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How do you make raisin paste?

  1. Place raisins in a glass bowl. Pour boiling water overthem, just enough to cover raisins.
  2. Turn food processor on and let it go until you have a thickpaste.
  3. Store in the refrigerator up to 3 weeks.
  4. Use 2 teaspoons of raisin paste for every date in mostrecipes.

Herein, what is raisin paste used for?

It is used in a variety of food applicationsincluding ice cream toppings, confections and snacks, baked goods,and cereals. Raisin Paste is very high in proteins andcarbohydrates, and is considered very good for your dailydiet.

Subsequently, question is, can you use dates instead of raisins? For most recipes, different types of raisins canbe used interchangeably, except when specified. Even then, youcan substitute, but don't expect the intended flavor of theoriginal recipe. Other dried fruit such as pitted, choppeddates, prunes, or dried cranberries can besubstituted measure-for-measure for raisins.

Keeping this in consideration, can you blend raisins?

All you need to make raisin paste or sauceare raisins and water. You'll soak the raisinsin hot water for a few minutes to rehydrate them, and thenblend them in a food processor until you get a peanutbutter consistency.

What can you replace dates with in a recipe?

You can most types of dates interchangeably. If youdon't have or don't wish to use dates, you can substitute equalamounts of:

  • Dried figs.
  • OR - Dried raisins.
  • OR - Dried cranberries (craisins)
  • OR - Dried cherries.
  • OR - to really vary the flavor use dried apricots.

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How do you sweeten dates with tea?

  1. To make the date syrup:
  2. Soak the medjool dates overnight (6-8 hours) in 1 cup boiledwater (room temp). Transfer to a food processor or blender andprocess until thin and runny.
  3. To sweeten your iced tea, add desired amount. I used about 1heaping tbsp per glass, but if you like your tea sweeter, addmore.

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Are prunes similar to dates?

As you can see from the definitions, a date isits “own” fruit, while a prune is really a plum. Infact, prunes are often called dried plums now, in an attemptto rid the food item of its negative, old-people connotations. Bothdates and prunes: Are sweet and chewy.

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Are raisins and dates the same?

Dates and raisins are dried fruits thatcan pack quite a nutritional punch. While high in calories comparedto fresh fruit, both dates and raisins supply asignificant amount of certain vitamins and minerals.

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Is raisin paste bad for dogs?

Grapes, raisins, sultanas, and even currants(some currants are actually small, black raisins) aretoxic to your dog! There have also been anecdotal reports ofcats and ferrets being affected. Ingestion of even a small amountof grapes, raisins, or currants can result in severe, acutekidney failure.

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Are anchovies in a1 sauce?

(Or anchovies, one of the key ingredients ofWorcestershire sauce. According to Wired, Alton Brown claimsit has anchovies in its "herbs and spices", but either Brownor Wired is smoking crack.

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How do you substitute dates for sugar?

Date puree can substitute 1 cup ofsugar in any recipe. Puree 1 cup pitted dates with1/2 - 1 cup hot water until a thick paste is made.

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What do dates taste like?

Most people think of dates as a dried fruitbecause they're thinking of the dates you buy in the bakingaisle. Medjool dates have a rich, almost caramel-liketaste and a soft, chewy texture whereas regular dates,commonly called Deglet Noor, are usually smaller and have a firmflesh and a sweet, delicate flavor.

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How do you sweeten dates?

Sweeten with Dates
By adding sweetness with dates, you can tonedown the amount of added sugar in the dish. Chopped datescan also be added to oatmeal, or yogurt in place of honey or maplesyrup, while whole, pitted dates can be blended into asmoothie mix to sweeten it.

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Can you puree raisins?

To make it even easier to puree raisins, soakthem first in warm water or apple juice. If you will beadding pureed raisins to cereal or another fruit, thenyou can add a little drop of vanilla essence,too!

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What is a date fruit?

Dates are the fruit of the datepalm tree, which is grown in many tropical regions of the world.Medjool and Deglet Noor dates are the most commonly consumedvarieties. Dates are chewy with a sweet flavor. They arealso high in some important nutrients and have a variety ofadvantages and uses.

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How do you store date paste?

Scrape down the sides of the blender to make sure it isblended well. Pour the date paste into a clean storagecontainer and cover. (Mason jars make great storage containers!)Store in the refrigerator for up to 3 months.

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What is a currant vs Raisin?

While raisins and sultanas are sweet and grow onvines, true black and red currants are quite tart and growon bushes. The name currant on its own just refers to thefresh currant fruit. Shortly thereafter, Greece startedexporting Zante currants, small, dried grapes that were afraction of the size of standard grapes.

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How long soak raisins?

Soak the raisins in enough hot liquid tocover them for about 10-15 minutes, (or until plump) then drain andserve once cool.

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How long do you soak raisins in rum?

This recipe starts 24 hours in advance with thesoaking of the raisins in the rum. Isoak them in a shallow airtight glass or plastic container.Stirring them several times during the day. After 24 hours theraisins should have soaked up practically all of therum.

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How do you boil raisins?

Pour enough hot water over the raisins to coverthem and let them sit for 10-15 minutes, then drain and use. Addboth your liquid and the raisins to a saucepan and heat themixture to a boil, then remove from the heat and let sit for10-15 minutes before draining and using.

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Should raisins be soaked before eating?

While consuming raisins in their raw form is acommon practice, soaking them in water overnight and theneating them early morning on an empty stomach is consideredto be very healthy. The vitamins and minerals present on the outerskin of the raisin get dissolved in the water.

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How long does date paste last in the fridge?

The natural drying process at the high temperatures ofthe desert makes dates a naturally dried fruit. Like anydried fruit, date paste has a long shelf life. DateMEdate paste can last up to six months in an airtightcontainer in a cool dry place and up to one year whenrefrigerated.

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How do you soften raisins before baking?

Rehydrate them to plump them up before eating.Place the raisins in a bowl and pour boiling water to cover.They'll soften in minutes. This also works great when addingraisins (or other dried fruit) to recipes whenbaking.

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How do you soften dried fruit?

Put your dried fruit in a small bowl and coverwith boiling water. Let it steep for 10 to 15 minutes, and thenstrain the fruit and discard the water. The fruitwill be plumper, juicier, and softer. To give your fruitsome extra flavor, swap the water for fruit juice or aliquor, like rum, bourbon, or brandy.