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How do you use the perspective grid in Illustrator CC?

Click View > Perspective Grid > Show Grid. Press Ctrl+Shift+I (on Windows) or Cmd+Shift+I (on Mac) to show the Perspective Grid. The same keyboard shortcut can be used to hide the visible grid. Click the Perspective Grid tool from the Tools panel.

Regarding this, how do I get rid of the perspective grid in Illustrator?

Click "View" from the menu bar and select "Perspective Grid / Hide Grid" to deactivate the grid. The keyboard shortcut is "Ctrl," "Shift," "I" (Windows) and "Cmd," "Shift," "I" (Mac).

Beside above, how do I turn off Perspective Grid tool? Toggle Perspective Grid on and off from the View menu, by pressing a combination of keyboard keys or by clicking an icon in the Tools panel.
  1. Open Adobe Illustrator CS5 and click the “View” option in the top navigation menu to display the View menu.
  2. Press the “Ctrl-Shift-I” to toggle the Perspective Grid feature off.

Secondly, how do you use the Shape Builder tool?

Follow these steps to create your own unique shape using the Shape Builder tool:

  1. Create several overlapping shapes.
  2. Select the shapes that you want to combine.
  3. Select the Shape Builder tool and then click and drag across the selected shapes, as shown on the left in this figure.

What is perspective tool?

The Perspective Tool is used to change the “perspective” of the active layer content, of a selection content or of a path.

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What is a perspective grid?

perspective grid. A network of lines, drawn or superimposed on a photograph, to represent the perspective of a systematic network of lines on the ground or datum plane.

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Which description defines a bleed in an Illustrator CC document?

A bleed is a small area around the edge of your artwork. This area extends beyond the “finished” edge of your document and is then printed. After printing occurs, the bleed is trimmed off, creating finished artwork that extends to the edge of the print or in our case, label.

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How do you make an object 3d in Illustrator?

Create a 3D object by extruding
  1. Select the object.
  2. Choose Effect > 3D > Extrude & Bevel.
  3. Click More Options to view the complete list of options, or Fewer Options to hide the extra options.
  4. Select Preview to preview the effect in the document window.
  5. Specify options: Position.
  6. Click OK.

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How do you warp an image in Illustrator?

Distort objects using an envelope
To use a preset warp shape for the envelope, choose Object > Envelope Distort > Make With Warp. In the Warp Options dialog box, select a warp style and set options. To set up a rectangular grid for the envelope, choose Object > Envelope Distort > Make With Mesh.