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How do you break ice in two dots?

The first time you join a dot under the ice block, it cracks. The second time it cracks more and nearly breaks, but the third time you join dots up under the ice block it will break away completely. Also note, dots that are removed by color square will also help towards breaking the ice block.

People also ask, how do you play 2 dots?

The player must connect at least two dots of the same color in order to make a move. They can be connected horizontally or vertically, but never diagonally. The connected dots are removed from the game area; dots directly above those will then drop down until they hit other dots or the floor beneath.

Secondly, how do I get rid of the clouds in two dots? Clouds can be destroyed with erasers, bombs, gem blasts, or other cloud zaps. However, the primary way to clear clouds is to put two of them on the same row — the moment there are two (or more) clouds on the same row, they'll zap themselves out of existence.

Also asked, how many levels are in 2 dots?

1510 levels

What do the Keys do in two dots?

You can find them inside presents on the world map and behind daily mystery doors. Your Golden Keys can then be used to redeem supplies in the market!

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Does two dots cost money?

Two Dots is completely free to play, but you can also purchase some items within the game for real money.

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Can you earn gold in two dots?

Right now there isn't a way to earn gold. We tried our best to make the free portion of the scavenger hunt its own great experience. It's even bigger in size than the last scavenger hunt. We hope people consider the third and fourth parts to be extra / premium in nature.

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What is the gold mine in two dots?

The Gold Mine is a purchasable event that rewards hard work! Purchasing the Gold Mine will only award all of the stored Gold. You can fill the Gold Mine as many times as you want before the timer runs out, but every additional time the Mine is filled you must purchase it again to claim its Gold.

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What are the two dots called?

The diaeresis (/da?ˈ?r?s?s/ dy-ERR-i-sis; also known as the tréma) and the umlaut are two homoglyphic diacritical marks that consist of two dots ( ¨ ) placed over a letter, usually a vowel.

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Who created two dots?


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How do teleporters work in two dots?

Teleporters. So, in twodots the teleporters work when you remove dots under the recieving teleport pad. This leaves room for the dots to be teleported from the transmitting teleport pad, and get spewed out of the recieving pad (its hard to explain, but easy to understand.

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How does Dynamite work in two dots?

What does Dynamite do? When the Dynamite Booster Box is chosen, 3 of the dots in the level will become 'dynamite'. If these dynamite dots, which have rotating arrows appear around them, are connected, all of that color dot will be removed from the level.

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What is a bonus rewind life in two dots?

A bonus rewind life is a bonus life for Treasure Hunt Rewinds.

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What is the I with two dots called?

We rather casually use “umlaut” to mean “two little dots above a letter,” but not all little dots are umlauts. The mark that prevents two adjacent vowels from combining into one syllable is called a “diaeresis” or “trema.”

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Is two dots game free?

FREE to play! TwoDots is completely free to play, but you can also purchase some items within the game for real money. Just disable in app purchases on your device if you don't want to use this feature.

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How often does two dots do scavenger hunts?

Treasure Hunts are weekly challenges in Two Dots, which were first released in September 2015 with the Hidden Hills update (levels 411 to 435). A new one takes place every Thursday at 20:00 UTC (3 PM EST) and are optional to complete, as they in no way affect the player's progress in the main quest.