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How do you use the word pinnacle in a sentence?

Although he reached the pinnacle of success,hewasunspoilt by it. When we arrived at the rock pinnacleontheside of the canyon, I showed them a couple of thin cracklinesI hadscouted out a week or two before. This areaincludesapinnacle or rock climbing wall andawaterfall.

Consequently, how do you use pinnacle in a sentence?

pinnacle Sentence Examples. Thiswasthepinnacle of my happiness, from which I was in alittlewhiledashed to earth. below the summit of thehighestpinnacleand 673 ft. below the summit of thehighestpinnacle and 673ft.

Furthermore, how do you use solace in a sentence? Sentence Examples Did he take solace in drink or drugs?Hetooksolace from a world he could not control.Thesolacein Montana is the spa sky. He took solaceinthe company ofother men.

Hereof, what does the pinnacle of something mean?

1 : an upright architectural member generally endinginasmall spire and used especially in Gothic constructiontogiveweight especially to a buttress. 2 : a structureorformationsuggesting a pinnacle specifically : a loftypeak.3 : thehighest point of development or achievement:acme.

What type of word is Pinnacle?

noun. a lofty peak. the highest or culminatingpoint,asof success, power, fame, etc.: the pinnacle ofone'scareer.any pointed, towering part or formation, asofrock.

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What would the pinnacle of your career be?

A pinnacle is a pointed piece ofstoneorrock that is high above the ground. If someonereachesthepinnacle of their career or the pinnacleofaparticular area of life, they are at the highest point ofit.Shewas still at the pinnacle of her career.

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How do you use truculent in a sentence?

Sentence Examples
  1. They behaved in the most high-handed, brutalandtruculentmanner.
  2. The most savage and truculent of the tribes are those wholiveinthe forest regions; the most advanced in culture, thedwellersin theplains.

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How do you use suppress in a sentence?

suppress Sentence Examples
  1. Angry as she was, she couldn't suppress a smile.
  2. He rubbed his arms, unable to completely suppressashudder.
  3. She turned away, seeking to suppress the beast, andgrabbedhersword.
  4. Katie tried to suppress it, not wanting to offend herfriend,butit escaped.
  5. Even their words did nothing to suppress her excitement.

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How do you use venal in a sentence?

venal Sentence Examples
  1. Next to the Roman Uniats (whom they term Rassen orVenal)theymost hate the Nestorian Syrians of Persia.
  2. As a matter of fact, no man was more free or outspokeninhiscriticism of the policy of his employers than thisapparentlyvenalwriter.

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How do you use array in a sentence?

array Sentence Examples
  1. The delicious smell came from the array of foodatthebuffet.
  2. Brady met her gaze again, taking in the arrayofemotionscrossing her features.
  3. The array of vegetables at the flea market fascinatedWren.
  4. Over the past week, Rebecca has felt an array of emotions.

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How do you use stately in a sentence?

stately Sentence Examples
  1. The forests of Bhutan abound in many varietiesofstatelytrees.
  2. He built a stately house in the city, and adorned itwithamultitude of paintings.
  3. They are bold, handsome plants, with stately spikes, 2to3ft.

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How do you use Prelude in a sentence?

prelude Sentence Examples
  1. Obviously his remark was merely a prelude to a lecture.
  2. The foe which threatened Judah has become thechastiserofEthiopia and Assyria (ii.) and the prelude to the goldenage(iii.,cf.
  3. This song forms a prelude to the chapters that follow.
  4. The episode forms the prelude to family rivalries.

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How do you use bedlam in a sentence?

Examples of bedlam in a Sentence
The park had never had so many visitors at onetime.Itwas total bedlam. French physician PhilippePinelwasinstrumental in the transformation of bedlams fromfilthyhellholesto well-ordered, humaneinstitutions.

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What is a pinnacle used for?

A pinnacle is an architecturalornamentoriginallyforming the cap or crown of a buttress or smallturret,butafterwards used on parapets at the corners oftowers andinmany other situations. The pinnacle looks like asmallspire.It was mainly used inGothicarchitecture.

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What does it mean to be cynical?

If you describe someone as cynical,youmeanthey believe that people always act selfishly. Ifyouarecynical about something, you do not believethatit canbe successful or that the people involvedarehonest.

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What does pinnacle of grace mean?

A pinnacle is a pointed piece of stone orrockthatis high above the ground. If someonereachesthepinnacle of their career or the pinnacleofaparticular area of life, they are at the highestpointofit.

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What does the word haphazardly?

haphazard. Anything haphazardisrandom,disorganized, slipshod, or hit-or-miss. Atenterectedhaphazardly might look more like a big nylon bagofdirtylaundry than a place to sleep. Ever heard theexpression"I'llhazard a guess?" In it, the wordhazardmeans"chance," as in "take a chance."

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What does it mean to be a cynic?

A cynic is someone who believes thathumansareselfish and that they only do something if itwillbenefitthemselves. Cynics criticize acts of kindnessandwillprobably tease you if you help an old lady cross thestreet.Maybeyou know a cynic or two.

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What does apex stand for?

Acronym Definition
APEX Academic Program for the Exceptional (ShelbyCountySchoolSystem; Tennessee)
APEX Advanced Photovoltaic & Electronics Experiment
APEX Aerodynamic Performance Experiment
APEX Automated Planning and Execution Control System

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What is Pinnacle Financial Group?

Pinnacle Financial Group provides a fullrangeofreceivable management services for the consumerandcommercialmarketplace.

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What is the summit?

1 : top, apex especially : the highest point : peak.2:the topmost level attainable the summit of human fame.3a:the highest level of officials especially : the diplomaticlevelofheads of government. b : a conference ofhighest-levelofficials(such as heads of government) aneconomicsummit.summit.

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What is the synonym of solace?

comforting, consolation, consoling,reassurance,solacing.Words Related to solace.commiseration,compassion,condolence, feeling, sympathy. counseling(orcounselling) humanity,kindheartedness, kindliness,kindness,mercy, pity.

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What is the opposite of solace?

solace. Antonyms: ache, agony,anguish,distress,pain, pang, paroxysm, suffering, throe, torment,torture,twinge,wo(e) Synonyms: comfort, delight, ease, enjoyment,peace,rapture,relief.

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How do you find solace in life?

6 Ways To Find Solace In Your Loneliness
  1. Be patient. It takes time to become comfortable with you.
  2. Start small. Go on walks alone.
  3. Next, take yourself to dinner. Go someplace you'vealwayswantedto try.
  4. Go dancing.
  5. Embrace the loneliness.
  6. Acceptance.