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How do you use the word labyrinth in a sentence?

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labyrinth Sentence Examples
  1. Lana suspected the labyrinth of tunnels and chambersranbeneath the entire town.
  2. south, there is a very curious labyrinth of redmarblerocks.
  3. The older portion of the town is still surrounded, on thenorthand east, by its ancient, though dilapidated medieval walls,and isa labyrinth of steep and dirty streets.

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Besides, what is a sentence for Labyrinth?

? a complicated irregular network of passages or pathsinwhich it is difficult to find one's way; a maze. ExamplesofLabyrinth in a sentence. 1. At the farm, I founditvery easy to get lost in the labyrinth ofcornstalks.

Secondly, what is the spiritual meaning of a labyrinth? A labyrinth is an ancient symbolthatrelates to wholeness. It combines the imagery of the circle andthespiral into a meandering but purposeful path. TheLabyrinthrepresents a journey to our own center and backagain out into theworld. Labyrinths have long been used asmeditation andprayer tools.

One may also ask, how do I use henceforth?

Examples of henceforth in a Sentence Henceforth, supervisors will report directlytothe manager. She announced that henceforth she wouldberunning the company. These example sentences areselectedautomatically from various online news sources to reflectcurrentusage of the word 'henceforth.'

How do you use lachrymose in a sentence?

Use Lachrymose in a sentenceexamples After Diana's husband died, she becamealachrymose woman who could not stop crying. My wife isverylachrymose that I can not enjoy watching sad movieswithher. Shows on TV about people dying of cancer makes me becomeverylachrymose.

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What is the synonym of Labyrinth?

maze, warren, network, complex, web, coil,entanglement.2'the labyrinth of conflicting laws andregulations' tangle,web, morass, jungle, snarl, twist, turn,complexity, confusion,complication, entanglement, convolution,intricacy. jumble,mishmash, hotchpotch, hodgepodge. archaicperplexity.

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What is the formal definition of Labyrinth?

labyrinth. A labyrinth is a structurewithmany connected paths or passages in which it is hard to findyourway. In Greek mythology, the Labyrinth was thestructurebuilt for King Minos of Crete to confine the Minotaur, amonsterwith the head of a bull and the body of a man.

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Where did the word labyrinth come from?

The word labyrinth comes from theGreeklabyrinthos and describes any maze-like structure with asinglepath through it which differentiates it from an actual mazewhichmay have multiple paths intricatelylinked.

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What part of speech is the word labyrinth?

part of speech: noun
definition 2: anything like a maze in its intricacy or complexity.synonyms:maze similar words: complexity, convolution, enigma,Gordian knot,intricacy, meander, riddle, snarl, tangle, web
definition 3: the internal ear or its structures. similar words:middleear

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What does it mean to be infamous?

adjective. having an extremely bad reputation:aninfamous city. deserving of or causing an evilreputation;shamefully malign; detestable: an infamous deed.Law.deprived of certain rights as a citizen, as a consequenceofconviction of certain offenses.

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How do you walk a labyrinth?

Method 2 Meditation within a labyrinth
  1. Stand in front of the entrance to the labyrinth.
  2. Center yourself by taking a couple of deep breaths.
  3. Acknowledge your coming meditative or spiritual journeywithinthe labyrinth.
  4. Begin your walk.
  5. Continue to walk.
  6. Pause on reaching the center.
  7. Walk out.

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What are reflexive pronouns?

A reflexive pronoun is normally used whentheobject of a sentence is the same as the subject. Eachpersonalpronoun (such as I, you, he and she) has itsownreflexive form: I — myself. you—yourself/yourselves. he — himself.

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How do you spell Wimbledon?

Correct spelling for the Englishword"wimbledon" is [w_ˈ?_m_b_?l_d_?_n],[wˈ?mb??ld?n],[wˈ?mb?‍ld?n]] (IPA phoneticalphabet).

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Can you start a sentence with hence?

"Hence" is a final conjunction; henceitshould not be used at the beginning of a sentenceinformal writing, according to the Chicago Manual of Style.Otherfinal conjunctions include thus, so and therefore. Youcouldrephrase your sentence as: I am not feelingwell;hence I am unable to work.

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Is hence formal?

Just like “thus”,“hence”is an adverb, not a conjunction, so itcannot join two independentclauses (note that it is more common toomit the commas around“hence” than after“thus” informal writing): correct He is notsatisfied.Hence(,) we must prepare a newproposal.

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What is the difference between Hence and henceforth?

"Henceforth" refers to time, whereas "fromhereon" refers to a physical place.

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What is the meaning of now onwards?

onward. , onwards. In BritishEnglish,onwards is an adverb and onward is anadjective. InAmerican English and sometimes in formal BritishEnglish,onward may also be an adverb. 1 adj Onwardmeansmoving forward or continuing a journey.

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What is the meaning of hence forward?

adverb. Henceforward means from this timeon.[formal] Henceforward France and Britain had acommoninterest. He declared that he would henceforward obeytheking.

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Can you end a sentence with henceforth?

Can you use 'henceforth' at theendof a sentence? Keep in mind, henceforth isarchaic,so many people will never use it and it'll soundoutdated orformal. Yes, you can, adverbs are flexibleinEnglish.

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What is the difference between Hereafter and hereinafter?

As adverbs the difference between hereafterandhereinafter
is that hereafter is in time to come; insomefuture time or state while hereinafter is intheparts of this document, statement, or book that follow;afterthis.

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What is the meaning of shall and usage?

shall. You use shall, usually with 'I'and'we', when you are referring to something that you intend to do,orwhen you are referring to something that you are sure willhappento you in the future.

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What does it mean to be out here?

Definition of from here on (out) US, informal.:from this time forward From here on out, I'm making allthedecisions.

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Why do people walk a labyrinth?

Labyrinth walking in an ancient practice usedbymany different faiths for spiritual centering, contemplation,andprayer. Entering the serpentine path of a labyrinth,youwalk slowly while quieting your mind and focusing onaspiritual question or prayer.

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What is the purpose of a prayer labyrinth?

A labyrinth helps direct one's focus towardGod.Unlike a maze, which has dead ends and the possibility ofgettinglost, a labyrinth has a clear path, but it sometimestakesunexpected twists and turns.