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How do you write a press release for a journal article?

Last Updated: 4th February, 2020

The press release will contain the mainhighlightsand findings of the journal article. Usually,arelease will be around 500-600 words long, including aquotefrom the author and a link to the journal article.Thepress should grab a journalist's attention andprovidesuccinct facts to shape a story.

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Beside this, how do you write a press release for someone?

Writing a Press Release in 7 Simple Steps

  1. Find Your Angle. Every good news story has an angle.
  2. Write Your Headline. Your headline should grab the attentionofyour audience.
  3. Write Your Lede.
  4. Write 2 - 5 Strong Body Paragraphs With SupportingDetails.
  5. Include Quotes.
  6. Include Contact Information.
  7. Include Your Boilerplate Copy.

Additionally, what is the heading of a press release? A press release should contain your businesslogo,a headline, a lead paragraph that summarizes the newsyou areannouncing, and three to four body paragraphs that givemoredetails. Then, it concludes with information aboutyourorganization, which is called the boilerplate, andcontactinformation.

Likewise, what should be included in a press release?

Press releases should also include the followingkeycomponents:

  • Letterhead/Logo. It's a good idea to place yourorganization'slogo or letterhead at the top of your pressrelease.
  • Contact Information.
  • 3. “
  • Headline and sub-headline.
  • Dateline.
  • Body.
  • Quote.
  • Boilerplate.

How do you write an announcement?

How to Write an Announcement Letter

  1. Be straightforward and concise. Write your announcementletterin a straightforward and concise so way the reader can gettheinformation quickly and be able to refer to it easily.
  2. Keep it short.
  3. Motivate others to achieve the same objectives.
  4. Use the letter for your advantage.
  5. Write to avoid questions later.
  6. Avoid nonsense.

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What is a boilerplate statement?

Boilerplate text, or simply boilerplate,isany written text (copy) that can be reused in new contextsorapplications without significant changes to the original. Thetermis used in reference to statements, contracts andcomputercode, and is used in the media to refer to hackneyed orunoriginalwriting.

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What does press release mean?

A press release is a written communicationthatreports specific but brief information about anevent,circumstance, product launch, or other happening. It'stypicallytied to a business or organization and provided to mediathrough avariety of means.

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What is the difference between press note and press release?

There is a subtle difference between apressrelease and a press statement, althoughorganizationsoften use the two terms interchangeably. A pressrelease isgenerally used for new information such as anannouncement orupdate. A press statement is utilized for areactionarystatement.

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What are the types of press releases?

Here's a brief rundown of six common types ofpressreleases:
  • General News.
  • Launch Release.
  • Event Press Release.
  • Product Press Release.
  • Executive, Staff And Employee Press Release.
  • Expert Position Press Release.
  • Using Press Releases Effectively.

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How many words should a press release be?

Be concise
The ideal length of a press release is aboutanA4 side or about 300 to 400 words (the length of ashortnews item). That's just three or four short paragraphs and acoupleof of quotes.

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What is a boilerplate in a press release?

A boilerplate is usually found at the end ofapress release, and briefly describes the companyororganization related above. The short paragraph consisting ofjusta few sentences concisely explains the company or organization.Thesame boilerplate is usually used on everypressrelease the company releases.

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What is the purpose of a boilerplate?

In the context of public relations,theboilerplate, is a standardized last paragraph thatisinserted in all the press releases giving an outline ofthecompany's products, services, clients, awards, itspurposeand positioning, and often, its size, presence, keylocations aswell as its website and social media

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What are the characteristics of a good press release?

The 10 characteristics of a successfulPRprofessional
  • Flexibility. It's difficult to come up with a careerthatdemands as much flexibility as public relations.
  • Meticulous learning. Becoming a well-rounded PR person is notawalk in the park.
  • Collecting information.
  • Seeing the bigger picture.
  • Building relationships.
  • Knowledge.
  • Strong writing.
  • Honesty.

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Why is 30 at the end of a press release?

It is commonly found at the end of apressrelease. There are many theories about how the usage cameintobeing, e.g. from that number's use in the 92 Code oftelegraphicshorthand to signify the end of a transmission intheAmerican Civil War era.

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How do press releases work?

How Press Releases Work. That's wherepressreleases come in. Concisely written and targeted,pressreleases draw media attention to newsworthy events.Mainly usedby public relations specialists, press releasesare writtento gain free publicity and contain enough informationrequired towrite a compelling news story.

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Are press releases worth it?

Is it worth spending your time dealing withapress release? The short answer is yes.PressReleases are still relevant and probably will be for alongtime to come, not only for search engine optimization, butformarketing, in general.

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Why are press releases important?

The key to using press releases effectively istofocus them on newsworthy events. A press release isgreatfor sharing timely, relevant news such as an event, aproductrelease or a website launch.

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When should you send a press release?

The Best Time and Day to Send Your Press Release forBestResults
  1. The best day to send your press release is Tuesday, followedbyWednesday.
  2. The best time to send your press release is at 9:00 am, or8:00pm in Eastern standard time.
  3. Know the timezone of your location and your recipient's.Ifpossible, automate your emails to send your Press Release attheappropriate time and day.

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How much does a press release cost?

For a press/news release foradvertisingand public relation purposes, your rates as aprofessional writershould be: Per hour: high $182, low $30, average$80. Per project:high $1,500, low $125, average $700. Other: high$2/word or$750/page; low 50₵/word or $150/page; average$1.20/word or$348/page.

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Are press releases free?

Small businesses looking for a free pressrelease(PR) distribution service typically want the widestnetwork at nocost. However, PR services are often low in quality,and businessowners need a free distribution service with aworkableinterface.

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What does embargoed press release mean?

Protecting an Embargoed Press Release.There'snothing better when a public relations rep sends ajournalist apress release that is “underembargo.”This means the reporter can't publisha word regarding thecontents of the press release until theafter a certain dateand time.

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How do you format instructions?

Checklist for Writing Instructions
  1. Use short sentences and short paragraphs.
  2. Arrange your points in logical order.
  3. Make your statements specific.
  4. Use the imperative mood.
  5. Put the most important item in each sentence atthebeginning.
  6. Say one thing in each sentence.

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Do you send a press release as an attachment?

You included the press release asanattachment
Simply copy and paste the headline of yourpressrelease into the subject line and then paste the restof thepress release into the body of your email. Make it aseasyas possible for the journalist to extract the informationandthey're more likely to use your story.

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Can you include pictures in a press release?

Although images are great to include inyourpress release, don't get carried away and make itallphotos. If you're writing a press aboutsomethingvisual such as the release of a new mobilephone,you're going to want to include a lot ofhigh-qualityand eye-catching photos that journalists can getexcitedabout.