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How do you fix a door that will not close?

It's really frustrating when a door won't close!
  1. Tighten the hinges first. If you find that the latch contacts the strike plate too high or too low, make sure all the door's hinge screws are tight.
  2. Enlarge the strike plate hole.
  3. Move the strike plate.

Furthermore, why won't my door shut all the way?

Check for door hinge issues The hinge side of the door is often the source of closure issues. Over time, screws used to hold a hinge in place start to work their way free, causing the door to sag. As a result, the door may scrape the door frame when closing, or may no longer properly meet the latch-side strike plate.

Beside above, how do I adjust a sagging door? Check the gap at the top of the door. If it's wider at the doorknob side, remove the center screw at the top hinge and replace it with a predrilled 3-in. screw angled slightly toward the middle of the jamb (Photo 1). The screw will pull the jamb and door tighter to the framing and hopefully fix the problem.

Simply so, what causes a door to sag?

Other Causes for a Sagging Door Exterior doors are often heavy and can sag because the door hinges are pulling loose from the door jamb and/or the 2×4 framing. Door hinges often have short screws that do not reach far enough into the door frame to support the weight and regular use of the door.

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