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How do you get a super rod in soul silver?

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  1. In route 12 in house. But you must beat ef first. UserInfo:andibad. andibad - 10 years ago 0 0.
  2. When you beat the game, go to Kanto and travel to Route 12.Aperson will give you the Super Rod. User Info:BulbaXIII.BulbaXIII - 10 years ago 0 2.

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Furthermore, how do you get a super rod in Pokemon Gold?

The super rod can be found in the house onthebridges south of Lavender town once you beat Johto'sEliteFour.

One may also ask, where do you get the super rod in Pokemon Y? Answers

  • In the fishing house on route 16. User Info: camo4321.
  • As they said, the house on Route 16. It is right outsidethegate from the main city, too.
  • Route 16 :) youll find a house and just talk to the personinthere will give it to you. User Info: Pokehu.
  • In a House on route 16 there is a fisherman. UserInfo:OneFingerVon.

Correspondingly, how do you get a super rod in Pokemon Diamond?

In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, alongwithPlatinum, the Super Rod is given to the player byafisherman in the Fight Area. It can only be obtained oncetheSinnoh Pokédex is completed.

Does Old Rod only catch magikarp?

Old Rod is a weak fishing rodthatcatches Pokémon within large bodies of water.Itis given to the player by a fisher. In Generation I allitwill catch is Magikarp.

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Where do you get good rod in Crystal?

Head south on Route 39 to enter Olivine City. Enterthehouse north of the Pokemon Center. When you talk to thefishermaninside, he will give you the Good Rod. The GoodRodlets you capture better water Pokemon, such as ChinchouandTentacool.

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Where can I catch Staryu in gold?

Staryu: Using a Good or Super Rod, fishatnight at any of the following locations: Route 34,Olivine,Mahogony, Cerulean City Gym, Cherrygrove, etc. You canfindit in all the locations in GSC. Bulbasaur, Squirtle,Charmander:You have to trade them from RBY, or trade theirevolutions and thembreed them to get them.

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What is exp share Pokemon Gold?

To obtain the Exp. Share, you need to getaRed Scale from the Red Gyarados at The Lake of Rage. When youhave aRed Scale, go to Route 30 and talk to Mr. Pokemon.Give himthe Red Scale and he will give you theExp.

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Where can I find Staryu in Pokemon Silver?

In Silver, you can find Staryu byfishingin Route 34, Olivine City, Mahogany City, and CeruleanCityGym.

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Can you catch Dratini with a good rod?

You will need the best rod in the gameinorder to catch Dratini. You can get theSuperRod on Route 12 in the house with a Fisherman inside.Talkto him and you will receive theSuperRod.

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Where is the good rod in diamond?

Good rod it's very useful, you can getsomePokemons with it. Next Hearthome City, at Route 209, just talkwiththis fisherman and he'll give to you therod!

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How do you get the National Pokedex in diamond?

Once you've seen all 150 Pokemon in Sinnoh, youcanupgrade your Pokedex to the "National Pokedex"wherethere aren't 150 slots to fill, but over 400. To do this,simplyhead to Sandgem Town, one of the first locales we visited inthebeginning of the game, and the hometown of Professor Rowan andhisPokemon research.

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How do you get a good rod in Pokemon Pearl?

  1. Fly to Hearthome City or Solaceon Town, then followthesedirections. Hearthome- Head out the east entrance and talk tothefisher on the south dock. He'll give you the Good Rod.
  2. You know were the daycare is. go to the pickacu there will beaguy in bule around there. Hes looking at water talk to him bamgodrod.

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How many Pokemon are in the Sinnoh Pokedex?

This page contains a list of Gen 4 PokemonfromSinnoh in Pokemon Go. There are 107newPokemon from Generation 4 (Diamond and Pearl), but asofOct. 16, only the following 23 have been reported.

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Where do you get the super rod in Pokemon Platinum?

You can find the Super Rod after beating theEliteFour and getting the National Dex. When you talk to thesailor nearSnowpoint's pier, he'll ask if you want to go to a newplace. Whenyou reach the Fight Area, there will be a Fishermannear theentrance to Route 225 (Top).

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How do you get the good rod in Pokemon Platinum?

  1. Go to Hearthome City, then go east and go to Route 209.It'sactually pretty easy to get a Good Rod, just like you got yourOldRod.
  2. Talk to the fisherman on the first bridge.
  3. Talk to him and answer "Yes" to his question. He should giveyoua Good Rod.
  4. Now you have your Good Rod!

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Where do I get the Super Rod?

The Super Rod can be obtained by travelingtoRoute 12 in Kanto and entering the lone house on the SilenceBridge(below the Route 11 entrance). The tenant inside the house isoneof the Fishing Gurus that inhabit the Kanto region, and willgivethe player the Super Rod.

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Where is super rod Alpha Sapphire?

Mossdeep City
  • From the Pokemon Center, go straight down at thecrossroad.
  • When you reach some steps, turn right.
  • Continue right until you see a flight of steps, and goupthem.
  • Go up until you see a house, and enter it.
  • In the househere will be a fisherman. Interact with him, andhewill give you a Super Rod.

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Where do I get the Super Rod fire red?

The Good Rod is located in Fuschia City inthehouse to the right of the Pokemon Center with the small pond intheback. Once again, talk to the fisherman. The Super Rodislocated right in the middle of Route 12. Head south fromLavenderTown until you come across a house.

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Where do you get the good rod in Oras?

To get the good rod in Pokemon ORASitsreally easy. Start at Mauville's Pokemon center and head East.YouNEED Surf in order to get it. There will be a fisherman whohandsyou the old rod in pokemon omega ruby alphasapphire..