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How do you do availability on HotSchedules app?

Last Updated: 31st January, 2020

Users in Hotschedules have the ability to editand submit their availability to managers at theirrestaurant. To submit an availability change, follow thesesteps: Open the Settings tab and choose the Personal subtab. Selectthe plus symbol and pick the date that the availabilityrequest will become active.

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Accordingly, how do you request time off on Hotschedules app?

Log into your Hotschedules account and go to theHOME tab. Select TIME OFF & REQUESTS. Next,choose the day you would like to use. This will open up a menuwhere you will input details for your request.

Beside above, how do you see everyone's schedule on Hotschedules? Follow these steps to view staff phone numbers:

  1. Log into your HotSchedules account.
  2. On the Home tab, select the View Entire Schedule drop down menuunder My Plate.
  3. Select preferred schedule, this will generate a pop up with theentire schedule with phone numbers for the employees.

Similarly, it is asked, how do I use Hotschedules?

Log into HotSchedules and go to the Schedulingtab. From here, select the week you would like to uselocation rotation for. Once you are in the scheduler, go to thetools menu and select Location Rotation. This will open a menuasking you to specify the schedule and rotation you would like torun.

What does effective date mean on Hotschedules?

The date listed is the active datefor that availability set. If you have just started usingHotschedules, you will be listed as fully available.You can select any date from the current dateonwards. C - You can select the manager who willapprove the availability set here. You can also send it toall of them at once.

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What is Hotschedules?

HotSchedules. HotSchedules is theindustry's leading employee scheduling app, reducing the time ittakes managers to create, communicate, and manage employee workschedules.

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How much does HotSchedules cost?

With 30 employees on HotSchedules, you'll likelyreceive a quote of $40 per month per location. For Homebase, you'llget the basic employee scheduling, time tracking and teamcommunication tools for free, and you can upgrade for advancedfunctionality for as little as $20 per month.

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How do I create a schedule on Hotschedules?

Log into your HotSchedules and go to theScheduling tab. After selecting the week you would like toschedule for, go to the House Shift Manager at the bottom ofthe scheduler and find a shift you would like to add to theschedule. Select the shift and then press S on yourkeyboard.

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Does Hotschedules have an app?

Users have the option to download theHotSchedules mobile application to their smartphone toaccess their account. We currently have a HotSchedulesapp available for iPhone and Android users.

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How do I change restaurants on Hotschedules?

Follow these steps to add and edit locations:
  1. Navigate to the Settings tab of your HotSchedules account.
  2. Select the Company sublink.
  3. Scroll down this page until you get to the Locationssection.
  4. Select the appropriate link to add or edit your locations. Youwill have three options:

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How do you update Hotschedules?

HS - How to Update a Name in HotSchedules
  1. Log into your HotSchedules account.
  2. Navigate to the Staff tab.
  3. Select the employee's name from the Staff List.
  4. Their personal Details will appear on the next page. Change theFirst Name and Last Name as needed.
  5. Select the Save button at the bottom of the page.

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How do you schedule on HotSchedules?

Log into HotSchedules and go to theScheduling tab. Select Menu at top right-hand corner of theschedule and choose the option called Settings. This willopen the Scheduler Settings menu.

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What is HotSchedules app?

HotSchedules is the industry's leading onlineemployee scheduling software, reducing the time it takes managersto create, communicate, and manage employee workschedules.