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How do you use a saddle valve?

Last Updated: 28th April, 2020

Saddle valves are self-tapping devices. Once mounted on a line, with the included rubber seal in place, all that is required is to turn the valve clockwise until it pierces the water line. When the valve handle can no longer be turned, it is done tapping the pipe. Turning the handle counter-clockwise opens the valve.

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Beside this, how do you use a self piercing saddle valve?

Insert the water supply tube into the threaded outlet on the saddle valve, push the sleeve against the outlet, then screw the compression nut onto the threaded outlet. Tighten the nut by hand until snug, then use an adjustable wrench to tighten the nut another one-half turn.

Secondly, how do I know if my saddle valve is open or closed? When the handle of a ball valve is parallel to the valve or pipe, it's open. When it's perpendicular, it's closed. This makes it easy know if a ball valve is open or closed, just by looking at it. The ball valve below is in the open position.

Subsequently, one may also ask, how do you shut off a saddle valve?

The hardest part of shutting off the valve may be finding it.

  1. Locate the water supply line on the back of the refrigerator.
  2. Trace the line from the refrigerator to where it is connected at the other end.
  3. Turn the handle on the saddle valve clockwise to close the valve and stop the supply of water to the refrigerator.

Can saddle valves be shut off?

Saddle valves are self-tapping devices. Once mounted on a line, with the included rubber seal in place, all that is required is to turn the valve clockwise until it pierces the water line. Turning the handle counter-clockwise opens the valve. These valves can be installed without shutting off the main water supply.

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Can you replace a saddle valve?

To replace a saddle valve or tee off an existing water line, start by obtaining the needed parts. I'm assuming the saddle valve is connected to a ½” copper water line. They've proven to be reliable, but they're far more expensive than traditional copper fittings.

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Are SharkBite fittings reliable?

If you need to repair or replace copper plumbing in your home, a SharkBite fitting is an excellent choice. Sharkbites are approved for use underground and behind walls, but installing them there could be risky. A SharkBite fitting contains a rubber O-ring, which is not best for permanent connections.

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How do I turn off the water to my ice maker?

First, gently pull the refrigerator away from the wall, and unplug it. Turn off the water supply to the icemaker by closing the shut-off valve in the copper waterline leading to the valve (Fig. 1). Use a screwdriver or nutdriver to remove the rear lower access panel from the refrigerator's back.

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Do saddle valves clog?

Most state and local codes prohibit the use of a saddle valve, also known as a piercing saddle valve, saddle tap or needle valve, consisting of a clamp that punctures a hole in an existing water intake pipe. Saddle valves tend to reduce water flow, causing them to become clogged and leak.

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How do you hook up an ice maker to water?

  1. run the water line. Run the Water Line. The first step is to run the water line.
  2. install new valve for icemaker water line. Install the Valve. Now that the water's off, install the new valve for the icemaker water line.
  3. mount the solenoid valve. Mount the Solenoid Valve.
  4. attach water supply line. Attach the Water Supply Line.

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How do you tap into a water main?

The Art of Tapping
  1. The tapping tool is specific to the water main material.
  2. Ensure the valve stop threads match those of the tap.
  3. Use gaskets between the tapping machine and the saddle, and between the saddle and the pipe.
  4. Keep the outside of the pipe and the tapping drill disinfected and clean while tapping.

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What is a piercing valve?

The Supco® bullet piercing valve is a line piercing valve with a permanent type, patented gasket that provides up to 50 times more sealing area than competitive O-ring types. Piercing needle is designed for concentricity and hardness to insure perfect seating every time.

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How does needle valve work?

Needle valves are similar to shutoff valves. They're used to start, stop, and regulate the flow rate within a pipeline. The valve's needle-like plunger fits into the seat. Because of this unique design, a needle valve can precisely and accurately control how much fluid passes through the valve.

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What is a SharkBite valve?

The single lever control allows for easy operation and the valve is perfect for potable water and hydronic applications where a shut-off is needed. SharkBite fittings allow you to join copper, CPVC or PEX pipe in any combination with no soldering, clamps, unions or glue.

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How do you saddle a pipe?

Making Perfect Pipe Saddle Cuts With a Bandsaw or Chopsaw
  1. Step 1: Setting Up for the Cut. 2 More Images.
  2. Step 2: Turn and Cut Again. Now, rotate the pipe half a turn, and cut again.
  3. Step 3: A Saddle, and Two Vicious Pieces. After the second cut is done, that's it!
  4. Step 4: Larger Pipe Saddled to Smaller Pipe.

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How do I turn on the water line to my refrigerator?

The water line to the refrigerator should have its own shut-off valve connected to the cold water line. It is usually located under the kitchen sink, in the basement, in a crawl space, or in the cabinet next to the refrigerator. There will be a small 1/4 inch copper line attached with a saddle valve (t-valve).

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Do you have to shut off water to change fridge filter?

The best part about most of the refrigerator water filters used today is that once you unscrew the filter, it shuts off the water supply automatically. This means you don't need to worry about finding a shutoff valve to turn off the water supply to the fridge.

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How do I cap off an unused refrigerator water line?

The unscrew the adaptor fitting out of the fridge. Reconnect the tube to the adaptor fitting and screw a 3/8" threaded brass cap onto the end that was connected to the fridge. Use a little pipe dope or teflon tape on the threads. Turn the water back on and inspect the joints for leaks.

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What size is the water line to a refrigerator?

Tubing Sizes
Most flexible plastic water lines for refrigerators come with outside diameters of either 1/4 inch or 5/16 inch. Check your refrigerator's owner's manual or the manufacturer's website for the recommended size and type of water line for your unit.

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What is a tapping saddle?

It is a way to tap into a water line while it is under pressure and add a line, drain the system or add a Thermowell or sensor. You place a hot tap service saddle or sleeve onto the line.

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Can you use a self piercing saddle valve on PEX?

An easy way to do this on copper or steel pipes is by using a special shutoff fitting known as a saddle valve or needle valve. These valves are designed to work with brass, copper, or steel pipes—they do not work with PVC, CPVC, or PEX plastic pipe.

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How do you disconnect a copper water line from a refrigerator?

Locate the copper tube at the back of the refrigerator. Unscrew the compression nut holding the tube in the sleeve with a flat head screwdriver. Drain the contents of the water line over a bucket.

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Which way do you turn a saddle valve?

Saddle valves are self-tapping devices. Once mounted on a line, with the included rubber seal in place, all that is required is to turn the valve clockwise until it pierces the water line. When the valve handle can no longer be turned, it is done tapping the pipe. Turning the handle counter-clockwise opens the valve.

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How do you fix a saddle valve?

That is a tap (called a "saddle valve") for something like an ice maker or humidifier. It works by piercing a small hole in the larger copper pipe. Turning the valve all the way clockwise should close it and stop the drip. Ideally remove the old, no longer used valve and repair the hole.