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How does Khushwant Singh describe his grandmother?

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Khushwant Singh describes his grandmother asShort,fat and a little Stooped. He also describes her asbeing notpretty in the traditional sense but her serenity made herbeautifulas she always used to chant silent prayers from beads ofrosary. Shewas always in spotless white.

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Similarly, it is asked, how does Khushwant Singh describe his grandfather?

Answer: Explanation: In The Portrait of aLady,Khushwant Singh describes his grandfather from thelatter'sportrait that hung above the mantelpiece in the drawingroom.His grandfather is seen wearing a big turbanandloose-fitting clothes in the portrait.

Beside above, what does Khushwant Singh describe in The Portrait of a Lady? In The Portrait of a Lady' KhushwantSinghdraws a pen-picture of his grandmother. Hedescribes how hespent his childhood with her in the village.He alsodescribes the changes that came in their relationshipin thecity. Ultimately, he describes the moving scene ofherdeath.

Beside this, what image did the author have of his grandmother?

The story portrait of a lady is the simplestoryof an old grandmother and the author KhushwantSingh.The grandmother appears to be a religious andkindwomen,as she feeds spparows and goes to temple.She ispeacefulthough she is lonely.

Why did author's parents leave him with his grandmother?

When the author was asked to shift tothecity along with his grandmother to stay withhisparents,their relationship underwent achange.Their interaction became less as the authorgrewolder. The grandmother kept a tenacious hold ontoher life till her grandson returnedfromabroad.

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Why does the narrator call his grandmother a winter landscape?

In the story , “ The portrait of a lady”byKhushwant singh, the narrator compareshisgrandmother to a winter landscape in themountainsbecause both portray an expanse of pure white serenitybreathingpeace and contentment.

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What made the grandmother unhappy in the city?

Grandmother is unhappy withthecity's education because she is of old thoughts. Shelikedthe teaching in the schools of the village where they taughtaboutreligion and the gods.

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How did the grandmother receive the narrator when he returned from abroad?

Three ways in which the author's grandmotherspenther days after he grew up. The intimacy betweenthenarrator and his grandmother was snapped whentheywere sent for in the city. As the years rolled bytheysaw less of each other. When the narrator grewup, hewent up to university.

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What was hard to believe about the author's grandmother why?

As the author was growing up, he sawhisgrandmother during her old age time and hebelievedthat his grandmother appearance which he seeswith help ofhis own eyes are true and the appearance described byher instories are deceptive.

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What is the meaning of an expanse of pure white serenity?

an expanse of pure white serenity –Itrefers to the calm, peaceful and serene characterandconduct of the author's grandmother. She is compared tothepeaceful winter landscape in the mountains.

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How did the grandmother died?

She tired herself and fell ill. She diedwhilepraying and telling her beads. Three ways in which theauthor'sgrandmother spent her days after he grew up. Theintimacybetween the narrator and his grandmother was snappedwhenthey were sent for in the city.

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How did the sparrows pay tribute to the grandmother?

The sparrows paid their silent tributetothe grand old lady. They mourned her death. They didn't eventouchthe bread crumbs thrown to them. The odd ways in which theauthor'sgrandmother behaved just before shedied.

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Why did the grandmother keep one hand on her waist?

The narrator's grandmother used to keepherhands on her waist because she was very old and weak. Inorderto give support to her waist and to her legs,sheused to walk by keeping her hands on her waist.Thisactivity helped her to maintain her balance andtowalk properly.

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What kind of bond did the author and the grandmother share in the village?

➡This is based on the chapter THE PORTRAIT OFALADY by the famous , prolific writer KHUSHWANT SINGH.?Theauthor and his grandmother used to live togetherinthe village when the authors parents had moved tothecity . They shared a beautiful bond of love , care,friendship and mutual trust .

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How did the grandmother celebrate the homecoming of her grandson?

The next day she fell ill. Answer : In the shortstory'The Portrait of a Lady' by Khuswant Singh, thegrandmothercelebrated the homecoming of her grandson byinviting all theneighbourhood women to their house in the evening.She endlesslysang songs related to the homecoming ofwarriors whilebeating an old drum.

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What was the turning point in the friendship of author and grandmother?

In hornbill of class 11 " what was theturningpoint of authors friendship with hisgrandmotherwhen he shifted to the city ".Noninoni.

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How did the narrator's grandfather appear in the portrait?

Answer : In the short story 'The Portrait ofaLady' by Khushwant Singh, the narrator gives avividdescription of his grandfather in the portrait.Thegrandfather wore a big turban and loose fitting clothesinthe portrait.

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Why did the narrator's grandmother give the impression of winter landscape in the mountains?

The author felt to look at her grandmotherbecauseher grandmother was giving him a feeling of pleasureandsatisfaction. He was full of happiness and peace. So,likethis feeling came to the mind of one's individual when he/sheseethe winter landscape. As it gives the feeling ofpeaceand satisfaction.

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Would you agree that author's grandmother was a person strong in character?

Answer: The author's grandmother, indeed, wasastrong person in character. The followinginstancescan reinstate the above statement (i)Theauthor compares his grandmother to the'winterlandscape in the mountains', which breathes peace andcontentment.Only a strong person exudes peace andcomfort.

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What shows the deep attachment between the author and the grandmother?

Khushwant Singh's grandmother was closelyinvolvedin bringing him up when the author lived with herin thevillage during his early life.

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