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How do you rewind a spring on a chainsaw?

Last Updated: 26th January, 2020


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Similarly one may ask, how do you fix a spring?


  1. Use a putty knife to separate one coil from the rest of the spring.
  2. Ignite the Bernzomatic TS8000, and slowing apply heat to the single coil, heat until the coil is cherry red.
  3. Using the pliers, bend the coil to match the other end of the spring.

Furthermore, how does a recoil spring work? A spring that is placed at the rear of the bolt of a automatic or semi automatic gun, that is utilized to take in or contain the recoil. The recoil spring is needed to absorb the shock of when a bullet is fired and the firearm pulls back towards the user so as to lessen the reaction of impact the user receives.

People also ask, how do you fix recoil?

A small tab on the pulley can cut your hand if you accidentally let go of the recoil starter when it is tensioned.

  1. Remove the recoil housing cap.
  2. Untie the rope.
  3. Replace parts (if needed)
  4. Re-tension the spring.
  5. Attach the cap.
  6. Reinstall the rope.
  7. Coil the cord.

How do you rewind a recoil starter?

Hold the recoil assembly in one hand, and grab the string outside the recoil assembly with the other hand, making sure to keep tension on the spring and pulley. Slowly let the string rewind around the pulley until it stops.

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How do you assemble a pull start?

Re-assemble a Pull-Starter
  1. Re-coil the spring. You need to hook the end of the coil into a notch on the back of the pulley.
  2. Wrap the starter rope on the pulley. Wrap it counter clockwise until there is a full turn of rope remaining.
  3. Place the pulley in the cover.
  4. Remove the slack from the rope.