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How do you do the testing cheat on Sims 3?

Last Updated: 18th February, 2020

Before you load your Sims 3 saved game again,open the cheat console (Control + Shift + C) and typetestingcheatsenabled true. Once you load your Simsgame, the testing cheats will still be on. This will allowyou to go to the lifetime rewards tab, then control click in thearea around the treasure chest icon.

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In respect to this, how do you use cheats in The Sims 3?

Press Control-Shift-c to open the command box, and dotestingcheatsenabled true, then afterwards do familyfunds[sims last name] [money wanted] most money possible is9999999. This saves you from constantly entering the "motherlode"cheat several times.

Beside above, how do you put something in your inventory on Sims 3? Anyway, just click in your inventory tab and you candrag any item that have the cursor changed to a hand witharrow. Or you can drag items over anything that accept thattype of item.

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Additionally, how do you get lots of money on Sims 3?

Method 1 To get £50000

  1. Press these three keys together: Ctrl, Shift, and C.
  2. Type in "motherlode" and hit Enter.
  3. Repeat as wanted.

How do you pick up Sims in Sims 3?

To access the Sims 3 Command Console, pressControl + Shift + C. You should see a box appear in the top left ofthe screen - that is where you type the Cheats, then pressEnter.

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How do you have twins on The Sims 3?

For boy twins or triplets, eat 3 applesand use fertility treatment for more luck. For girl twins ortriplets, eat 3 watermelons and use fertility treatment forthem as well. You may need to watch Kids Television and readpregnancy books. Also, your Sims may have cravingsand the Father must read the pregnancy books.

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How do you open the cheat box in sims 3?

Well here is a guild for many cheats in theSims 3. The first thing you want to do before entering thedesired cheat is to open the Cheat Bar. You dothis by typing Shift+Ctrl+C . It will open a blue barthat runs across the top of your screen. Then once that baris up you may type in the cheat.

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How do you delete a Moodlet on Sims 3?

Deleting Stuck Moodlet
Next-least-cheater-y is to set "testingcheatsenabledtrue" and then reset your Sim with "resetsim firstnamelastname" (like "resetsim john smith"). If the moodlet isstill stuck, set "testingcheatsenabled true" and shift+click themoodlet. It will disappear.

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How do you unlock all the islands in Sims 3?

Unlock ALL of the Uncharted Islands cheatsfor The Sims 3 Island Paradise. Display the console windowby pressing Ctrl + Shift + C at the same time and then enter thecase sensitive code 'DiscoverAllUnchartedIslands' (without thequotes).

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How can you make a Sim die on Sims 3?

Method 1 Killing Sims in the Basic Game
  1. Kill it with fire. Buy the cheapest stove or grill and have aSim with low cooking skill try to cook with it.
  2. Cause an electrical accident. Have a Sim with low Handinessattempt to repair or upgrade an electric device several times.
  3. Starve the Sim.
  4. Send them to drown.

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What Sims 3 expansion pack is the best?

Best Sims 3 Expansion Packs
  • 1 Late Night. The best expansion pack ever!
  • 2 Generations. I think that this game is very fun because it'syour own life story that you can tell.
  • 3 Seasons. I started out my Sims Family in this Expansion Packwith a girl named Ira Sportsmanship.
  • 4 Supernatural.
  • 5 University Life.
  • 6 Island Paradise.
  • 7 Pets.
  • 8 Ambitions.

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How do I sell a house on Sims 3?

Simply click on the house you want to selland go to one of the little buttons at the bottom which allows youto sell it - and then press sell!!!

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How do you add a SIM to your family on Sims 3?

In the appearance changing menu you have the option ofsaving your Sim in the "bin". This will allow you to createa new family and pull up that exact sim to create anew family. You can do the same with the other character andpull them both from the bin into a new family.

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How do you get a lot of money on Sims?

How to Get Unlimited Money on "The Sims 4"
  1. Quick Money Cheats. Once you've loaded a game and household,you can press "Shift+Ctrl+C" to open the cheat console.
  2. Setting a Specific Amount. If there's a certain amount of moneyyou're interested in having, open the console, type in"testingCheatsEnabled true" and press "Enter."
  3. Buying the Most Expensive House.

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What is The Sims Motherlode cheat?

Motherlode is a cheat code in Sims3 where it will give 50,000 simoleons (in-game unit of currencyused in The Sims series) to current household that you'replaying.

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How do you get unlimited money on Sims 3 ps3?

Buy it ( it is free) and every time you click on it andhe motherload you will get 50,000 every time you click onit!! But first you must enable the cheat codes. In the game,pauseit and press L1, R1, R2, L2 at the same time and a message willcome up. Accept it do the steps above and you will haveunlimited money!!

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How do I have a wedding on Sims 3?

Hold the wedding.
To get married instantly, select Romantic →Have Private Wedding. For a big celebration,have the engaged Sim use a cell phone to Throw a Party andselect wedding. Once married, you can move the other Siminto your household.

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How do you change a sims lifetime wish?

There are three ways of changing your sim'slifetime wish. If you wanted to do it legitimately, save up10,000 lifetime reward points and use it in the rewardsstore. With cheats, press “ctrl, shift c” and type in“testingcheatsenabled true” then press shift then clickyour sim to enter CAS.

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How do you rotate furniture in The Sims 3?

You can also use the Sims 3 mouse by usingctrl+shift+tab, then you should be able to turn it byclicking and turning. slothcity14: it said for me that you have toclick on the item you are trying to rotate in buildmode. andwhen it is highlighted use either the , or the . keys torotate the object!

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How do I quit my job on Sims 3?

With your Sim's cell phone, you can have your Simquit his or her job, or take unpaid time off. You cantake one, three, or five days off. Your Sim might or mightnot get permission to do this when he or she calls. It probably hassomething to do with the Sim's relationship with theboss.

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How do you get rid of walls in Sims 3?

Deleting Walls on PC or Mac. Hold down controlwhile dragging the Wall Tool. Enter Build Mode and selectthe Create Wall Tool. Hold down the Ctrl key, then drag yourmouse over the wall you want to delete.

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How do you put a guitar in your inventory on Sims 3?

Just left click on a guitar in your house, holdthe left click down, and drag it into your character'sinventory.

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How do you spawn items in Sims 4?

The Sims 4 item cheats
To show hidden items in the build / buy catalogtype in "bb.showhiddenobjects". To place objects anywhereyou want, including locations the grid won't allow, type in"bb.moveobjects on" then select the object you want tomove.

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Where is Sims 4 inventory?

In The Sims 4, the personal inventory of aSim can be found in the bottom right corner of the userinterface. It is where collectibles, books, food and other smallobjects are stored.