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How do you write a condensed structural formula?

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  1. Write the atoms of the longest chain horizontally in the order in which they are connected.
  2. Write all of the ligands on an atom immediately to its right, with subscripts for multiples.
  3. Enclose polyatomic ligands in parentheses.
  4. Use explicit bonds as needed to clarify attachments.

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In this way, what is a condensed structural formula give an example?

It shows all atoms, but omits the vertical bonds and most or all the horizontal single bonds. It uses parentheses to show that polyatomic groups within a formula are attached to the nearest non-hydrogen atom on the left. So the condensed structural formula of propan-2-ol is CH3CH(OH)CH3.

Also Know, what is the condensed structural formula for ethanol? Ethanol's chemical formula is C2H6O. This chemical formula can also be written as CH3CH2OH or C2H5OH. It is made of nine atoms that include two carbon (C) atoms, six hydrogen (H) atoms, and one oxygen (O) atom.

Hereof, how do you write a condensed structural formula for benzene?

For benzene, the molecular formula is C6H6, and therefore there are six atoms of carbon and six atoms of hydrogen in one molecule. Notice that the molecular formula is always some multiple of the empirical formula (6 x CH = C6H6).

What is the difference between structural formula and condensed formula?

1 Answer. Ernest Z. A structural formula uses lines to show the bonds between the atoms. A condensed structural formula omits most or all the bonds.

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What is meant by condensed formula?

The condensed formula of a molecule is the formula where the symbols of atoms are listed in order as they appear in the molecule's structure with bond dashes omitted or limited. A true condensed formula can be written on a single line without any branching above or below it.

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What is structural formula example?

A chemical formula that shows how the atoms making up a compound are arranged within the molecule. For example, the structural formula of aspirin is CH3COOC6H4COOH, indicating that it consists of an acetyl group (CH3COO) attached to the carboxylic acid (COOH) of a phenyl group (C6H4). Compare empirical formula.

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What is the condensed structural formula for cyclohexane?

Cyclohexane has the chemical formula of C6H12. It forms a ring, so there are no CH3 ends, instead each carbon is attached to a CH2.

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What is expanded structural formula?

Explanation: Expanded structural formula shows all of the bonds connecting all of the atoms in the compound. - Expanded structural formula. Condensed structural formula shows all atoms, but omits some or all of the vertical and horizontal bonds. It makes it easier to write the formula in a line.

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What is the condensed structural formula for propene?

13.1: Alkenes: Structures and Names
IUPAC Name Molecular Formula Condensed Structural Formula
ethene C 2H 4 CH 2=CH 2
propene C 3H 6 CH 2=CHCH 3
1-butene C 4H 8 CH 2=CHCH 2CH 3
1-pentene C 5H 10 CH 2=CH(CH 2) 2CH 3

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What is Dash formula?

Dash formula is a representation of compound's all bonds with the help of dash which indicates bond between the two atoms. Single dash denoted two electrons are shared between two atoms. Three dash denoted six electrons are shared between two atoms.

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What is the structural formula of water?


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What is the difference between structural and displayed formula?

A structural formula shows how the various atoms are bonded. There are various ways of drawing this and you will need to be familiar with all of them. A displayed formula shows all the bonds in the molecule as individual lines. You need to remember that each line represents a pair of shared electrons.

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What do brackets mean in structural formula?

Brackets can also be used to show branching. For example CH3CH(CH3)CH2CH3 depicts a 4-carbon chain where the CH3 in brackets is directly attached to the carbon before it. That helps to highlight a useful rule of thumb: look to the left of the bracket to see which atom it's attached to.

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What is the condensed structural formula for methane?

The simplest alkane is methane, with the molecular formula CH4. The carbon is the central atom and makes four single covalent bonds to hydrogen atoms. The next simplest alkane is called ethane (C2H6) and consists of two carbon atoms with a single covalent bond between them.

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Which formula is best described as a condensed structural formula?

A condensed structure uses parentheses to show that polyatomic groups within a formula are attached to the nearest non-hydrogen atom on the left. So the condensed structural formula of propan-2-ol is CH3CH(OH)CH3 .

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What is the definition of structural formula in chemistry?

The structural formula of a chemical compound is a graphic representation of the molecular structure (determined by structural chemistry methods), showing how the atoms are possibly arranged in the real three-dimensional space. The chemical bonding within the molecule is also shown, either explicitly or implicitly.

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What is made from benzene?

Benzene is used in manufacturing chemical and plastic products. Examples include resins, adhesives and synthetic products such as nylon, styrene and Styrofoam. Chemicals manufactured that use benzene include detergents, insecticides, herbicides, pesticides and dyes.

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What is Bond line formula?

Bond-line structure (bond-line formula, skeletal structure, skeletal formula): A representation of molecular structure in which covalent bonds are represented with one line for each level of bond order. Similar, but not identical to, Lewis structure.

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Is benzene saturated or unsaturated?

Benzene, C6H6, is highly unsaturated—it has six fewer hydrogen atoms than cyclohexane, C6H12– its cyclic saturated counterpart. Although benzene is represented by a hexagon that contains three double bonds, unlike alkenes it does not undergo addition reactions with reagents such as bromine, HBr, or water.

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What is a Kekule structure?

Kekule structure: A Lewis structure in which bonded electron pairs in covalent bonds are shown as lines. The most famous Kekule structures are what we would now call the two most significant resonance contributors of benzene.

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What is the condensed structural formula for acetone?

Acetone Formula. Acetone, also known by the IUPAC name 2-propanone, is a chemical compound mainly used as solvent in chemical industry and antiseptic in medicine. It is also a precursor in organic synthesis. Formula and structure: The acetone chemical formula is CH3COCH3 and its condensed formula is C3H6O.

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What is condensed structural formula in chemistry?

A condensed structural formula is a system of writing organic structures in a line of text. It shows all atoms, but omits the vertical bonds and most or all the horizontal single bonds. The condensed structural formulas of ethane, propane, and ethanol are. CH3CH3, CH3CH2CH3, and CH3CH2OH.