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How do you raise a spinnaker?

The hoist
  1. Steer the boat onto a broad reach.
  2. Hoist the pole on the uphaul until it is at right angles to the mast and tighten the downhaul.
  3. Tension the guy until the spinnaker tack reaches the end of the pole; and then tension the guy until the pole is just off the forestay.

In this regard, how does a spinnaker sail work?

A spinnaker is a sail designed specifically for sailing off the wind from a reaching course to a downwind, i.e. with the wind 90–180° off bow. The spinnaker fills with wind and balloons out in front of the boat when it is deployed, called flying.

Furthermore, what is a sail pole called? A spinnaker pole is a spar used in sailboats (both dinghys and yachts) to help support and control a variety of headsails, particularly the spinnaker. A special line, the topping lift, runs from the middle of the spinnaker pole up to a block on the mast, and is used to support the weight of the spinnaker pole.

Beside this, how do you rig asymmetrical spinnaker?

Rigging an Asymmetrical

  1. Set on a broad reach where the mainsail will blanket the sail.
  2. Secure bag near the middle of the foredeck.
  3. Attach both sheets to the clew, leading the lazy sheet around in front of the headstay.
  4. Attach downhaul.
  5. Attach halyard, making sure halyard is outside and in front of the headstay.

What is a cruising spinnaker?

ne of the most popular sails in the cruising sailor's inventory these days is the asymmetric, or cruising spinnaker. The cruising spinnaker is designed specifically to enhance a boat's downwind performance. It will also make downwind sailing safe and easy—even when sailing shorthanded.

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What is an MPS sail?

Asymmetrical spinnakers - also known as Gennaker or MPS, is a spinnaker with a luff that is longer than the leech, which means you don't need a spinnaker pole.

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How do you use a spinnaker?

Here are some helpful hints:
  1. Always put the spinnaker pole up on the windward side and hoist the spinnaker from the leeward side.
  2. Make sure the pole is all the way forward as the spinnaker is hoisted.
  3. Make sure the spinnaker sail bag is attached to the boat, connect the halyard to the head of the spinnaker.

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What is the difference between a spinnaker and a genoa?

A genoa is typically a 120 to 155% foretriangle headsail. Both are set and used similarly, with jibs being deployed in heavier air, genoas lighter. A symmetrical spinnaker is quite different.

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What is the difference between a gennaker and an asymmetrical spinnaker?

A gennaker is a sail that was developed around 1990. Used when sailing downwind, it is a cross between a genoa and a spinnaker. Due to its geometry, the sail is less prone to collapsing than a spinnaker. A gennaker is optimal for a beam reach, while an asymmetrical spinnaker is optimal for a broad reach or run.

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What is the difference between a jib and a genoa?

It is called a jib when the foot of the headsail is shorter than the distance from the base of the forestay to the mast. It is called a genoa when the foot of the headsail is longer than the distance from the forestay to the mast.

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What is a code zero sail?

The Code Zero is a cross between a genoa and an asymmetrical spinnaker that is used for sailing close to the wind in light air. Code Zero was initially an attempt to circumvent a rating rule by making a large genoa for close reaching on boats that were measured with non-overlapping genaos.

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How long should a spinnaker pole be?

my rule of thumb ( disregarding any class or racing rules ) is to have the spin pole a good 1' longer than the forestay, to protrude beyond it on a close reach. If one fancies dip pole gybing the pole should still fit inside the forestay at deck level.

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Do I need a spinnaker?

Unless you are the type that turns on the engine when boatspeed drops below 4 knots, you need a light air sail. A symetrical spinnaker may not be all that useful, however. They require an autopilot or someone on the helm as they typically won't work with a self steering vane on a run.

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What is a spanker on a ship?

On a square rigged ship, the spanker is a gaff rigged fore-and-aft sail set from and aft of the aftmost mast. The sail which the Dutch sometimes set from masthead to stern, and which they call an aap (ape), could well be called spanker in English.

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What does a jib sail do?

A jib allows a sailboat to put up more sail area for the same sized mast. It also improves the aerodynamics of the sails. So, you catch more wind, can sail faster, especially in low wind conditions, the boat can point higher into the wind, and generally handles better with a jib.

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What is a tack line?

Definition of tackline. : a short piece of line used to separate flags in a signal hoist.

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How do you rig a cruising chute?

Adjust the tack-line until the tack is about 1m from the stem head block or bowsprit. Secure the tack line. Put a couple of turns around the winch of the leeward sheet, leaving plenty of slack. Quickly hoist the halyard to the top of the mast, pull in on the sheet as the sail starts to fill, then furl the genoa away.