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How do you run a query in Business Objects?

Navigate to Events - Event Information, and drag and drop Event SMQ (Narrow) into the Result Objects panel. Click Run Query. Navigate to Events - Event Information, and drag and drop Case Number into the Result Objects panel. Click Run Query to display all the case numbers that correspond to the selected SMQ.

Thereof, how do you create a query in Business Objects?

To create a query simply drag and drop data from the left side panel to the select area. if you want to create a filter, then you need to drop your object in the where are instead, Finally to run the query just click on the refresh data button.

Secondly, how do I save a query in Business Objects? You can also save a query when you do not make any changes to the definition. You can save your query at any time. In the Query Designer menu bar, choose QuerySave. If the query does not have a technical name, the system displays the Save As function automatically.

In this manner, how do I view SQL in Business Objects?

Select a user you want to view the SQL with, click on "Configuration" tab, double click "WebIntelligence", then click on "Query and Web Panel". There is a value, "View SQL" - that needs to be enabled.

What is a Business Object report?

Business Objects Reporting is a tool used by companies to collate and disseminate valuable information to employees or management to make key decisions. It is also used to provide intelligent information to people outside the organization, such as customers or vendors.

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How do you create a WEBI report?

Creating ad-hoc reports in the SAP BusinessObjects BI launch pad
  1. Log on to the BI launch pad.
  2. From the Applications menu, select Web Intelligence Application.
  3. Create a new Web Intelligence Document ( button).
  4. In the opened window, select Universe as the data source, and click OK.
  5. In the Universe dialog box, select EUEM.

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How do you create a universe WEBI report?

Select a Universe, which you want to use to create a Webi document. A new window will open with the name Query Panel. In the query panel, on the left side of the screen, you have a list of available objects. You have Result Objects where you drag objects from the left panel, which you want to add in a Webi document.

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What is universe in SAP BO?

Business Objects Universe. The BusinessObjects universe is a business representation of organization's data that helps end users access data autonomously using common business terms and it isolates business users from the technical details of the databases where source data is stored.

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What is SAP WEBI?

Web Intelligence is part of SAP BusinessObjects product suite and is used for analytical and ad hoc reporting to meet an organization's business requirements. Web Intelligence is a Business Intelligence reporting tool for business users to analyze data in Data Warehouse.

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How do you create a business object in SAP?

Create Business Object using SWO1 Business Object Builder
Call SAP transaction code SWO1. SWO1 will display the initial screen for Business Object Builder. Enter the name of the Object type you want to create in the "Object/Interface Type" input text field. Then press Create button.

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How do I add a filter in Business Objects report?

To create simple report filters
  1. Open a Web Intelligence document.
  2. Do one of the following: In the Reading mode, click Filter Bar.
  3. Click the add simple report filter icon on the toolbar and select the object on which you want to filter from the menu.
  4. Select the value on which you want to filter from the dropdown list of values.

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What is SQL used for?

SQL is used to communicate with a database. According to ANSI (American National Standards Institute), it is the standard language for relational database management systems. SQL statements are used to perform tasks such as update data on a database, or retrieve data from a database.

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How do I view SQL code?

3 Answers. Right click the view, select Script View as , CREATE To , New query editor window . Right-click the View, select Design. You will see the designer/table layout, Column chooser, the Select statement and a window for results at the bottom.

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What are WEBI reports?

Web Intelligence (WEBI) is a popular SAP BusinessObjects self-service reporting tool that makes it easy for end users—even non-technical ones—to create ad hoc reports. With a visual interface and drag-and-drop capabilities, WEBI allows users to pose queries, select data elements, add filters, and format information.

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How do I open a WEBI report?

Extension of a Webi File is “.
To open an existing document, select a blank document. Go to File → Open. Select the path of an existing 'wid' file and click 'Open'. By default, it will open the report in Design mode.

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How do I edit a report in Business Objects?

Accessing the Report Writer Library
Right-click a report and select Modify to edit a saved report. The report opens in the BusinessObjects XI web intelligence interface. After you edit the report, you can save it by another name by using the Save as option in the Save menu.

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How do I export from WEBI to excel?

Export and save a report
  1. Select the Export button, on the Web Intelligence toolbar. You can choose to export the whole document, or just the current document tab.
  2. Choose Export to Excel or PDF.
  3. Select to Open or to Save the file.

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What is free hand SQL?

Freehand SQL is a tool that is used to create the results that are not unlike those of a SQL query but are derived without the use of the SQL-based, executable statement software package.