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How do you change a Rheem anode rod?

Last Updated: 18th April, 2020

Remove the plastic cap to expose the anode rod. If it's not clearly visible down to the tank shell, take a flat blade screwdriver and carefully remove the insulation and expose the anode rod head. Using a 1 and 1/16th-inch socket, remove the anode rod by turning it counterclockwise.

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Likewise, how do you change a anode rod?

  1. Turn Off Water and Fuel Supply (Gas or Electric) Locate the gas line near the bottom of your water heater.
  2. Drain Some Water. Drain a couple gallons of water—about 10% of the tank's volume.
  3. Locate Anode Rod. Now, try to find the anode rod.
  4. Loosen the Hex Head and Remove the Anode Rod.
  5. Install New Sacrificial Anode Rod.

One may also ask, how much does it cost to replace an anode rod? Anode Rod - $20-$50 The anode rod keeps the inside of your tank from corroding. It does so by drawing the corrosion to itself.

Also to know, when should anode rods be replaced?

When the rod itself becomes so corroded that it can no longer do its job, the tank soon rusts out, leaks and needs replacement. However, if you replace your water heater anode rod before it fails, about every five years, you can double the life of your water heater.

What happens when anode rod goes bad?

This is bad: it will cause cracks in the heater's glass lining, allowing the underlying metal to rust and drastically shortening the life of the unit. Anode rods have a life expectancy of about five years, but as always it really depends on the quality of your water and how much of it travels through the heater.

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Can anode rod causing rotten egg smell?

If the anode rod isn't corroded, the hot water's sulfur smell could be due to sulfur bacteria growth. Sulfur bacteria occurs naturally in the water supply and can breed in the water heater, causing an increase in hydrogen sulfide gas.

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Which anode rod do I need?

Aluminum anode rods are best for places with hard water. The aluminum rod will withstand harder water better than a magnesium or zinc rod. Zinc anode rods are designed to eliminate or reduce the sulphur or rotten egg smell present. A Zinc anode rod made from a combination of aluminum and zinc.

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Can you clean an anode rod?

Can You Clean an Anode Rod? You cannot clean your anode rod in your water heater . However, it is important to inspect the sacrificial anode rod every 1 to 3 years and replace it after more than 50% of its wear and tear to avoid corrosion of your tank.

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Which is better magnesium or aluminum anode rod?

For harder water an aluminum anode rod is the best choice for your heater and if you live in an area with soft water then a magnesium anode rod is your best choice. Aluminum anodes tend to be cheaper than magnesium anode rods. A magnesium rod will generally last less than an aluminum rod.

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What is the best anode rod for a water heater?

Aluminum. Aluminum and aluminum/zinc anode rods are used in similar ways as magnesium sacrificial rods. However, aluminum rods are the better choice for a water heater that heats up sulfate-tinged water. Sacrificial anodes change sulfates into hydrogen sulfides.

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Do I need an anode rod in my water heater?

The reason an Anode Rod is required by a Suburban Water Heater is because the tank of the Suburban Water Heater uses glass enamel over a steel tank. If the enamel cracks for any reason it will expose the steel to the water and the steel will start to corrode even from a pinhole in the enamel.

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When should I change my anode rod?

In most cases, you will need to change your water heater anode rod approximately once every 6 years so long as it operates under normal working conditions. However, depending on the composition of your water, you may need to change the anode rod more frequently.

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What does an anode rod do?

Protecting Your Water Heater
The anode rod is a piece designed to slow down corrosion and rusting in water heaters. When water corrodes the magnesium, the anode rod releases electrons into the tank which form a protective barrier around the steel of the tank.

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Are all anode rods the same size?

A: An anode rod is aluminum or magnesium cast around a steel core wire and hex head. For residential-type heaters, all anodes are the same diameter -- 3/4-inch. If you have a 30-gallon or what they call a low-boy -- a short, broad 40-gallon, you might have to shorten it.

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Do electric anode rods work?

When your water gets a sulfur smell, it often involves the anode rod in your hot water heater. This rod is designed to attract corrosive elements, extending the life of your heater.

Anode Rod Comparison.
Powered Anode Rod Normal Sacrificial Anode Rod
Antibacteria Effectiveness Excellent Moderate/Excellent for zinc rods

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Where is the anode rod?

The anode rod will be located on the top side of the unit. In some cases, it may be directly connected to the hot water outlet line on top of the heater.

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Why does my hot water smell like rotten eggs?

The most common cause of smelly water is anaerobic bacteria that exist in some water and react with sulfur and the magnesium and aluminum sacrificial anodes that come with most water heaters to produce hydrogen sulfide gas, making the classic rotten egg odor. Softening can make smelly water much worse.

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How long do anode rods last?

Anode rods generally can last about three to five years but it really depends mostly on the quality of your water and how much water travels through your water heater.

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What is anode and cathode?

Definition: The anode of a device is the terminal where current flows in from outside. The cathode of a device is the terminal where current flows out. By current we mean the positive conventional current. Since electrons are negatively charged, positive current flowing in is the same as electrons flowing out.

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What do you mean by anode?

An anode is the electrode in a polarized electrical device through which current flows in from an outside circuit. Cathodes get their name from cations (negatively charged ions) and anodes from anions (positively charged ions). In a device that consumes electricity, the anode is the charged positive electrode.

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What type of anode rod does Rheem use?

From the Manufacturer
The Rheem SP11526C is a magnesium anode rod.

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Where is anode rod on Bradford White?

The anode rod in your Bradford White water heater is located at the hot water outlet of your tank. Unfortunately, it is not easily accessible. You must remove the hot water outlet to access it.

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Where is the anode rod in a Rheem water heater?

The anode rod in your Rheem water heater is located on top of your tank. More precisely, your magnesium or aluminum sacrificial anode is visible through a hexagonal head located in the center of your tank under a plastic cover.

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How does sacrificial anode work?

Sacrificial anodes are used to protect metal structures from corroding. Sacrificial anodes work by oxidizing more quickly than the metal it is protecting, being consumed completely before the other metal reacts with the electrolytes. Three metals that can be used as sacrificial anodes are zinc, aluminum, and magnesium.