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How do you create a table in Teradata with select statement?

Last Updated: 14th March, 2020

CREATE TABLE active_employees AS ( SELECT * FROM employee e WHERE e.active_flg = 'Y' ) WITH DATA;
  1. Create a full copy of an existing table.
  2. Create a new copy of a table that contains only some of the original records - a subset.
  3. Create an empty table but with exactly the same structure of the original.

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Also to know is, how do I copy a table in Teradata?

16.10 - Copying a Table - Teradata Data Mover

  1. In the object browser, click the check box next to the name of the table you want to copy.
  2. Click to display the Table Settings dialog box.
  3. [Optional] For Teradata tables, select one of the following criteria under Copy the following to restrict the copy job.

Additionally, what is collect statistics in Teradata? Per Teradata documentation, the purpose of COLLECT STATISTICS is to collect demographic data for one or more columns of a base table, hash index, or join index, then compute a statistical profile of the collected data and store the synopsis in the data dictionary.

what is create multiset table in Teradata?

MULTISET. SET. A MULTISET table allows duplicate rows in compliance with the ANSI/ISO SQL 2011 standard. A SET table does not allow duplicate rows. If there are uniqueness constraints on any column or set of columns in the table definition, then the table cannot have duplicate rows even if it is declared as MULTISET.

How do I create a schema in Teradata?

Teradata Studio User Guide In the Navigator, double-click on the database in which you want to create the schema. The list opens in the Object List Viewer. In the Object List Viewer, display the schema list and click . In the Create Schema form, click General and type a Name for the new schema.

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What is a multiset volatile table?

Volatile table is like work table in SAS, it just is there for particular session. Teradata has 2 kinds of table, one is set table and another is multiset table. Set table does not allow row level duplicates, where multiset table allows row level duplicates.

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What is a multiset table?

A Multiset table allows duplicate rows in it. For example- Insert into multiset_table values (1,2,3); Insert into multiset_table values (2,3,4); Insert into multiset_table values (1,2,3); –Allowed.

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What is the difference between set and multiset table in Teradata?

Set Versus Multiset
A table defined as SET table doesn't store the duplicate records, whereas the MULTISET table can store duplicate records. CREATE TABLE command is used to create tables in Teradata. ALTER TABLE command is used to add or drop columns from an existing table.

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What is volatile table in Teradata?

In Teradata, we can create several kinds of Tables ; one of them is VOLATILE Tables. Volatile tables are used to store some data which is session specific and we need not store that data persistently. Once the session is over, all the data and table definition is lost. Volatile Tables use SPOOL SPACE.

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What is multiset in SQL?

MULTISET UNION Returns a nested table whose elements are set to the elements of the two input nested tables. MULTISET INTERSECT Returns a nested table whose elements are set to the elements that are common to the two input nested tables.

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What is set table?

SET tables obey set theory semantics and the relational data model by not permitting duplicate rows in a table. MULTISET tables obey bag, or multiset, semantics. They violate set theory semantics and the relational data model by permitting duplicate rows in a table.

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What is primary index in Teradata?

Primary index is used to specify where the data resides in Teradata. It is used to specify which AMP gets the data row. Each table in Teradata is required to have a primary index defined. If the primary index is not defined, Teradata automatically assigns the primary index.

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What is fallback in Teradata?

Fallback. Fallback is a Teradata Database feature that protects data in the case of an AMP vproc failure. Fallback protects your data by storing a second copy of each row of a table on a different AMP in the same cluster. If an AMP fails, the system accesses the Fallback rows to meet requests.

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What is explain plan in Teradata?

EXPLAIN statement is the Parsing Engines (PE's) plan to the AMPs.A step-by-step. analysis of the queries being executed in the database. The EXPLAIN facility provides an "English" translation of the plan the SQL Optimizer develops to service a request.

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Can we collect stats on volatile table in Teradata?

A volatile table is available for all queries in the same session, but it is invisible to any other session. Statistics can be collected on volatile tables just like for permanent tables. Volatile Tables are created in the spool space of the user the session belongs to. No permanent space is needed.

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Why do we use collect stats in Teradata?

The Purpose of COLLECT STATISTICS is to gather and store demographic data for one or more columns or indices of a table or join index.In this process it collects data and stores the summary in the Data Dictionary (DD) inside USER DBC.

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What is gather stats in Oracle?

Administrators can gather statistics for both states and activate appropriate OLTP or OLAP statistics when needed. This enables the optimizer to generate relevant costs with respect to available system resource plans. When Oracle generates system statistics, it analyzes system activity in a specified period of time.

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What is data demographics in Teradata?

The Data Demographics window visually depicts the demographics of a selected table, its sub-tables, and statistics in its stat fields. The demographics option is available only for online visual plans. Demographic information is presented in a graphical format such as bar graphs or line graphs and in a report form.

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What is AMP in Teradata?

DEFINITION. AMP, acronym for "Access Module Processor," is the type of vproc (Virtual Processor) used to manage the database, handle file tasks and and manipulate the disk subsystem in the multi-tasking and possibly parallel-processing environment of the Teradata Database.

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What is join index in Teradata?

Join Index in Teradata 3
  • A join index is an indexing structure containing columns from multiple tables, specifically the resulting columns from one or more tables.
  • A single table join index is used to create indexing structure for a single table but with different primary index.

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How do you drop stats in Teradata?

To drop stats on a column in teradata, Syntax: DROP STATISTICS ON MyTable COLUMN(col1, col2); The command only remove stats for that combination columns and all the other stats will remain as is.

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What is Help stats in Teradata?

Help stats statement is used to view the collected statistics of a table in Teradata.

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Does primary index allow duplicates in Teradata?

Teradata Database Introduction to Teradata. You can create a table with a Unique Primary Index (UPI), a Non-Unique Primary Index (NUPI), or No Primary Index (NoPI). the PI is a column, or columns, that may have duplicate values. there is no PI column and rows are not hashed based on any column values.