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How do you get Darkrai in Black 2?

The only way to legally get Darkrai in BW2is to trade with someone who have it in person. And thatstrategyworks, despite how impractical it is.

Moreover, how do you get Darkrai?


  1. After beating the Elite Four, get the National PokedexfromProfessor Oak.
  2. Awaken Sailor Edrith's son with Cresselia Lunar Wing.
  3. Fly to Jubilife City.
  4. Go to the TV Station.
  5. Save your game and turn it off.
  6. MYSTERY GIFT should appear on the Start Menu.
  7. Choose "Receive Gift", then "Get via WiFi connection."

One may also ask, what Legendary Pokemon are in White 2? The Legendary Pokemon
  • Main Legend. Kyurem - Giant Chasm.
  • Black / White Dragon Legends. Zekrom - Dragonspiral Tower(Black2)
  • Three Fighting Legends (Swords of Justice) Cobalion -Route13.
  • Three Flying Legends. Landorus - Pokemon Dream Radar.
  • Legends From Past Generations in B2W2. Regirock -ClayTunnel.

Thereof, what game can you get Darkrai in?

Game info. Darkrai first appeared intheGeneration IV games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.Toobtain it, a player would have had toreceivea Mystery Gift during a special promotion. It is alsoobtainable byusing a cheat device to either receive theMystery Gift orwalk to the island it is located on.

Is darkrai a legendary?

I repeat, Darkrai is not aLegendaryPokemon. So, yes, Darkrai was aLegendary prior toGeneration V, but it is now a Mythical.Mythical Pokémon(Japanese: ?????? Illusory Pokémon)are a group ofPokémon seen so rarely in the Pokémonworld that somequestion their very existence.

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Can you catch arceus?

Arceus is an Event Pokémon, meaning thatitcould only be acquired legitimately through specialeventsheld by Nintendo. The last Arceus event was in 2010and thereare no more planned, meaning the only way to getone inDiamond, Pearl, or Platinum without cheating is totrade withsomeone who got one from the event.

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Can you catch Darkrai in diamond?

Catching Darkrai. You must have visitedaPokémon convention to 'legally' obtain thisPokémon.When you have completed the National Dex, goto CanalaveCity, talk to the sailor's wife and child, go to theisland withthe sailor, and get the feather. you willbegin abattle with Darkrai.

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Is there a way to get darkrai without an event?

No, it's not possible to catch it thelegitway without an event. There is a glitch togetit with the walk through wallscheat.

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Who is the god of Pokemon Mew or arceus?

The first pokemon born, Arceusisconsidered a god pokemon (people pray for him atHearthromecity church) and can also use judgement (considered oneof the mostpowerful moves). On the other hand, Mew canchange into anypokemon as it carries the DNA of all pokemonsbut can'tchange it's type, which is a weakness.

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How do you get shaymin?

Shaymin will change into Sky Forme and back ifittouches a Gracidea. It reverts to Land Forme at night or if itisfrozen. Shaymin can instantly purify any polluted areaofall impurities in the air and transform it into a lush fieldofflowers.

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Is Darkrai in Pokemon go?

Pokemon GO Darkrai is a mythical DarktypePokemon with a max CP of 3739, 285 attack, 198 defenseand172 stamina in Pokemon GO. It was originally found intheSinnoh region (Gen 4). Darkrai is boosted by Fogweather.Darkrai's best moves are Feint Attack and ShadowBall (17.27DPS).

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Can you get both dialga and palkia in platinum?

You can actually get them immediatelyafterbeating the elite four. When you visit the town elderinCelestic Town, she will show you a book.Thenyou find the Adamant Orb and Lustrous Orb inMt.Coronet.Then, go inside to the cave insideCelesticTown.

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Is lucario a legendary?

Metagross is the onlySteel/Psychic-typepseudo-Legendary. Lucario andZoroark are mistaken aspseudo-Legendaries because of the way inwhich they are to beobtained. Lucario can only be obtainedin Diamond and Pearlon Iron Island when Riley gives the player aRioluEgg.

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What is the strongest Pokemon?

Mewtwo-Considered to be the strongest Pokemonofall time, it was created by Dr. Fuji to become thestrongestPokemon.

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Who is Tobias in Pokemon?

His Japanese name, "Takuto" translates to "Prodigy".Thisis quite suitable for Tobias as he is clearly a prodigyinPokémon battling and has caught at least twolegendaryPokémon. His English name, "Tobias"may betaken from the protagonist of the Book ofTobit.

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How do you get Zeraora?

Use these steps, along with your code, togetZeraora.
  1. Open your Pokémon Ultra Sun or Pokémon UltraMoongame.
  2. Select Mystery Gift on the main menu.
  3. Select Receive Gift.
  4. Select Get with Code/Password, then Yes, then Yes againtoconnect to the internet.
  5. Enter your code.
  6. Watch as Zeraora arrives in your game.

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Is latios a legendary Pokemon?

Latios (Japanese: ????? Latios) isadual-type Dragon/Psychic Legendary Pokémonintroducedin Generation III. While it is not known to evolve intoor from anyother Pokémon, it can Mega Evolve intoMegaLatios using the Latiosite. It is a member of the eonduo ofHoenn along with Latias.

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What type is darkrai weak against?

Darkrai is a Dark typePokémon,which makes it weak against Fairy, Fightingand Bugmoves.

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What is the difference between mythical and legendary Pokemon?

LegendaryPokémonarethose that are available to catch normally in-game,while“mythicalPokémonareevent-only.

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Is shaymin a legendary?

Although Shaymin is classified asa“mythical” Pokemon, there really are nodifferencesbetween mythical and legendary Pokemon. Althoughthe animetends to deviate from the games, they are still accurateinrepresenting Shaymin as a legendary.

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How do you get Darkrai in Pokemon Pearl?

  1. Beat the Elite 4 Champion.
  2. Go to a Nintendo Event for Darkrai, or the Member's Pass.
  3. Fly to Canalave City if you got the Member's Pass.
  4. Go inside the house on the top right hand corner ofthecity.
  5. Go to Full Moon Island by falling asleep at the house.
  6. Catch Darkrai there.

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Is arcanine a legendary?

I mean, he's 'The Legendary Pokemon' but notalegendary Pokémon. In this question/answer, thereisa comment by Rayz Rusher on the answer that Arcaninewasoriginally a legendary Pokémon: "Nintendo firstgaveZapdos, Articuno and Arcanine as thelegendarytrio.

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Where is n's castle?

N's Castle is a ruined area in NorthEasternUnova. It can only be reached through Victory Road afterthePokemon League. You may have seen the entrance while goingthroughthe end of Victory Road. It was the cave blocked byaZoroark.

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Can you catch zekrom before the Elite Four?

You will be taken to your first chancetocapture Zekrom directly after defeating theEliteFour. Zekrom can only be caught inPokémon White.If you are playing PokémonBlack, you willneed to trade for Zekrom.