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How do you center a picture horizontally in Word 2016?

Center a Picture or Object in the Middle of a WordDocumentPage
  1. Select what you want to center, and from the PageLayouttab, expand the Page Setup section.
  2. In the Layout tab, you'll find a Verticalalignmentdrop-down menu in the Page section.
  3. Select Center from the drop-down menu.

Regarding this, how do you align pictures in Word 2016?

To align two or more objects:

  1. Hold the Shift (or Ctrl) key and click the objects you wanttoalign. In our example, we'll select the four shapes ontheright.
  2. From the Format tab, click the Align command, then select oneofthe alignment options.
  3. The objects will be aligned based on the selected option.

Beside above, how do I center an object in Word? Align an object with other objects
  1. Hold down Shift, click the objects that you want to align,andthen click the Format tab.
  2. Click Arrange > Align > Align Selected Objects. Thisisselected by default. If Align Selected Objects isnotavailable.
  3. Click Arrange > Align, and then click the alignment thatyouwant.

Beside this, how do you align pictures in Word?

Align pictures to objects or other pictures

  1. Hold down the Ctrl key and select each object that you wanttoalign.
  2. Go to Picture Format or Picture Tools Format > Align,andthen choose an option, such as Center, Top, or Bottom.

What is the shortcut for grouping in Word?

Hold the Shift (or Ctrl) key and click the objectsyouwant to group. From the Format tab, click theGroupcommand and select Group. The selected objectswill now begrouped. There will be a single box with sizing handlesaround theentire group to show that they are oneobject.

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How do I align text boxes in Word?

Align text vertically
  1. Click the outer edge of the text box to select it.
  2. Click the Format tab (the purple contextual tab thatappearsnext to the Home tab), and then under Text Box, click Changetextalignment within the text box .
  3. Click the alignment option that you want.

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How do I align multiple images in Word?

Align multiple objects
Select the objects you want to align. Clickthefirst object, and then press and hold Ctrl while you clicktheother objects. Do one of the following: To alignapicture, under Picture Tools, click theFormattab.

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Where is arrange in Word?

To arrange all open windows in Word,clickthe “View” tab in the Ribbon. Then clickthe“Arrange All” button in the“Window”button group.

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How do you enter a footnote in Word?

Add a footnote
  1. Click where you want to add a footnote.
  2. Click References > Insert Footnote. Word inserts areferencemark in the text and adds the footnote mark at the bottomof thepage.
  3. Type the footnote text. Tip: To return to your place inyourdocument, double-click the footnote mark.

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What are alignment guides in Word?

Microsoft Word is equipped with live layoutandalignment guides to help you align, resize, andmoveobjects.

You can align to:
  1. Tops, bottoms, and sides of other objects.
  2. The start or end of text.
  3. The middle of a page (horizontally and vertically)
  4. The left and right margins of a page.
  5. The corners of a page.

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How do you move an object freely in Word?

Move a picture, shape, text box,orWordArt
When the cursor changes to the four headed arrow,dragit to the new location. To move in small increments,pressand hold Ctrl while pressing an arrow key. And to movetheobject horizontally or vertically only, press and holdShiftwhile you drag it.

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How can I make a picture transparent in Word?

Make part of a picture transparent
  1. Click the picture that you want to create transparentareasin.
  2. Under Picture Tools, on the Format tab, in the Adjustgroup,click Recolor.
  3. Click Set Transparent Color, and then click the color inthepicture or image that you want to make transparent. Notes:

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How do I group pictures together in Word?

Group shapes, pictures, or objects
  1. Press and hold CTRL while you select the shapes, pictures,orobjects that you want to group.
  2. Do one of the following: To group pictures: under PictureTools,on the Format tab, in the Arrange group, click , and thenclickGroup.

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How do I center a picture horizontally in Word?

To change the alignment of text and objects on a pagesothat they appear in the center:
  1. Select what you want to center, and from the Page Layouttab,expand the Page Setup section.
  2. In the Layout tab, you'll find a Vertical alignmentdrop-downmenu in the Page section.
  3. Select Center from the drop-down menu.

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How do you link shapes in Word?

Draw a line with connection points
  1. On the Insert tab, in the Illustrations group,clickShapes.
  2. Under Lines, click the connector that you want to add.
  3. To draw a line connecting shapes, on the first shape, restyourmouse pointer over the shape or object to which you want toattachthe connector.

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How do you center a picture on a wall?

Follow These Steps
  1. Find your wall's center.
  2. Decide on the picture height.
  3. Mark the top of your frame near the center mark.
  4. Measure for your nail.
  5. Hammer nail on an angle.
  6. Hang your frame.
  7. Use a level to insure your picture is straight.

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How do you make a straight arrow in Word?

On the “Insert” tab on the Ribbon, clickthe“Shapes” button. In the Lines group on thedrop-downmenu, click the “Line Arrow” option. Acrosshairsymbol will display. Press and hold your mouse button,then drag todraw the arrow.

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How do I align shapes in Excel 2016?

This is our initial layout of shapes:
  1. STEP 1: Hold the CTRL key and select all of the shapes youwantto move:
  2. STEP 2: Go to Format > Arrange > Align >AlignBottom.
  3. STEP 3: Go to Format > Arrange > Align >DistributeHorizontally.
  4. Distribute and Align Shapes.
  5. Helpful Resource:

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Where is the Page Layout tab in Word?

To open the Page Setup dialog box:
  1. Click the Page Layout tab.
  2. Click the small arrow in the bottom-right corner of thePageSetup group. The Page Setup dialog box will appear. OpeningthePage Setup dialog box.

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What is center alignment?

Alternatively referred to as middle or centre,thecenter relates to a position that is horizontallyorvertically aligned with an object, as the middle ofthescreen or line in a paragraph. In computing, theterm"center" is generally used to describe text thatishorizontally in the middle of a line.

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How does justify work?

Justified text is spaced so the leftandright sides of the text block both have a straight edge.Comparedto left-aligned text, justification gives text acleaner,more formal look. Justification works by addingwhite spacebetween the words in each line so all the linesare the samelength.

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What is right alignment?

Updated: 12/20/2017 by Computer Hope. Rightalign,right alignment, or right justify is textor pageformatting that aligns text along the right side ofa page orcontaining element. This text has a ragged rightedge becauseit is left-aligned instead of being rightaligned.Below is text that has a rightalignment.

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How do I flush left in Word?

Flush Left and Flush Right On the Same Line
  1. Make sure the paragraph is formatted as left-aligned.
  2. Choose the Tabs option from the Format menu. Word displaystheTabs dialog box.
  3. Insert a right-aligned tab near the right edge of theline.
  4. Click on Set.
  5. Click on OK.
  6. Type your text.

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How do I do a long dash?

Fortunately, there are three easy methods:
  1. Press [Ctrl]+[Alt]+-.
  2. Hold down the [Alt] key and type 0151 on thenumerickeypad.
  3. Choose Symbol from the Insert menu, click the SpecialCharacterstab, highlight the em dash, and click Insert.