throttle work?

The throttle control is a lever that can be pressed forward to increase the speed of the boat. When the throttle level is pushed forward, it opens the engine throttle in the outboard, which means that more air and fuel is being allowed into the combustion chamber at a higher rate of frequency.

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How do you adjust a shift cable?

Check the shift cable where it attaches to the transmission shifter arm. Use your wrenches to place tension or remove tension on the cable until it forces the shifter on the engine block into neutral as well. Then tighten the locking screws to keep the cable sleeve from moving in the future.

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How do you adjust an OMC shift cable?

Making sure to not disturb the cable setting in the boat. Screw on the swivel retainer until it just contacts the end of the shift cable guide. Install the screw from the shift cable guide finger tight.

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How does a shift interrupter switch work?

Re: What is a shift interrupter switch ? This switch allows the drive to shift back into neutral with less effort. If the switch is defective or disconnected it will be very difficult to get neutral. If the shift cable is bad, it can cause the switch to "over-activate" and stall the engine when you shift.