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How do you change a lock on a desk drawer?

Last Updated: 5th February, 2020

How to Remove Desk Drawer Locks
  1. Open the desk drawer and examine the back of the lock where it fits against the back of the drawer front.
  2. Insert the key into the lock cylinder and turn the key counterclockwise to move the lock tab from over the left or right retaining screw.
  3. Remove the screws with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

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Likewise, how do you lock a desk drawer?

How to Add a Lock to a Desk Drawer

  1. Examine the desk drawer. Check to make sure the drawer face itself is thick enough and strong enough to mount the surface lock directly onto its surface.
  2. Locate the lock on the face of the drawer.
  3. Mark the exact location of the matching bolt receptacle that will be installed into the drawer frame.

Also, how do you pick a file drawer lock? How to Unlock a File Cabinet When the Key Is Lost

  1. Take one piece of wire and bend it into a "Z" shape using your pliers.
  2. Take a second piece of wire and bend it so that it has a small upward point on one end.
  3. Place one end of the torque wrench into the lock, and apply pressure with your thumb.

Additionally, how do you change a lock on a file cabinet?

Fortunately, it is fairly easy to replace a filing cabinet lock, even if you no longer have the key.

  1. Open the cabinet drawer that is closest to the lock.
  2. Grasp the C-shaped clip at the back of the lock with pliers.
  3. Install your lock.
  4. Hold the C-clip flush against the inside wall of the cabinet.

What is a cam lock?

A cam lock is a type of fastener that is often used in cabinet construction. Cam locks allow the cabinets to be held securely together without affecting the outward appearance. Cam locks are cylindrical fasteners that are used in cabinetmaking and many types of furniture.

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How do you open a cam lock?

How to Unlock a Cam Lock in Furniture Assembly
  1. Select a screwdriver that best fits the slotted or Phillips-head recess on the top of the cam. Position the tip securely into the cam.
  2. Turn the handle of the screwdriver counterclockwise to turn the cam within its hole.
  3. Pull one piece of furniture away from the other to confirm that you unlocked the cam lock.

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How does a cam lock work?

Cam locks are one of the most common and simplest locks to use. The lock consists of a metal plate, which is called a cam, that is attached to the core of the locking device and rotates as the key is inserted and turned. The cam rotates between 90 to 180 degrees, locking and unlocking.

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How do drawer locks work?

Cabinet and drawer latches: A latch will automatically lock the cabinet or drawer when closed. It attaches easily to the inside of most drawers and cabinets with screws. Magnetic locks: A magnetic lock keeps the cabinet door or drawer completely shut for full protection and requires a key for unlocking.

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What is a plunger lock?

Plunger Locks. The push locks are designed for use in wooden or metal sliding doors. Complete with a spring loaded pop out cylinder, it requires no key when locking; simply push on the cylinder to relock. The plunger lock is ideal for merchandise showcases, metal cabinets, and office furniture.

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How do you open a plunger lock?

To unlock the centre plunger lock, turn the key until the plunger retracts. To lock, once the sliding door is closed, simply push the plunger closed. Turn the key one full turn away from the lock edge to unlock. Lift the lever fully to unlock the lock bolts from the jamb.

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How do you open a hairpin with a drawer lock?

  1. Pull apart the first bobby pin so that it is a long, flat metal piece.
  2. Use the lock to bend the tip of your pin into a pick.
  3. Bend one end of the pick into a handle.
  4. Create your lever by bending a whole bobby pin into a right angle.
  5. Visualize the inside of the lock to understand how picking works.

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What is a core key?

An interchangeable core or IC is an adaptable locking key cylinder. These units are readily adapted for master keying systems and can be set up with spare cores and keys for quick replacement when security is compromised, such as when a key is lost or stolen or when a personnel change takes place.

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How do you pick a car lock with a paperclip?

To pick a lock using a paperclip, start by unfolding one paperclip so it's straight with a hook at the end and a second paperclip so it's bent at a 90-degree angle. Then, insert the bent end of the second paperclip into the lock and turn it in the direction the lock turns.

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How do you pick a file lock with a bobby pin?

  1. Open up a bobby pin and bend it at a 90-degree angle.
  2. Remove the rubber tip on the straight end of the bobby pin.
  3. Stick the flat end of the pin into the top of the lock and bend it.
  4. Bend the wavy end of the bobby pin into a handle for more control.
  5. Bend the tip of another bobby pin to make the tension lever.

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How do you remove a core lock?

How do I remove & install a lock core?
  1. Using a normal key, turn your old core to the unlocked position (please note that there are a few locks that must be in the locked position to remove).
  2. Remove normal key and insert the core removal key into the old lock and then pull the lock core straight out from the cylinder body.

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Can you get replacement keys for filing cabinets?

Cubicle Keys offers low prices on replacement file cabinet keys, office furniture keys, desk replacement keys, and lock cores for any brand of furniture or cubicles such as Steelcase, Herman Miller, HON, Haworth, Kimball, and Allsteel. We can cut keys for every major brand of office furniture in the world.

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Can a locksmith make a key for a filing cabinet?

A trained file cabinet locksmith can create a working key by hand. We can also provide various file cabinet locks and desk locks that may be missing or broken. Sometimes these locks have not been used in a long time, do not operate correctly, or are just missing altogether.

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Can you add a lock to a file cabinet?

Some models of filing cabinets may not have locks, and you might wish to add one for security purposes. Fortunately, adding a lock to a filing cabinet is a quick and easy procedure. But for simple storage and security needs, adding a lock to a filing cabinet may suffice for less important document storage purposes.

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How do you pick a door lock?

The easiest way to pick a lock is to use the fast and dirty method: scrubbing.
  1. Insert Tension Wrench into the Bottom of Key Hole and Apply Slight Pressure.
  2. Insert Pick at Top of Lock.
  3. While Applying Slight Torque to Your Wrench, Scrub Your Pick Back and Forth in the Key Hole.
  4. Repeat Until All the Pins Set.

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How much does it cost to rekey a file cabinet?

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