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How do you get into the basement in gone home?

Enter "Sam's Room" (it has two doors, one is with the caution sign). Use the combination 0501 on the locker and grab the key for the "Basement". Head back downstairs, follow the western hallway to find the door leading to it. Keep going, until you find a staircase going back up to the first floor.

Similarly, it is asked, where is the key to the attic in gone home?

Once inside the room you can unlock the door from the inside. The basement key is in Sams locker code. The Attic key is located inside green house past/through the lobby door in the foyer.

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  1. Part 1: The 1st Floor. As soon as the game starts head on over to the left side and open the cabinet.
  2. Part 2: The Second Floor. As soon as you enter the second floor turn right and flip the light switches.
  3. Part 3: Exploring the House.

Consequently, where is the safe in gone home?

To get it, you need to open the secret passage in the closet of the upstairs Guest Room, and it's on the floor. Go to safe, turn 180 degrees. There is a height chart on the wall on your left that you should be now facing (where the two walls meet). It is the most current year on that chart.

Is gone home scary?

The story itself isn't horror. Well, it's not scary in the ghost story sense, at least. Gone Home is a family drama without any paranormal interference. It's a personal kind of horror that has resonated with a lot of players.

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How long is gone home?

Lasting only a little over two hours, Gone Home is short but filled with so much meaning you'll want to play it again to find every little detail you might have missed. "Gone Home is as much an introspective journey into human life as it is a game so very worthy of your time."

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How many journals are in gone home?

In order to earn the Speedreader achievement, you must collect all of the journals in the house in under ten minutes, without using any modifiers. There are 24 journals total, one of which belongs to Mittens rather than Sam.

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What is the code to the locker in gone home?

Take the first hallway to the right to find the other hidden compartment. Take the other scrap to get the combination to the locker 0501. Enter "Sam's Room" (it has two doors, one is with the caution sign). Use the combination 0501 on the locker and grab the key for the "Basement".

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What is the combination to the safe in gone home?

2 Answers. Its also on a scrap of paper found on the floor after opening the secret door into the guest room. The combination is the most recent year you can find on the wall near the safe.

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What kind of game is gone home?

Gone Home is an adventure video game developed and published by The Fullbright Company. The game focuses on exploration of its setting.

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How do you get into a greenhouse when gone home?

Turn on the lights and make your way to the next door and into the greenhouse. Go towards the white door at the other side of the area and you'll see a piece of paper sitting on top of the side table. Examine it and you'll receive a new hidden place in the house. Leave the greenhouse and back track to the foyer.

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Are there jump scares in gone home?

Learn to read the description of the game, they state there is no combat or getting attacked. I even googled 'Gone Home jump scares' and was told there were none. So before some of you buy this game and start another angry thread complaining about how you were misled into thinking it was a horror game, it's not.