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How do you use a beam clamp?

Last Updated: 28th January, 2020

Throw or drop beam clamps. Use beam clamps on damaged or distorted beams. Force or wedge hooks of lifting appliances into the attachment eye or fitting (eg shackle). Obliquely load beam clamps without the authority of the supplier.

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Also to know is, how are beam clamps supposed to be used?

Beam clamps are pieces of hardware used to suspend or secure fixtures, wires, bridal rings, threaded rod, electrical boxes and various hardware to beam flanges. Minerallac offers two styles of beam clamps: the traditional beam clamp with a set screw and the spring steel beam clamp that hammers onto the beam.

Also Know, what is a push beam trolley? Adjustable to fit standard or wide flange I-beam tracks, this beam trolley allows you to move up to 2000 lb. with a simple push. The dual wheels are designed for a straight or tapered beam track and work on both straight and curved tracks.

Moreover, can you side load a beam clamp?

Do not use the clamp for the transportation of people. Avoid side pull, i.e.: side load on either clevis load bar or side plates. Welding on beam clamp is strictly forbidden. Lift/Pull/Tension only with a straight line between rigging point, clevis load bar & load centre.

Can beam clamps be used for lifting?

NOTE: Beam clamps are generally intended for attachment to overhead beams to act as suspension points for lifting appliances. Some designs are suitable for attachment to the load to provide a lifting point.

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