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How do you open a locked hon file cabinet without a key?

Last Updated: 2nd June, 2020

How to Unlock a File Cabinet When the Key Is Lost
  1. Take one piece of wire and bend it into a "Z" shape using your pliers.
  2. Take a second piece of wire and bend it so that it has a small upward point on one end.
  3. Place one end of the torque wrench into the lock, and apply pressure with your thumb.

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Also question is, how do you open a locked filing cabinet without a key?


  1. Straighten out a paperclip but leave one of the ends bent.
  2. Insert the curved end of the paperclip into the keyhole.
  3. Turn the clip from left to right to find the correct unlock position.
  4. Turn your paperclip the correct way to unlock the filing cabinet.
  5. Pull on the handle to open your filing cabinet.

Subsequently, question is, how can I open a locked file? To unlock a file locked by a remote user

  1. On Windows 8, you can right-click the Start button to bring up the Power Menu and launch Computer Management straight from there.
  2. Expand Shared Folders, and click on Open Files at the left hand panel in Computer Management.

Herein, how do you open a locked filing cabinet?

How to Unlock a Broken File Cabinet Lock

  1. Place a 1/8-inch drill bit into your hand drill and place the tip of the drill bit on the center of the keyhole on the lock.
  2. Drill a hole straight through the lock.
  3. Place the blade of a screwdriver into the hole and attempt to turn the lock counterclockwise.

How do you unlock a door with a bobby pin?


  1. Open up a bobby pin and bend it at a 90-degree angle.
  2. Remove the rubber tip on the straight end of the bobby pin.
  3. Stick the flat end of the pin into the top of the lock and bend it.
  4. Bend the wavy end of the bobby pin into a handle for more control.
  5. Bend the tip of another bobby pin to make the tension lever.

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How do you pick a cabinet lock with a paperclip?

To pick a lock using a paperclip, start by unfolding one paperclip so it's straight with a hook at the end and a second paperclip so it's bent at a 90-degree angle. Then, insert the bent end of the second paperclip into the lock and turn it in the direction the lock turns.

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How do you open a locked drawer with a knife?

Put it above the knife blade, while keeping the knife blade in the key hole. Apply twisting pressure to the lock with the knife blade at the same time. If using a paper clip, hammer the end of the paper clip to flatten it before trying to put it in the door. You want to rake the pick across the keyhole pins.

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How do you unlock a file that is locked by another user?

  1. Save all your work, and then quit all programs.
  2. Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to open the Windows Security dialog box.
  3. Click Task Manager, and then click the Processes tab.
  4. Click Winword.exe, and then click End Process.
  5. In the Task Manager Warning dialog box, click Yes.

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How do I remove a locked file?

To remove the lock icon, we have to change the security settings on the folder to allow the Users group to, at the very least, read from the folder. Right-click on the folder with the lock icon and select Properties. Switch to the Security tab, and then press the Edit…

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How do I delete a locked file?

Delete the file.
Click the previously locked file, click the Home tab, and click Delete in the toolbar that appears. Alternatively, you can click the file to select it and then press the Delete key.

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Why are files locked?

A computer file that can be used by only a single program or process at one time is considered a locked file. All operating systems use locked files. In most cases, the purpose of locking a file is to make sure it can't be edited, moved, or deleted while it's being used, either by you or some computer process.

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How do you force delete files?

To do this, start by opening the Start menu (Windows key), typing run , and hitting Enter. In the dialogue that appears, type cmd and hit Enter again. With the command prompt open, enter del /f filename , where filename is the name of the file or files (you can specify multiple files using commas) you want to delete.

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How can I tell which process has a file locked?

How to find out which handle or DLL is using a file
  1. Open Process Explorer, running as administrator.
  2. Enter the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F.
  3. A search dialog box will open.
  4. Type in the name of the locked file or other file of interest.
  5. Click the button “Search”,
  6. A list will be generated.

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How do I unlock a locked file on Android?

To unlock your content:
  1. From the Gallery , tap the Menu key > Show locked files.
  2. Enter the current lock sequence and tap OK.
  3. Tap the Unlock icon , tap to select each image you would like to unlock and tap UNLOCK to continue.
  4. Your files are now unlocked and visible in your Gallery.

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How can I tell who has a file open?

If you need to see what process has a file open then check out method 2.
  1. Step 1: Right Click the start menu and select Computer Management.
  2. Step 2: Click on Shared Folders, then click on open files.
  3. Step 1: Type Resource monitor into the start menu search box.
  4. Step 2: Click on the disk tab in resource monitor.

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How do I open a locked file in Windows 10?

Type the name of the locked file in the field, and click the Search button. Select the file from the search result. Behind the search window, in "Process Explorer," right-click the locked file, and select Close Handle to unlock it.