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How do you put the back seats down in a 2010 Chevy Cobalt?

1 Answer. If its the same as my '06, and I expect it is, open the trunk lid and you will find the releases tucked up out of site just inside the top of the trunk opening. Pull on the little handles and the seat backs will release.

Then, how do you put the back seats down in a Chevy Cobalt?

  1. Open either rear door, and make sure the rear passenger seatbelts are disconnected.
  2. Push the trunk-release button next to your steering column, or use your keyless remote to open the trunk.
  3. Locate the two levers against the back of the rear seats inside the trunk.
  4. Pull one or both of the levers to unlatch the seat.

One may also ask, how do you put the back seats down in a Pontiac g5? Open the trunk and there are two release handles on the left and ride side of the ceiling of the trunk, pull those and then go back in your car and pull the seats down.

Also to know, how do you open the trunk on a 2010 Chevy Cobalt?

open the little cubbie to the left of the steering wheel on the dash, right below the fog light button, and inside the cubbie there is a trunk release button. open the little cubbie to the left of the steering wheel on the dash, right below the fog light button, and inside the cubbie there is a trunk release button.

How do you get into the trunk in the back seat?

How to Get Into a Car Through the Trunk

  1. Stay calm.
  2. Look for the safety lever or tag before you try entering the car through the rear seats.
  3. Find the seat release latches on the seat backs in the trunk if the car does not have a lever to release the trunk lock mechanism.
  4. Pull the seat release latches to unlock the car's back seats.

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How do you open the trunk seat on a Ford Focus?

To release the seat-back from inside the trunk, pull the release under the trunk panel. Push the seat-back down, then let go of the release. To lock the seat-back upright, push it firmly against the trunk panel. Make sure it is latched in place by pulling on the top of the seat.

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Why is the Chevy Cobalt battery in the trunk?

-- Some cars have the battery in the trunk to get it out of the heat and to move some weight to the rear of the car for better balance. New engine bays are crammed with equipment and are a lot warmer than in the old days.

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Where is the battery on a 2010 Chevy Cobalt?

The battery is in the trunk next to the spare tire under the carpet.

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How do you jump a Cobalt?

  1. Getting Started.
  2. Open the Hood.
  3. Jump Points. Locate the positive terminal and the ground.
  4. Jump Procedure. Correctly hook up the jumper cables and jump.
  5. After the Jump. Tips to follow after jumping the dead battery.
  6. Troubleshoot. If the jump didn't work, try these adjustments.
  7. More Info.

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How do you open a trunk without a key from the outside?

How to Open a Trunk Without Keys
  1. Slide the hook end of the slimjim between the the passenger side window and window trim at the bottom of the window near the door handle.
  2. Feel around with the slimjim for the lock rod.
  3. Pull up on the lock rod with the slimjim.
  4. Open the door and climb into the driver's seat.

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Can you jump a Chevy Cobalt from under the hood?

where's the battery. The battery in your 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt is located in the spare tire well in the trunk. When jump starting your Cobalt you should find a marked post for the positive and negative cables under the hood where you can connect the jumper cables.

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How do you take the key out of a Chevy Cobalt?

Dead battery, key locked in the ignition. I read the comments. Yes you can open the little square tab under the steering column and feel around with your finger for a tab to push, near where the key is and you can turn the key back and pull it out.

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Does Pontiac g6 back seat fold down?

The Pontiac G6 is a sporty sedan that comes in convertible, coupe, and four-door sedan trim. The G6 is packed with bonus features as well, including a fold down rear seat. In order to reupholster the rear seat or simply fit more cargo into the car, you may want to remove the rear seat completely.

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What cars have batteries in the trunk?

We all know that German auto engineering is the top, and BMW & Mercedes put their batteries in the trunk. The Dodge Magnum/Chrysler 300 was the first car produced after Daimler-Benz bought Chrysler, hence the battery-in-trunk design.