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How do you use bottle drop plus?

Visit the BottleDrop computer kiosk is located inside a participating BottleDrop Plus retailer. Then use your BottleDrop card at the kiosk and select how much you'd like to withdraw. This amount will be increased by 20% for use as in-store credit.

Furthermore, how does bottle drop plus work?

BottleDrop Plus is a program offered at participating retailers that allows BottleDrop account holders to exchange the refund value of $0.10 per container for a store credit that has a value of $0.12 per container. This boosts your refund by 20% and can be used for most items in the store.

Also, how many bags can you drop off at Bottle Drop? 15 bags

Keeping this in view, how do you get money out of a bottle drop?

Use your BottleDrop account card at a BottleDrop kiosk to print a voucher, for up to $99.90 and take it to the cash register. Or withdraw it as a voucher at participating BottleDrop Plus retailers for 20% extra in-store credit.

How do you bottle drop in Oregon?

Fill up one of our Green Bags with your empties, drop it off at a local BottleDrop or one of our partner retailers, and have your refund credited to your BottleDrop account. Use your account to get cash or to get 20% more funds with BottleDrop Plus.

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Does Costco return bottles?

At Costco, the bottle return machines are located in the area where the carts are stored. In other grocery stores it's a mixed bag and may be in the front of the store or in the back or in an area accessible from the outside only (not connected to the inside of the store).

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Where can I use my bottle drop card?

Visit the BottleDrop computer kiosk is located inside a participating BottleDrop Plus retailer. Then use your BottleDrop card at the kiosk and select how much you'd like to withdraw. This amount will be increased by 20% for use as in-store credit.

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Where can I recycle bottles for money?

What can be recycled? If there's a container deposit scheme in place in your state, you can return your bottles, cans and containers to an Envirobank depot or reverse vending machine to claim your reward or refund. Most empty 150-millilitre to 3-litre beverage containers are eligible for the refund.

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Why do we pay bottle deposit?

The deposit-refund system was created by the beverage industry as a means of guaranteeing the return of their glass bottles to be washed, refilled and resold. When a retailer buys beverages from a distributor, a deposit is paid to the distributor for each can or bottle purchased.

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How many cans are in a bag?

I popped it to the third member of the team: “How many cans does a bag hold?” Answer: about 240. And one can do the math: at 5 cents apiece, $12 a bag, $24 for 2.

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What is bottle drop Express?

BottleDrop is a new system for redeeming bottles and cans in Oregon. We make returning deposit containers and collecting your refund fast, clean and convenient. Drop off - drop off your bags at the BottleDrop Express secure container. 4. Cash out - deposits will be credited to your account within 5 business days.

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Where can I go to recycle plastic bottles?

Look for curbside, school, work, or public space recycling bins, or find local recycling drop-off centers. In some states, beverage containers have a deposit refund and can be returned to the store where they were purchased.

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Does Safeway have bottle return?

Bigger retailers (5,000 or more square feet) must accept containers for all brands and sizes, even if they don't sell that size or brand. For example, you can return Costco-brand Kirkland water bottles at Safeway. Smaller stores can refuse to accept containers if they don't sell that brand or size.

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How much are cans worth in Oregon?

Can you return bottles and cans bought before April 1 for 10 cents? Yes. After April 1, all eligible containers will be returned for 10 cents in Oregon, regardless of the amount printed on the can.

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Who owns Oregon bottle drop?

OBRC was formed in January 2009 out of a merger between Container Recovery, Inc. and Beverage Recyclers of Oregon. Combined, we have nearly 40 years of experience in bottle bill operations. We are a cooperative corporation owned by Oregon beverage distributors and grocery retailers.

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How do I return a can in Oregon?

BottleDrop Redemption Centers are required to accept all cans and bottles covered under Oregon's Bottle Bill.

BottleDrop Redemption Centers:
  1. Containers fed by a customer into a reverse vending machine - 350.
  2. Hand counted by redemption center staff - 50.
  3. Green bags of counted by redemption center staff - 2 bags.

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Can you return Washington cans in Oregon?

Washington residents barred from redeeming bottles and cans for deposit without proof of purchase - KATU images. PORTLAND, Ore. – Oregon lawmakers are trying to deter people from Washington from recycling their bottles and cans in Oregon -- by imposing a hefty fine.

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Where can I take my aluminum cans for cash?

Aluminium cans are collected for recycling in a number of ways: Can banks - located at supermarkets and council recycling sites. These are emptied by waste management companies or your local council. Kerbside recycling schemes - operated by your local council to make recycling at home as convenient as possible.

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Can stores limit bottle returns?

Can a store limit returns? All dealers may limit the number of containers accepted from one person to 240 containers per visit or to 240 containers per day, but only if they have a sign posted stating this limit.

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Are all cans redeemable?

Most beverages in bottles or cans that are sold in sealed glass, metal, and plastic in sizes from 4 ounces up to and including 1.5 liters will be redeemable.

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Is there a deposit on La Croix?

Hoadley's bill would add water and all carbonated and non-carbonated, non-alcoholic beverages except milk to the list of containers with a 10-cent deposit. What happens now when a deposit is paid, but the no one ever returns the container to collect the money? Roughly 95 to 98 percent of bottles and cans are returned.