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How do you play the game hive?

Game Play. The pieces in play definetheplaying surface, known as the Hive.Playbegings with one player placing a piece fromtheir hand inthe centre of the table and the next playerjoining one oftheir own pieces to it edge to edge. Players thentake turns toeither place or move any one of theirpieces.

Accordingly, what does the mosquito do in hive?

Hive: The Mosquito (2007) Once in play, the Mosquito takes on themovementcharacteristics of any creature it touches at the time,thuschanging its characteristics throughout the game. Exception:Ifmoved as a Beetle on top of the Hive, it continues tomoveas a Beetle until it climbs down fromtheHive.

Likewise, can the beetle cover the queen bee in hive? Yep, it's perfectly legal. The only real way to stopitis to place one of your beetles near the queentocrawl on top of his beetle before he gets there. Yesabeetle may remain on top of the queen.

Furthermore, who goes first in hive?

I generally go with the rule of "whoever putsapiece down first is the first player." Agreed -myrulebook (2007) says "Play begins with one player placing apiecefrom their hand in the centre of the table and the otherplayerjoining one of their own pieces to it, edge toedge."

What is pandemic board game?

Pandemic is a cooperative boardgamedesigned by Matt Leacock and first published by Z-ManGamesin the United States in 2008. Pandemic is basedon thepremise that four diseases have broken out in the world,eachthreatening to wipe out a region.

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Where do mosquitoes nest?

Mosquitoes are not social, like ants.Theydo not nest. The adults live under leaves and intreebark to escape punishing rain but they thrive in damp areas.Thefemale is the one that bites and requires significantbloodsacrifices from victims in order to produceoffspring.

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Why do mosquito bites swell?

Mosquito bites itch and swell becauseofthe body's histamine response. When a mosquito bitebreaksthe skin, a person's body recognizes the mosquito'ssalivaas a foreign substance. The swelling around thebiteis caused by histamine, which is produced by theimmunesystem.